My secret(continue)

Here's wat happen later that night....
i saw them naked in front of with their semi errect cock hanging, i just had a look on roy's little monster,. Wow, it was still semi errect and it's already 7", and my bf cock is about 7"1/2 rock hard.. Then i asked "when did you get naked guys??" and they said "when you were lying n enjoying ur orgasm baby".. And they approached me holding their cocks on both side of me.. I first took my bf's cock and start sucking, but my mind was on roy's monster.. Then after a little time, i changed for roy's.. I took his thing and rest it on my lips, n rub it like lipstick.. N start lick the head with the tip of my tongue.. N slowly entering it more in my mouth, n could feel it growing more n more n becoming rock hard.. I took it out to hv a look on it, my god, it was about 10"(maybe more). I took it back in my mouth, sucking it faster now.. Couldn't take all of it, but i know it touched my throat.. My bf was watching n enjoying the scene while playing with my pussy n I was enjoying every moment n we were all lost in passion, when i hear roy moaning n saying "i'm going to cum baby", i moved faster n... here it goes, a full load of sperm was being shot directly in my throat, couldn't do anything apart from swallowing.. He moved out of my mouth, while i hear my bf "oh baby that was great" n he too shots over my belly.. My bf was already soft, but roy was still hard as if he hasn't cum yet.. He then moved in between my legs, took his hard rod n rub it over my hot wet pussy entrance, then rub my clit.. He bent more n start french kissing while rubbing my entrance with his cock n my wetness made his dick wet also, n with one hand he opened my one leg, n hold it.. His body weight was all on me n i couldn't move at all.. We were still french kissing n he rubbing me when suddenly.... I couldn't even shout,.. He has pushed all of that huge thing deep inside in only one trust, n stay still. My god, can't believe i took it.. N after a some time he moved out slowly n then again in.. He then release my mouth, n continues his strokes in n out slowly.. Only moans n "uh,, uh,, uh.." in low voice was coming out of my mouth.. Such a wonderful sensation.. He started increasing his speed, increasing n increasing, n xciting me so much, so much n got my second orgasm.. He moved out n we changed position.. He ly down n i ride him, i saw my bf in front admiring us n hard again stroking.. I ride him for a quite long time, but he didn't cum yet.. I asked myself if he's drink something to get so much power.. I was exhausted, so i went to relax on the sunbed, when i bf come lift my legs up n fucked me hard.. I've been fucking roy's huge monster for such long time that now i didn't get that pleasure with my bf 7".. He then stop, moves out n started to push his thing in my ass hole, as it was already wet from my pussy.. He started slowly n then increased as he always did. We then exchanged position, he ly on the sunbed, i mount him,. He fucked me hard in the ass, n i saw roy stand up with hard cock coming towards me, my bf was still inside me n roy also insert his deep inside my pussy.. They both started their moves inside me at the same time, n that was incredibly unforgettable.. So so good to feel them both moving inside me, just don't hv words to express that wonderful sensation.. N then i could feel hot liquid in my ass hole, yes, my bf hs cum inside me. We changed position once again, n this time i was on the ground on my fours, n without wasting time roy start fucking in doggystyle. He fucked me very fast this time, n grab my ass cheek hard.. N here he cums now, he took out and cum over my ass.. Oh god, there's so much fucking power in this man.. We were all exhausted n lying on the floor.. After some time i was getting cold outside, so i moved inside the bungalow and directly on a bed leaving the two guys outside.. That was my best sex night i had in life.. N i'm looking for another occasion for a 3some again..
Everything i've written is true.. It's not only a story, it's my Sexperience.. Anybody who wanna try, pls carry on, it's fabulous..
Kisses... Yasmeen...
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2 years ago
great experience dr
4 years ago
4 years ago
Very sexy story yasmeen. Wish I was one of those men. xx
4 years ago
wow what a hot story
4 years ago
What a night you had!
4 years ago
4 years ago
i wish can be