Hi... This is to thank those who have given me their advise and specially "9inofshmo" for my week-end.. Everything has gone well, in fact vry well, bkoz i've never enjoyed so much. I didn't ever imagine that those 2 guys loves me so much, they kept as a little princess.. Anyway i'll just tell in brief about my fabulous week-end..(i won't write their name, will just say A & B due to security reasons)
It all started on saturday at noon, they picked me up from a secret place and went for lunch. Then they asked me what next, and i said i need to buy a few clothes, they agreed and moved for some shopping.. I started to buy some cheap beach clothes according to my purse capacity, it's then they told me not to worry, i just hv to buy anything i want and they will pay. Afterwards it's them who started choosing for me, they sexy mini skirts, lace type bikini, thongs, push up bra.. I just took all quietly, n let them say and then we moved to a beach house which they've rent for the week-end, it was vry spacious n with a medium size pool., it was just too nice.. And here we are now, only my two favourite guys n me., they asked me to rest if i want koz they hd a surprised for me at night.. So i get into the bathtub n then relaxed.. At about 7p.m we eat some pizza which they bought n started with some good drinking n music, i wore the mini skirt n the thong they bought. After about 1 hour of drinking and little dancing, i was like feeling too horny, n i know they were horny also koz i could feel their prick hard inside their shorts while they dance n sometimes rubbing to my ass.. And then A started to caress my body while dancing n then B join us, he also started caressing my body, so i was sandwich between both,. B started kissing on my neck n A hands getting inside my top grabbing my braless tities, n pinching my hard nipples. N here we are now, starting to do what we all wanted.. They removed my top n lift up my mini., A knelt down n kissed my ass cheeks, n sometimes moving the thong apart n insert his tongue in my crack.. I went on my fours letting B having full access of my ass n pussy while A took his beautiful huge hard uncut cock out n without wasting time, i took it in my mouth, after a few mins i could feel B rubbing his hard rod on my wet clit, pussy lips n ass crack,. Could u imagine that pleasure i was having at that time??? Then he slowly insert his dick in my hot wet wanting love hole..he started slowly then fast, after that we changed position, he stopped n i went on A who was lying on his back, we fucked for a nice time, we changed position, this time i was lying on a sofa which was near the wall, n i opened my legs for them, B came n started fucking n kissing/biting my boobs. Then he slowly approached my neck n ears, n suddenly whispered in my ears"i wanna try in ur asshole baby". I just smiled n said"whatever u want honey, i'm all ur's". He pulled out n lubricating my asshole with my pussy juice, n slowly inserting me.. After well lubricating, he was fully inside, n after a few strokes he emptied his balls inside me, he pulled out n A wasted no time to insert his cock inside my already well lubricated ass hole, n again filled me with his semen.. We relaxed, took a good bath n then i asked them where was the surprised they were talking of... They asked me to changed in my lacy bikini, i asked"now?, at this time? But it's already 9:15 p.m, where we'll go now?" n they said just do i was told, n gave me the mini skirt again n a top. I didn't hd any idea, it seems vry strange.. We then moved to the beach, then to a yach type speed boat, it was already equipped with wine bottles and all... "here's the surprise" they said.. It was my wish to go on this type of boat, but not at this time at night.. Anyway, i was vry happy, they took me deep far in the sea with full speed, that was marvellous, n then when i look back to the island(beach), i just saw lots of small lights, it was so beautiful, so quiet, just the sound of the sea waves, it ws just wonderful.. I really love that moment.. N they opened the wine n started drinking and appreciating that cool moment. After some time, i've started feeling hot, then i understand why they told me to wear the bikini inside. I didn't waste time and strip down to the bikini.. They couldn't resist my body in that sexy outfit, they both get on my sides with their wine glasses, they drank n made me drink when some wine fell on my cheeks n tities, so A put his hungry lips on my tities n drank the wine, but he continued his way to my belly, A also came closer n open my bikini top, n they suck my nipples. They asked to stand up n they both at my sides released the lace of my bikini and it just fell, here i was completely nude in the open air on a boat in the middle of the night. After some sucking n licking, they both fucked of one after the other in my both holes in various poses. N we return back to the house, The party is not yet over, will continue to write what happen next..
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4 years ago
wow that was a great story im glad u decided to tell it cant wait for the next part!
4 years ago