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This is my first story so here it goes...
My friend beth come over to play Wii on Thursday night. We where playing bowling for some time beth went and then it was my turn and she came over and sat on my lab and started to rub her pussy on my dick though my pants. Then it was her turn she went and then she undid her pants took them and her panties down. She then walked over to me and undid my pants reached in side took my dick out played with it as i rubbed her pussy. After about a minute or two she lowered herself down on my lap pushing my dick inside of her. She rocked back and forth for some time till i cum inside of her. Then she took my dick out and put it inside her ass, we fucked like that till i cum again inside of her.She then said let's go to your room and we did. We took the rest of your clothes off and i had her sit on my like she did in the living room. We made love like that for some time then she had my lay down got on top of me and fucked me really good till we both cum again, she had me fuck her pussy and ass and it felt so good too,that lasted for three hours till she get sl**py and went home.
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