An Egyptian Prince and His Submissive Princess.

An Egyptian Prince and His Submissive Princess.

I arrive in Egypt. You are not there to greet me off the plane, as we have already planned for me to go straight to my room.
The flight there so very long almost 30 hours. Instead you have sent a driver to greet me and take me to my hotel.

It is very late, I am very tired, I enter my room so beautiful, top floor, breathtaking view of pyramids.
You call to say good night and see I arrive safe. Rest my sweet you say to me. You will be here when I awake in the morning.
After a shower, I climb into bed so soft and warm and drift to sl**p.
You arrive very early in the morning,
let your self in with key left for you at front desk.
You have breakfast quietly brought in, fresh fruit, coffee.
Once you see all is as you want,
You come into the bedroom, very quiet so as not to wake me. I lie there hugging my pillow,
covered only with a satin sheet clinging to the curves of my body. You touch my hair, gently pushing it away from my face,
I stir turning over as the top of the sheet pulls down, exposing my breasts,
You breath in sharply as you feel the bl**d rush through your body,
Your cock starts to swell, With out even thinking your hand reaches out to gently cup my breast,
Your hand is dark and golden against my pale white skin and my pink nipples begin to harden.
I moan softly, instinctively my body arches up towards your hand.
You can not help but to squeeze my breast, My breath quickens.
You look up at me, slowly I open my eyes, smiling at you,
Slowly your hand runs down my belly, pushing the sheet down,
You move your hand around my shaven pussy, careful not to touch it.
I breath in sharply as I begin to wake up fully, You look at me, our eyes
burning with passion, I begin to sit up, gently you push me back down.
With a stern but kind look you say to me.
"Do not move, I have waited long time to touch you. I will enjoy all of you"
Slowly I lay back, my eyes never leaving yours, Is plain how much I want you.
Your hands firmly stroke my thigh, so soft, creamy white,
You sit on the bed beside me, I reach out to stroke your chest,
as you gently cup my breast and begin to suck it.
I grab your hair, as I cry out softly and
arch my body towards you. Taking my face in your hands,
you kiss me deeply my body pressing tightly on yours.
My hands fumble as I begin to unbutton your shirt,
you kiss my neck, (one of my weakest spots.)
I begin to tremble, struggling to undress you.
kissing your neck, running my tongue slowly up it.
Grabbing my hair you pull my face to yours and kiss me
as you push me back onto the bed, Standing above me,
Slowly you undress, our eyes locked. My lips are red and wet
from your kiss, my green eyes shine with desire for you.
In an instant you are in the bed, on top of me,
kissing me, as your hand begin to travel my body,
squeezing and gently slapping my breasts,
Your other hand is holding mine by the wrists above my head.
Pinning me down to the bed, as your other hand slowly caress my belly.
Kissing my neck, I moan and gently struggle against you,
You begin to rub the top of my smooth pussy, so soft. . .
Caressing the outside lips up and down, my hips moving towards you,
looking at me you gently push back the lips of my pussy,
pushing your finger inside, so hot, so very wet,
you begin to rub my big clit, feeling it swell for you.
My back arches, sticking my breasts in the air as i cry out your name.
I struggle to free my hands, so i can touch you. .
You pin me down harder, your fingers stroking my wet pussy,
rubbing around my tight hole, you stick one finger deep inside me
as you bite my neck, Pressing my breasts against your chest,
You push me back and taste your finger, taste me,
Sweet like honey, After sticking your finger in me again
you bring it to my lips, so I may taste how sweet I am.
Running your finger along my lips before I suck it.
My skin is light pink now, flushed with desire for you.
You release my wrists, running your hands down my arms slowly,
Grabbing my hand you pull me up, turning me around to where
I am on my hands and knees before you on the bed.
my body turned towards you,
Your Hard throbbing cock right before me,
begging to feel my mouth, you run your hands down my back,
smacking my ass. I lean into you slowly licking your balls,
in small circles, taking them in my mouth to suck them.
One of your hands is in my hair gently grabbing it,
the other on my ass, smacking and grabbing it.
I run my tongue up the shaft of your cock,
circling the head, Slowly kissing your cock up and down.
shaking my ass, teasing you. You squeeze my breast
as i take your cock in my mouth, Your hand tightens in my hair,
pushing your cock deep in my throat, I suck you deep, in and out my mouth,
My mouth is so wet dripping on your balls as you smack my ass hard,
running your hand along my ass crack down to my soaking wet pussy.
fingering my clit as your hard cock fucks my wet willing mouth.
My hips thrust against your hand, as you push your cock deeper in my throat.
Sliding your fingers in my pussy, rubbing your thumb around my tight ass hole.
My breathing is heavy, getting faster, I moan and cry out, sucking your cock
harder faster, my hips pressing against your hands. It is hard for you to stand,
Your knees weak as i suck your cock and moan for you, but you know I am about to cum.
Your fingers move inside me faster, your thumb slips in my smooth tight asshole.
My back arches up, I grab your cock in my hand as my head flies up and i
explode all over your hand. We both fall to the bed, I am shaking, my lip trembling
as i reach out for you, You roll me over on my back,
kissing me gently. Pushing my legs open as you climb on top of me.
I grab you by the hair pulling you to me, My green eyes dark with passion,
Your eyes shine like the night sky, You rub your cock on my pussy lips,
up and down it is so wet, I press towards you, I want to feel you inside me so badly,
I need you, As our eyes meet you slide your cock deep inside me,
I grip you tight, My pussy is so wet, you are lost in it,
Tight squeezing you, our bodies move together, slowly
moving faster and faster, my body arches up to meet yours as
you go deeper inside me, you can not last long,
that you have so far is miracle, so much teasing and delight
before you are with me the first time.
Our breathing quickens, sweat begins to drip from our bodies,
Your beautiful brown skin glows against my milky skin,
my nails dig in your back, pushing deeper inside me.
My body begins tense, I cry out I will cum soon,
I feel you tense as well, Our movements become more frantic,
As we grab each other, pressing tight, hard and fast together.
Until we both explode, My cum rushes down the shaft of your cock,
as you explode inside me, collapsing on top of me.
Both of us cling to each other, bodies shaking,
our lips tremble as we gently kiss. You roll over,
pulling me to lie my head on your chest,
I snuggle close, tightly pressing my body on yours.
Stroking your chest, as you run your hand up and down my back.
slowly our breathtaking begins to slow,
as we drift off to sl**p for a mid morning nap........

TO be continued. . .

XxPrincessxX Original.

~hex thieves!~
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2 years ago
Thanks SO much guys! I am working on next part now! she gets her collar! :D and baby one day i will be in Egypt!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
damn sexy story, can't wait for part II
2 years ago
u must coming to egypt to feel that i hope to see u in cairo bb
2 years ago
Princess so beutiful bb
2 years ago
2 years ago
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my sexy bb i love ur feeling :)
2 years ago
I am so glad you like nono!
2 years ago
i imagine every word as i take u in my mind so hot bb y have golden fingers and life mind i hope we be togther soon i will make u forget that post and write more wet one,, love it eyes bb
2 years ago
Thank you!! means a lot you like it!!
2 years ago
very hot