My wife’s maid of honor

Diana and I met and for the past 8 years we have been married. When I met Diana I fell in love with her at first sight. She kept a secret until after the marriage. She told me the following on our wedding night.
If it was not for her mother coming home early from work. Diana would of been m*****ed by her Uncle. This happen when Di was in grade school. Di kept it a secret because if her mother knew she would kill her b*****r for what he attempted or thought of doing to her daughter. Di was not going to be responsible for that. She felt so much anger at her Uncle that at his funeral she spit at him when he was lying in his casket.
Then in college she came home one day to find someone broke in to her home and killed her mother and step-father while they were having intercourse. They two events greatly effect Di. It made her very fidget concerning sex.
About 3 years before we met, Di met another woman who rode the same bus to work. A friendship grew between Di and Contessa. While Di remain a quite and reserve her friend Contessa was in a unhappy marriage. After the divorce Contessa only had one c***d.
At this time I was 44 Di was 40 and Contessa was 59. Di and I are black, Contessa is white. During our engagement Di asked Contessa to be her maid of honor. Which she gladly accept. I wondered if Contessa and I met while I was single would we hit it off. Soon my innocent thoughts concerning Contessa turned into a sexual fantasy. Which I held back from everyone. In hopes that one day I’ll get the chance of having sex with this wonderful older lady who’s name is Contessa.
From time to time my wife would go to meeting about her work. Most times I would go but I have some things to do this weekend at home. After seeing her off I went home. I was preparing for a nice evening alone when my house phone rang. It was Contessa, she ran into a deer and did not know who to call. So I went to see if she needed help.
This would be the 1st time seeing Contessa when my wife was not around. The anticipation was making me nerve and excited at the same time. I knew Contessa was more than 15 yrs. older than I. She really kept her figure very well. My sexual desire grew as I got closer to her.
Pulled up behind her car on the interstate, then I saw Contessa wearing a red silk blouse with a black skirt as her breast bounced as she walked to my car. In those few seconds sexual thoughts was filling my head . While she explained what happen we looked at the damaged to the car. The scent of her perfume fulled my lungs as my eyes looked down at her full breast. My imagination did not need any more encouraging.
I insisted that she spend the night at my place and tomorrow we will see about the car and getting you home. On the way home Contessa started to cry again. First she told me that her big date for the night was a no-show. Then a deer ran into her car in the middle of no where. And it will not be until tomorrow before she can get home. She was feeling very depressed.
While Contessa was telling her problems. I reached over and pulled her to my shoulder to cry on. As I felt each tear fall from her face onto my shoulder. While stoking her long jet black hair (that went half way down her back), I said “You will see, everything will be better in the morning”. By the time we reached my house she had stopped crying. But she was still visible.
I gave her the extra bedroom to relax in while I curled up on the sofa and watched TV. While she took a shower I could only dream of her lathered body just a few feet away. I was half sl**p when she came to where I was and said. “I do not want to be alone tonight.”she said. I turn and saw her wearing a see through robe. After a short pause she said “ can you please hold me?” As she let her robe open up to expose her shining white body against the moon light coming through the window.
I took her by the hand and led her to the spare bedroom. Contessa slipped off the robe leaving it on the floor in the hallway. I could better see that Contessa had a very voluptuous and desirable body. She stood about 5' 5" tall, 42DDD-32-44, and shapely ass, with sky blue eyes. A good health package as I gazed at Contessa fully nude body in real time.
Once in the room she pressed her naked body against mine. As I melted under her spell in her warm embrace. It has been a long time since someone showed affection for me like this. At this point she had me totally at her mercy. My hands went instantly around her frame. Giving in I releasing my pinned up emotions. Soaking it every second of her sexual attention.
Soon my emotions were out of control I softly gave her a kiss first on the neck, then on the ear. It seem like only seconds before we were wildly french kissing. Contessa sat down on the bed as I kneeled between her leg and started putting my tongue to work on her pink pussy. I will not be disappointed by this BBW.
Soon she started to moan and banging her fist on the bed. While her back was on the bed. As my tongue was sucking her juices as fast as I could. As her moans got loader and longer I could hear her head going from side to side as she got closer to her climaxing.
She exclaimed, “Fuck me baby with that black rod that your mother gave you!! I want it now!!!” she order. Just then Contessa’s voice changed from a mild sweet lady to one that expected to be obeyed, no question asked! This kind of sexual command I love to hear and obey. In a moment I was on top of her giving her what she asked.
Ohhhh that’s the way I like it !!”as she sigh with contentment. With each thrust my dick goes deeper I go. Then all of a sudden both of us went into spasm as we where reaching the point of no return. At that time we both released together as we both holler with my dick deeply locked inside her.
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