My Friend Dale with Benefits Part 4

A few days later Dale called from the bus depot asking for a ride home. Since Ellen was on a business trip I went to pick her up alone. On the way back Dale asked me to pull into a vacant parking lot so we can talk. When I stopped the car Dale asked with her Irish accent, “have you and Ellen have sex over the weekend”. My heart sank in fear of her response to her question. I said “yes we have”. As I got ready for her anger from this grandmother. Who trusted her only granddaughter to me. Then there was a pause that seem like ages long.
Dale’s response was surprising.”I am glad it was with a you. She has been with a few losers recently” Dale continue. I took a deep breath of air in relief as she continued. Dale added “It is ok with me if you and Ellen have sex. There are things that I can do for you that she can not.” As my eyes gazed at her in wonder.
“I am a woman who can and is willing to reward her black stallion. What ever you want you just ask and I do mean anything. I will also pay your part of the living expenses as long as you e****t Ellen out and keep her safe. Please do not hurt Ellen your reward is to know that I am available as your Irish Queen. And I can play that part darn well. Don’t think that just because I am older than you that there is not still hot fire within these bones!”
If she wants to have sex with you, don’t push here away she is fragile. She is my bl**d and I will hurt you if you hurt her! I hope this arrangement is ok with you? If not, tell me now. Also Ellen must not know about this arrangement.”
All the while Dale was talking I was remembering the feel of both of there bodies and the taste of their sweet pussy. Then the thought came to me that I enjoyed not only having sex with Dale, an older desirable woman of my c***dhood dreams and Ellen her beautiful 20 something granddaughter. At this type of arrangement who could refuse, I said “ok I promise”. Then she unbutton her blouse and slide my hand while lifting her bra so that I could pledge with my hand on her breast and thumb rubbing the nipple to seal the deal.
Since Ellen is on her away we can start today. You can start receiving some of the benefits right away. When Ellen gets home I’ll talk to her .. Woman to Woman. But for now let us commence this arrangement with some fun by the pool, when we get back.” I added,“I don’t have swimming clothes”. Dale added “I always go skinning dipping ... the water is always heated and it is indoors?
As Dale walked through the door of the house. She made a bee-line to the pool to check the water temp. Then she came back to undress. After we were both nude I lifted Dale into my arms, she put her arms around my neck and I carried her to where the pool was. We felt the late afternoon sun shining down through the glass roof of the pool area. As I put sun tan oil all over her body. While she laid on the lounge chair I slowly massaged her nude frame. Until her body was glistening by the light rays of the sun. Soon we were having sex along the side and in the pool. After our time in the water we took a shower together. First I lathered and rinsed her body. Then she did mine. Then we dried each other off.
Words could not describe the feeling I had while having uncontrollable sex with my Irish Queen. My long time dreams about Dale has come to reality. Dale would be consider a sugar mama by most. I think of her as my cougar. She has the energy and enthusiasm of a 40 year old sex hungry woman. Come and get it all Dale!

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