I knew I had been invited to meet a divorced woman. Per our many chat's it was not a happy divorced. The break-up began long before we started talking via the internet. When he started to spend more time with his “office bimbo” (in her words). The marriage became unsaveable. She describe herself as a lonely (in more ways than one) school teacher.
I got her address and one day staked out her house. It was dark when she came home from food shopping. From what I could see, wow what a women. I like my ladies to be older than me and a BBW (more better). The more I saw of her that night the more my body wanted her. Then it became my mission to not only meet her. But to caress, hold and fuck her beautiful sexy body. This woman's name is Jill. A few weeks later she said she would like to meet me too. A offer I could not refuse.
Not knowing who or what may be waiting for me. My fear heighten when I knocked on the door. A female voice with a slight English accent said “come in”. When I open the door I slowly entered the same voice said “come on in … I'll will not bite … close and lock the door. You are right on time. I like that in a man”. As I heard the door lock. This soft voice said “come to the room to your left and set down. I'll be there in a minute.” So I followed her instruction and the sound of the TV playing.

A moment later I hear foot steps getting closer. Then I heard “close your eyes. I got a surprise for you”. As I did the steps got closer, then stop. “Open your eyes. As my eyes open it was presented a full viewing of her nude body.
As she slowly turned 360 degrees, her strawberry blond hair hangs down to her lower back whilst with large green eyes looked deeply into mine. As my eyes look at her body, her sun tanned plump belly. Her pussy hair, white as snow shaped like a perfectly “V” between her plump thighs. That made this man wonder what tasty goodies were conceal beneath the snowy surface.
She had magnificent long breast that hanged down to her belly button. I notice that at the end of her breast was a cherry sized nipple. As her sagging tits sway with each breath. As my mouth water, wanting a taste of her nipple delight.
To see her close up instead of over 30 feet away was more than this man could ask. I could see every inch of this BBW up close for my personal inspection. As Jill stood there in this way. You would not believe that this woman was close to 50 by looking at skin. Her ass looked as if they were begging to be groped and played with. Her skin shine like pure satin. All this and much more in a 5' 6”, 230 plus, well portion and maintain BBW frame. There was no mistake, I was definitely turn on by what I saw!!
Then Jill said, “I saw you spying on me the other week. It was very flattering that a young black stud was lusted at me. You confirmed to me that I still got it.” Since I have been wondering if you would like a closer view. What do you think now!!! I hope you are not disappointed.” I was at a lost for words. As I continued to stare at this woman's body I have been fantasizing about for weeks.
She continues “My ex-husband has not looked at me the way you do in years. Instead of this (as she waved her hands across her nude body), he would rather have a 120 pound bimbo not full figured beautify woman to keeps him satisfied. Well his lost is someone's gain !!”
I was overtaken my what I am seeing no words came through my mouth. It was a struggled to say anything. But I felt my eyes about to pop out of my head. It felt like my heart was about to jump out of my chest. I was at the point of explosion.
She continued “I am a simple woman with a need. To spend time with a sexual partner is my only request. I might be a cougar to some people, but there is still a sexual fire and tools to tame any man!! I just need to have a way to let off of sexual steam. It get boring fucking myself! For now, I need a relationship with no string attached. ”
As Jill came closer I realized that this beautiful white BBW, with all her attributes was being served on a golden platter for my enjoyment and pleasure. With Jill standing a foot away from me. I took the chances of feeling her body. When my hands came to her ass they stopped. And grabed a fist full of her plump ass checks as she softly said “Ohhh what big hands you have!!”. As a warm wave quickly ran through her body.
She put her arms around my head as we exchanged kisses. Then Jill said “let me give you a sample of what I can offering”. She stood then she gets on her knees with both hand unbutton my pants. Before long she had my dick in her hands as she put her mouth on it's head. Then she licks and kisses my throbbing dick for several seconds. As I lean back enjoying the personal attention. At that point, I was her's for the taking !!

When I got home from our 1st meeting. I turn on my computer. To my surprise I got a email from Jill (written in her usual font) which said:

When you were leaving I wanted you not to go. But that would have been to forward of me. As you know I am not that type of woman. My secret desire is to spend time with a man that has your special talents and ways to make a women feel so wonderful.
Through our brief meeting tonight, it became clear to me that we you should enjoy each other more intimately. I hope you feel the same way. If so, please hurry back to this lonely woman. I guarantee it will worth you it.

After looking at the time it was sent, it must have been sent a few minutes after I left her. I quickly got my phone and called her. “Did you get the email” she quickly asked? “Yes I did.” “Good, are you interested?” Jill said. “I'll leave the light on for you” she added. “I am on my way!” I replied.
It seem like I made the trip breaking every driving law. When I arrived again at Jill's house it was after 11:30 PM. The porch light was on like she said it will be. Before I could knock the door flew open. At the same time Jill threw herself around me. I was greeted with a big hug and a wet kiss. As Jill wrapping her hands around my head. Jill's said “I am glad you came back.”
Then she lead me to the living room. I notice see she only had on a short and sheer, Baby Blue Kimono sheer robe. That made it easy to see all of her womanly features again.

My Birthday
I was wearing a pair of cut off shorts with a shirt. Then Jill said “let me take your clothes off”. She pretended to have trouble preceding. So she got a 3” switch blade and with it's assistance my clothes fell off. After her work was done she said “Ahhh that's better. You can breath again”. As she looks at my equipment as if for the first time.
Then she took my hand and slowly her sheer robe fell on the floor. Then we went into the living room. Where we sat nude relaxing in front of the TV. Sitting side by side, necking and making out like two hornie teenagers.
Jill said “Happy birthday Sweetheart !!”. With all that has happen tonight I had forgotten. Jill continued “If there is one wish that you want on your birthday. What would it be.” Usually a question like that took some thought. But now it had been made easy, “you” I said, “I want you to be my present”. “Of all the women in the world you still choose me” she said. “Yes I do” I replied. “Thank you. You are in for the ride of your life” Jill said, as she winked her eye.
“You can start opening your present? Your birthday is here just for you most of the day. Then Jill continued, “Would you like to continue in the comfort of my bedroom?” I replied “lead the way sweetheart.” With that Jill took my hand and lead me up the stairs.
The urge to pee was overpowering with each step. Then I said I got to pee. “I want to taste your pee, can you pee on me?”. With that she lead me a commode seat she brought from the corner of the bathroom. After she open the lid there was no bottom. When she said “Let me get into position. Then she wiggled her body between the front commode legs.
Once in position she said “I am ready”. Then I sat and pissed in her waiting face. I could hear her lapping and swallowing my golden stream as I sat in the commode chair. Then she licked my dick getting the last drop. When Jill was finished she said “Ahhhh that was so good”. After cleaning up then we continue to her candle lit bedroom. By her bed there is a clock, it was 1:45AM. Oh what a birthday this is starting to be.
I asked Jill if my birthday gift be ready for anything during my birthday. For a second she thought. At first, I thought it might be too much to ask. At that time Jill said “Of course it will be”. Being exhausted after a busy day we held each other until we fell asl**p holding. I woke to sunlight, with a powerful hunger and no Jill. Again I look at the clock it was 8:15.

Bread fast
As I followed the sound of cooking. I arrive at the kitchen. Jill there cooking breakfast with just a apron on. Her back was facing me so I sneaked behind her. Putting my hands around her and under her apron to get a feel of those voluptuous inviting tits. As by front touched her exposed back. I press her tits as she stood straight up as the same time I pressed my dick against her butt.
I pulled her hair to the side. As I gazed at her back in the morning light. My mouth went to the side of her neck we both said “good morning” at the same time. She lead back her neck exposing more of her flesh. After a few seconds she said “You going to spoil your meal”. At that I said “you are my meal, my sexy cougar”.
As we ate we only had one thing in mind getting through so we can enjoy more sex. After we ate I took Jill picked her up and laid her on the kitchen table. When I put her legs on my shoulders, I rammed by cock inside her pussy fucking her senseless.
As I sucked her nipple her moans started to get loud. Her moans then turn to screams “you know how to satisfy me .. do it faster .. harder … I can take it” and I was glad to comply with each request. While squeezing and pulling those massive long pair shaped tits of her's with each thrust of my dick against her body. The sound of my balls hitting her made me wild.
By now Jill was turning her head from side to side. Her long nails dug into my forearm. As her pussy locked my swollen dick inside her. My dick experienced the heat that was building deep inside her. Soon my dick was engulfed with heat it never felt before. It could not help but deliver cum to help put out the fire. But my efforts was of no help. The heat keeped building until it exploded. All the while Jill could not stop saying “Yesss … Yesss !!!”
After I filled her pussy with my cum. Still laying on the table recovering her breath, she whispered “I am glad to be your birthday present.” As I lean over to meet her face. We madly kissed with her legs wrapped around my hips. Her strong legs locking me in place. As her heels pressed firmly against my ass. There we stayed as the morning sun warmed our nude bodies.
Then Jill remembered she had something to do. Jill stated that I should go home and relax for our tonight date. While you were sl**ping I sent you a list of what I have plan for tonight to your email. Soon I hurried home to see what plans Jill had in mind.
After opening my email she did sent me the following: At 6:30 picking you up and go to a Italian restaurant for a birthday dinner then return to your place for more of what happen last night and this morning. Then I looked at the wall clock, it was 2:15. Then I thought that I had to get the house and myself ready for Jill.
A few hours later, I heard Jill pulling into my driveway. So I came out to meet her. Jill had on a conservative red dress, lace white blouse with a “V” neckline with red shoes. She looked so HOT. I could of fuck her right there on the front lawn. As we meet our lips seem to have magnets as they meet for one more long passion kiss. Then we left for dinner.
After my birthday dinner we went to a bar located next to my house. After having a birthday toast (neither of us are drinkers, but we said why not). We made it to my house where Jill saw a CD. Looking at it, it was one of those sex CD. At which time Jill said “Can we watch this CD together”. At which I said “OK”. Before long we were sitting in front of my big screen TV as the CD movie was starting.
As we huddled together sitting on the leather sofa making out as the movie was playing we could not be more interested in it. As Jill looked into my eyes. She said “I have had the best sex, when we are together. If you are looking for booty call? I am your woman.” “I like that proposition” I said. “OK, that can be easy arranged” as she winked her eye.
Then I asked Jill what is your sexual fantasy. Quickly she answered “I would like to take total control of a man. To be a Mistress of a slave is my fantasy.” Tell me more” I said. “I want to hear more! What would you do Jill if had complete and total control?” As she went into great detail of this fantasy.
Which told me she had been doing a lot of thinking about it. I was getting more and more excited about it. As my mind place myself under Jill's control as I looked at her bodacious body. As Jill was getting into the fantasy the more I wanted be a part of it. She went into great detail into about her ideal fantasy. And what power it would give her. Something she missed being under the rules and regulations of working in the school system.
At some point I put my hands to her lips and said “interesting, can I be your slave some time?”. With that she smiled and said “I would like that very much”. Before long we were talking about setting up a booty call on a regular basis. One that we would get our sexual desires satisfied and released.
We agreed that it would be a good idea to meet every month during the school season. That we would work out the details later. Then we exchanged a long kiss. As the movie ended. Sadly so did our day together. But the memories of the day lived on and the hopes of future meeting.
For the next few months we had an standing night of sex. The 1st was at my place then the next month her's. At each interlude we would spend all night together. From a simple vegetable, gem clips, vibrating toothbrush, a vibrator, electric stimulation (to name of a few of our instruments of pleasure). Our basic and carnal needs were meet and heighten during these meetings like never before.

Another day I was watching TV and the door bell rang. It was just getting dark so I wondered who it could be. After opening the door there was Jill. Standing their with a Black London Fog trench coat on. I was happy and surprised to see her because it was not our schedule time. At first I did not say anything only stared into her green eyes. Then Jill said “may I come in?” “Sure” I replied as she greeted me with a wet kiss and a big long hug.
Once Jill entered she said “I was lonely and thinking about you. I know this was not arranged like the other times”. Then she open her coat to once again display her voluptuous body for my inspection. She did not have anything on under the coat as she kicked off her shoes.
But there was something different, Jill had my initial tattooed across her upper back. From this point on I realized that Jill wanted me not only for a booty call but a part of her life. And at that point, I did not care if Jill was just a few years younger than my mother would be.
We know this type of relationship is taboo to some. But we have come to far to quite now. What has started as a causal internet relationship has grown. Now it we are very close friends with benefits.
The benefits of enjoying time together far out way the sideways glances or ribbing we get from friends and neighbors. They are jealous of what we have, they would changes places if they could in half of a heart beat.
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