Dreams of Pleasure

On this morning my friend Fred asked me to drive him to work. Usually I would continue on to my job but today it was a day off. So I return home planning to get a nap in before starting my day of freedom. But this nap would be special.
As I open the door to my apartment I took off all my clothes while walking to the bedroom. Once there I hopped into bed. In a few minutes I was asl**p. Soon I felt several finger nails running over my chest at first I thought it was part of dream. So I expose myself more to enjoy the feeling.
Before I could say or do anything else a finger (it was not mine) met my lips. A female voice said softly “Shhhhhhhh, just lay and enjoy” !! I knew that voice, it was Fred’s baby sitter, Mona. What she was doing felt relaxing and mighty good to me. As she continued to run her finger nail all over my hairy chest.
Next I open my eyes to see a pair of pink pussy lips staring at me and her areolas centered by a perfectly shaped nipple there enticing me. Then I realized that it was Mona who was standing there “as nude as a jaybird”. Her female equipment was quite tempting but naughty at the same time, this is someone who changed Fred baby’s diaper, I reminded myself. Other part of me saw a nude Diva no matter who’s she was.
Being 22 yrs older than myself or Fred Mona is very good with Fred’s c***d but she has a dark side. Recently Mona has been on the prowl for a younger lover as she goes night after night on the hunt like a cougar stalking her prey. But none so far as meet her exact specifications. She stood over 6 ft. tall, around 200 pounds. She has at least a 34G breast with long reddish hair with streaks of blond mixed in and juicy lips a wonderful specimen of feminity in every way. With a body like hers she must have made men drool with envy.
I’ve been told that she likes younger black men. Her wonderfully sculpted ass gives a jiggle with each step. Each time she walks by me her ass would make the hair on their arms stand as if they want a view of the event. Couple that ass with two health tits erotically swaying uncoupled by a bra is something to behold. A mental picture of this event would drive any man crazy and she knows it. Her voice was soft and very pleasing to hear just right for radio.
The rumor was gives a wonderful blow job and that her breast were fake. I’ve not had a chance to find out myself. With a nude Mona standing over me it would be easy to find out. She said “ Do you want to see if they are real (as she pointed at her tits)? Well, this white woman want to see if you can meet this cougar’s needs. I’ll give you a chance to see if you have the right stuff ” she said.
Could this be a dream because every man (that I know) have had thoughts of fucking her. And I have a chance to do just that. It did not take long before my hands were caressing her massive twin towers. They both felt soft as cotton but warm as I gently lead her tits to my awaiting mouth. As I roll my tongue around her soft tits.
As my dick hardened it was placed between Moan’s tits. Each time my 8" dick would rub between her tits. Her tongue would be waiting for a quick touch. Meanwhile Mona whimpers told me she was being sexual stimulation. Her moans and groans became more and more incoherent. I could see the effect as her body shook from her mounting orgasm. While she encouraged me to continue.
Though this was foreplay, I continued and did not stop taking full advantage of this opportunity to enjoy her gorgeous body. After a bit Mona pulled away to try to calm down. Her sexual b**st was getting the best of her. But I wanted to continue. Who knew how long this chance would last.
While waiting for Mona to calm down from the 1st round I said “THEY ARE REAL ... YES THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL !!!!!”. Then Mona said “you have treated me like no other. Other men just wants a quick splash and go. When they see my assets and go for them. But you took your time and made me feel mighty good. You handed me with TLC. You are damm good at what you do. You don’t know how much this woman been looking for someone like you.” As she puts her tongue into my mouth in a french kiss embrace.
Mona continued “Now you know that the tits are real. Now you do know what else they say about me” Mona continued. My first thought was, Am I going to experience getting a blow job from this sexual Diva ?
Then Mona extends her right hand puts it on my chest. She bends forward over my chest and start licking, blowing, sucking and slightly bitting my nipples. With one hand slowly stroking up and down my leg until her hand found my hard dick. I was unable (nor willing) to move under her tactical advancement. She turns her head allowing her tongue to get closer the head of my dick. I started to feel the wetness of her breath on my dick. Just as she was to start on the blow job of my life (so I thought).
Then the phone rang and I woke up. Realizing it was all a dream I was a let down. It was just a telemarketer on the phone. Before I knew it being in disgust I said “Why the hell did you wake me up from Mona giving me the blow job of my life !!!” Bang as I hung up the phone.
After hanging up I lay there trying to enjoy get back to the point where I was cut off but I could not. All that day my mind drifted back to how it felt having the dream about Mona. And whether Mona and I would have sex again. Or was it a momentary event that will not come again.
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Very hot