My Asian Boy dresses for me

I asked my 18 year old Asian Boy James if he would consider dressing up for me ? He seemed reluctant at first but the next day he told me he would only wear a little makeup and panties , that was good enough for me cause within 20 minutes I had him bent over and I was licking his tight hole getting it ready for my throbbing cock . My problem with fucking James is that his hole is so tight and warm that I cum almost immediately but I guess that's not much if a problem cause I fuck him multiple times when we're together .
So I'm anxiously wanting for him to dress up for me do we picked a date to have a overnight at a motel , last night was the night. We got to our room and James went into the bathroom to get ready .
When he came out I almost passes out , I could not believe what I saw . He looked gorgeous , his petite body wearing heels and panties . His face was a picture of perfection , his make up had him passing for a real women or in his case a girl. I couldn't help but to start kissing him holding him tight and for the first time in my life I was so horny I decided to suck a cock his little cock was hard , I slid his cock out of his panties and started kissing it , kissing his balls and his rubbing his smooth 18 year old girlish body, I took his cock in my mouth and wouldn't let go of it , it taste so good I couldn't stop sucking him . I came up for air started kissing his neck , I was so horny I started cuming before I even removed my pants! This set off a night of non stop fucking by this morning his ass was raw from my cock being in there so much . My cock is in pain from fucking so much , all total I came 6 times and James came 3 times. My next mission is to see if James has any cute friends like himself to join us. I feel like I hit the lotto of Sex.
96% (20/1)
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9 months ago
1 year ago
Omg I'd dress in anything you wanted, but I'd beg you to allow me to dress cheaply, I'd want to look like a really shameless dirty little fucking whore for you. Hot pink finger and toenails, or some other loud slightly tasteless color that screamed "SLUT", and either black or purple tight knit thigh high fishnets. A pair of 4 or 5" high, open toe'd clear pvc arch strap only platforms, maybe sheer black silk "rear seamed" thigh highs...hehehe, no I'd save those for my 6" open toe'd shiney black latex stiletto's. Tiny sheer silk panties that matched my stockings, so tight they barely covered my asscheeks and were always pulled way up in my crack, a tiny white or lavender lycra skirt that never hid my thick 7" sissy slutmeat unless I taped it back up into my smooth asscrack. Which being the nasty, smart mouth little tease I am I'd never do of course. And finally either a loose fitting three button, sleeveless silk blouse (same color as my panties and stockings), easily seen or reached into for access to my hard nipples. Dark rose lipstick, ever so slight rouge, light pastel lavender eye shadow with a darker purple eyeliner and dark black eyelashes.
And ohhh what a bubbly, sassy smart mouth little teasing whore I'd be hehehe, till your desire to smell, feel kiss and seduce me turned to a kinky, demanding, Dominant strong handed apetite to use, fuck, train and degrade me humiliatingly...kisses, trina.

upper arch strap
1 year ago
a lovely hot story xxxx
2 years ago
Lucky you, lucky James!
2 years ago
Wow you made me cum in my poanties
2 years ago
sexy storie
2 years ago
You did hit the lottery!!!
2 years ago