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The Birthday Threesome - Part 2

The three of us went out for a nice meal, shared a couple of bottles of wine, then went to a bar for another couple of drinks. I'm kinda small anyway, so I admit I'm a lightweight lol but being super-horny AND d***k I was happy to be heading back to his place! Even once we got into the lift we were immediately all playing and grinding (I definitely remember Louise playfully backing into his crotch while the two of us made out!).

We all fell into his apartment hurriedly, ripping his jacket off and jeans off, I soon was on my knees again with his solid cock halfway down my throat while they were peeling at Lou's top and bra, watching him take her gorgeous breasts in his hands and mouth. My free hand reaching up her inner thighs, up her short pencil skirt, my fingertips pressing lightly on her knickers, feeling how moist they were already which in turn was a huge turn-on for me!! We swapped, she was eager to suck his dick, and I was soon kissing him hard, promising the filthiest and sluttiest things as I wriggled out of my cute 60s dress which was soon followed on the floor by my bra and knickers, leaving me only in long white socks. I knew what I wanted there and then, and for a moment I took control: telling Lou to strip while I got on all fours on the sofa, smiling as she obeyed in joining me, long legs wide apart in front of me. Heaven! Kevin began fucking me from behind, soon using every inch of his throbbing shaft to bang me, gradually harder and harder. My face was buried in her pussy, sucking on her lips and clit, a finger deep inside her soon followed by another, her hand on the back of my head forcing me tight against her soaked, smooth mound, listening to her moan and whimper, I was loving it and was brought to a really intense orgasm after he began rubbing my clit whilst banging me!

After a little adjustment, I found myself soon over lou in a 69 position, carefully lowering myself down over her face. Lou's got some girl/girl experience, but is more into guys. Saying that though, she is really rather talented with her tongue hehe. I opened her legs again, teasing her pussy wider open with my thumb and finger, my tongue circling and flicking her aroused clit, Kevin's huge dick in my other hand. Her hands were on my arse cheeks and her thumbs reached round to be dripping pussy, licking and sucking, forcing me to bite my bottom lip hard. I figure this gave him the opportunity to get to her waiting tight pink hole and he wasted no time. I watched closely as the head sunk into her, followed slowwwwwwly by his thick shaft. From under my ass I heard a really loud and low moan from Louise as he f***ed it inside her, deeper and deeper, and then finally beginning to fuck. Watching this was just so hot, I pushed my ass down a little more again as if to remind her to continue as I reached up to kiss him hard. He was soon penetrating her deep and hard and I bent down to get a closer look. It wasn't too long before she was moaning more, again and again, her clit pushing up (and perfect for my fingers and tongue!) and her hips and legs jolting into orgasm. I got off her, teasing my own soft hole, squeezing up next to her as he continued to fuck her hard and fast. A couple of minutes later and he pulled out and (pretty impressively lol) quickly got himself over her face, pushing his bulging dick into her mouth just as it gushed cum. She gagged a tiny bit but I knew she hadn't swallowed it all - after a naughty suggestion by me, which he very quickly said yes to, me and Lou made out, his load swapping in our mouths a little sloppily. I opened my mouth to show him I had it much to his amusement, before swapping again. Finally, Lou took a big gulp and swallowed.

After that little bit we all took a break, got dressed (well, a tshirt and some fresh knickers), watched some tv and had a few more drinks. Things were a little calmer for a while and it was now late. Still, Kevin got a phonecall so was out on his little balcony while me and Lou chatted, obviously all about one topic only! And... well... lol one thing lead to another and we were very quickly making out again. We sneaked away from the couch and into his room, out clothes soon on the floor. I lay back while her mouth went down my stomach and between my legs, her tongue going straight for my sensitive clit. Again I was biting my lip, one hand on my chest with my erect nipples poking through my fingers, the other hand helping guide her. Her finger gently slipping into my soaked pink pussy I yelped a little, my heart racing. I looked down at her and remember thinking how porn-like she looked, it was amazing! I licked at my moist finger, tasting myself, before quietly and carefully getting that finger to my tight ass. I don't think lou realised for a few seconds but I inserted it slowly and gently, my finger in my arse, hers in my pussy PLUS her lips on my clit! :) I remember when she realised she gave me the filthiest, horniest look! I grinned and removed my finger, running it up my stomach and chest. She looked a little nervous I guess, but was obviously up for it as she then had her own finger around my ass. After a little while she f***ed it in, deeper than I thought she would too. God I loved it! I had to return the favour! I pulled her up to kiss me long and lingering, playfully pushing her onto her back before kissing down her neck and collarbone, her erect nipples then between my lips and teeth, over her belly piercing, onto that gorgeous pussy - wet and waiting! I nibbled and sucked, licked and fucked it with my fingers. Two fingers inside her tight pussy with my thumb on her clit, I looked up into her pretty blue eyes and gave her a lovemark on her inner thigh, giggling away. My spare hand reaching under her thigh, waiting for the bit where she tells me to stop or pulls my hand away - neither of which came. My fingertip teasing the very lowest part of get soaked hole, taking in some of her moisture before I slowly and gently circled in her very very tight bum, finally pressing inside her (and to my very pleasant surprise she was loving it!!). I finger fucked her pussy and ass until she came, now it was my fingers all soaked and shiny!

By now there was no way I could think about stopping, I wanted more! I moved opposite her, making sure our legs crossed, playing for her (something we've done so many times before lol) while she caught her breath. Taking one of her feet in my hand, i kissed and licked at it and her lower leg while i rubbed my clit and teased both holes for her. Louise hasn't been with too many girls at all, and I don't believe she'd reigned before, but as some of you may know it's a huge turn on for me lol I wriggled my bum up the bed, pressing our damp pussies together, the both of us smiling in expectation. We grinded slowly, first up and down and then in circles, as if our pussy lips were making out. It was so perfect, soooo hot. We couldn't help it but begin pushing harder against each other, slapping our wet pussies together. I'll never forget that sloppy sound :) yum.

We tired a little and slowed to a halt, pressed tight against each other, kissing slow and sensually, my hand reaching round to her ass, circling and fingering gently just to remind her I still needed more! However, it wasn't just me! At this point we realised Kevin was in the room, kinda behind me - god knows how long he'd been there, but I know his taste in porn and he'd have loved our grinding session!! Me and Lou burst out laughing, shocked and a little embarrassed, but were soon back in the mood once we'd seen that familiar huge bulge in his boxers. She immediately kneeled up, kissing him with her hands down his shorts, releasing his cock which sprung out upright. I laid back enjoying the show, showing him my tight pussy spread open, inserting a finger, teasing him. God I was soaked! I watched her suck on him again and again, her head almost bouncing on his dick. I needed a really hard filthy shag I decided :) letting them continue I reached around his drawer (second drawer down, at the back hehe), finding the secret little tube of lube he kept for us. I continued to play for him while lining up a couple of fingers with my other hand, pressing them into my tight arse. He knew exactly what was next! I laid on my stomach, bum in the air just a little, my head on the pillow looking at my friend "You really gonna do it?" she asked, surprised but kinda excited I guess. I could hardly answer because as I excited as I was too, starting anal also gets me pretty nervous! I could feel him pressed against my arse, his hand pulling my cheeks apart a little, the head of his dick finally forcing into me. I guess I whimpered a little, Lou looked closely on, circling her erect nipples. Kevin slowly and expertly f***ed more of his thick shaft into my arse, then beginning to pull out and push back in, penetrating me slowly and gently. I got used to his size and raised myself up onto my hands, kissing lou deep while he built up a slow rhythm, gradually getting a little deeper, I was feeling so incredibly slutty!! After a good while he leant down (which meant his whole length was f***ed into me - I'm pretty sure I yelped at this point!! lol) and threw the lube onto her side of the bed. I was just about to say "you don't have to!", knowing she's not done anal too much at all but she was already getting it on her fingers ready! She copied me a I did earlier, gently pushing her lubed finger in a bit, stretching a little, putting a bit more around it.

Kevin pulled out of me, making me inhale sharply, my ass tingling. Louise laid on her front and I moved closer to her, feeling her tight ass, making sure it was oily enough as he added more lube to his big cock, waiting to try it. Soon, that horny head of his cock was pressed against her butt, she was biting her lip a little, her eyes closed. I laid with her, kissing her face and neck, stroking her hair a little as if to reassure her, all the time getting so turned on! He went gently and verrrry slowly, only a few inches, enough for her to frown and whimper a little. I couldn't resist playing!! Gradually she was getting used to it, one of her eyes opened and looked at me, and the frown was now a cheeky smile. He fucked her more, I could tell she was taking more of him and he was loving it! I played more, pussy and ass (my ass a little opened from the previous fuck), my whole body on edge. I could also tell the shagging she was getting was beginning to hurt a little so quickly went and got the wet-wipes, closely watched his thick shaft leave her opened ass (hot!) and began to wipe his lube-covered dick as Lou fell back down to the bed, laying on her back as if to tell us that was it with anal for now :) I gave his throbbing cock a quick little play and suck before going back to Lou, kissing up her body as I laid over her, quietly asking if she was ok (she nodded and grinned and my response then "that was so fucking hot!" hehe).

I was well aware of where Kevin was but it still came as a bit of a shock when I felt his solid cock against my pussy, I looked back over his shoulder an grinned, giving him the permission he needed. Suddenly my soaked lips were again f***ed open by his thick cockshaft penetrating me deep. He began fucking me hard almost immediately, grinding into me while his finger/thumb flicked in and out of my arse. His hard thrusts hitting me deep, and (even as small as they are!) my boobs bouncing a little causing Lou to hold and carress them from below me. Again and again he hit me deep and on my hotspot causing me to moan gradually louder, letting out a little squeal through my teeth and lower lip as I fell into a very intense orgasm, my pussy tightening around his cock to the point it was almost forcing it out! My eyes opened to see Lou in full slutty-grin mode, god we are terrible together I thought giggling. She kissed me, long and passionately while somehow turning me over at the same time, getting herself on top of me now. I looked up at my bf over her shoulder, wiping his brow, you could almost feel all three of our hearts racing out of our chests! I looked down at my swollen pussy, dripping wet, a little red from being hammered all day, gently touching it and tasting myself. I looked up at lou just as her eyes closed and pleasure came over her face, I knew immediately he was getting himself inside her too now. I couldn't help but grin and enjoy the show, that familiar slapping sound of his cock and balls hitting against her ass and thighs, those gorgeous tits right in my face (I too had to hold and carress them, so round and firm! Really jealous as you can probably tell haha), and they were soon at it full belt. He was banging her senseless after only a couple of minutes, hard and fast, the bed was shaking, her mouth was open but hardly a noise came out for so long I could hardly tell if it was pleasure or pain or both! The answer came in the form of lou's long horny moan and followed by a short sharp squeal, a sure sign the horny bitch was coming lol still he continued to fuck her roughly, pounding away at that gorgeous pussy. As her knees jerked a little, her head falling onto my chest and shoulder, Kevin let out one last moan, one which I'd heard so many times before, as he unloaded deep inside her. My man coming inside my best friend!

He waited a little while as we all caught our breath, slowly removing that weapon from her, to which she soon lay down next to me, cuddling tight. I couldn't help but look down, both of our pussies bright red, hot and soaked.

It wasn't soon after we decided this had to be a regular birthday treat for us all!!


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1 year ago
daam its real nice.
1 year ago
nice story
2 years ago
incredible story and really well written x well done x
3 years ago
An all-time best - I am SOAKED! xxxxxxx