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The Birthday Threesome - part 1

So! Sorry it's been a while in writing this up, I've been super busy this last week. This was the birthday present for my slightly-older bf that happened a couple of weeks ago. As some of you know, I'm at college and work part-time as a waitress, so I'm hardly rolling in cash :) and looking for ideas what to get my man for his special day, I asked some of you on here. The answers were as expected lol. But with time running out, it kinda made sense - if I could get another girl, then I bet he'd love a threesome, what guy wouldn't?! Plus I love them hehe.

With only a couple of weeks to go, I had to sort it with a girl quickly - so, I asked my friend Louise who I knew would be a good bet. Lou is my bff completely, we've gone through everything together, in more ways than one, plus we've already had the threesome once. Kevin and her flirt all the time, and I know she has a thing for him (she told me lol). And on top of all this, she's verrrrry hot! Blonde, blue eyes, really pretty, a little taller than me with amazing legs, gorgeous 34c breasts, she has no problem getting with guys! So, after a pretty d***k night, I came out with it and asked her :) I was relieved, though not entirely shocked when she said yes!

From then on all I could think of was the night we had arranged, how we'd surprise him, what stuff we'd do. The following Friday I was at Lou's and (after everyone else had gone obviously lol) we couldn't stop talking about it we were so excited (and turned on haha that kinda ended in a mutual masturbation kind of thing!).

The weekend after was his birthday. Me and Louise took the bus into town, as I'd arranged to meet Kevin at his apartment in the early evening. We were so excited but nervous too, and could hardly talk about it on the bus! We headed to a bar first and had a couple of quick sambucas to loosen up a little and make sure we were sorted:
Told parents we were sl**ping over at each others house - check
Got everything packed that we needed - check
Shaved, fresh and ready - check
Ready for a really really filthy night - check :)

We headed to his place arm in arm, a little tipsy from the afternoon sambuca and adrenalin. We hadn't dressed particularly sexy or anything for now, as I knew we'd head out later anyway. Both in skinnies (mine black, hers red), her in a yellow vest top that showed off plenty of her gorgeous cleavage, me in a white tshirt, we knocked on his door trying hard not to be giggling like schoolgirls. He opened the door wide, and his face made us crease up. "Hey you" is all I could say, heading inside after a long lingering kiss - "Hey Kevin" followed Lou all sluttily, stopping in front of him and kissing him a little closer to the lips than he was expecting. We giggled at his flushed face, dropped our bags and closed the door for him.

She took his hand and pushed him onto the sofa, straddling him, even I was surprised at how quickly she was getting into it! I leant behind her, softly kissing her neck, looking him in the eyes - "Happy birthday babe" I grinned. I pulled her off him just as he was figuring it all out. Standing in front of him we kissed and made out - something I'd been looking forward to since I saw her earlier. Both of us giving him cheeky looks, making sure he was enjoying the show as we began peeling off our tops, kissing deeply with tongues playing, her lips then moved to my neck - a very hot spot of mine - forcing my back to arch and pressing me into her. Her hands moved from my ass to my breasts, cupping over my black bra, I looked in her eyes and smiled, maybe nodded slightly without realising as she soon undone my jeans, tugging them down my legs to reveal my black lacy french knickers. Kicking off my pumps and jeans was when I first realised how extremely horny I was - I had to get her stripped off! My hands at the bottom of her vest soon peeled it off over her head, her bright pink bra definitely giving her yummy tits justice, my mouth nuzzling into her neck and collarbones, fingertips tracing over her bra teasing her nipples, down her sporty stomach and onto her jeans button and zip. I heard a little giggle in my ear as I pulled them down, her bra matched by a bright pink thong. God I love that arse I remember thinking to myself :) we continued to strip, teasing the more we got into it, removing each bra slowly, taking turns to kiss and carress each other, getting each erect nipple in my mouth, goosebumps all over me.

We both then turned to him sat on the sofa, watching us, enormous bulge in his jeans, telling him to strip (which he did, quickly). With him sat again, I knelt in front of him, yanking down his boxers, his long thick cock springing out at us, immediately touching and rubbing it. Louise sat next to him, touching his chest and stomach, kissing each other passionately (she was well into kissing him, bitch! Lol joking), her hand joining mine to tease this throbbing dick. I began sucking it, teasing the head with my lips and tongue before running the tip of my tongue up and down his shaft. From down there I could see them making out and it was getting me incredibly hot! I licked and sucked more and more, getting it nicely lubed with my spit before reaching over and tugging at Lou's thong - fuck I needed pussy too!! She obliged my raising her bum from the sofa and letting me pull her knickers down over her ankles, revealing her pretty lil pussy, shaven bald like my own. His hand was soon moving from her breasts down between her thighs, much to her obvious pleasure! I moved myself in front of her now, as she kinda laid across the sofa, taking his cock in her hands and mouth, kissing up her long legs until eventually getting to her very warm and very wet pussy. I ran my tongue up and down it, taking in her taste (yum!), teasing her increasingly excited clit with my thumb as my tongue f***ed between her tight lips and inside, flicking and swirling. The moans in that room were so hot!! My free hand was between my own legs, pressing through my knickers at my soaked hole, I was desperate now.

I took off my french knickers as I stood up, showing each of them my own smooth pussy. I grinned, looking in his eyes as if to ask if this birthday present was ok (to which I knew the answer!). The head of his cock pressed against the inside of Lou's cheek made her look such a slut, such a pornstar I loved it! I got closer and, once she'd pulled away a little i straddled him, carefully taking that throbbing thick shaft in my pussy, grinding on him slowly, my hands on his chest to show who was in control. Louise, still next to him and making out, was touching and playing with herself gently and warming herself up. I rode him harder, feeling him fill me up, grinding back and forwards, leaning down to snog them both hard, one hand reaching between her thighs and on her soaked mound. I couldn't help but orgasm there and then! I got off him, his dick looking so huge, and she needed no invitation in taking my place. She took no time in getting into it either, riding him hard almost immediately. My hands and mouth drawn to her gorgeous nipples until she was moaning so loud it was obvious she too was soon about to come - my hand reached down and rubbed her clit a little, teasing her, forcing her to jolt and orgasm hard.

I was in pornstar slutty heaven now! Watching my gorgeous mate fuck my bf a little more just to tease before getting off him, you should have seen how wet and shiny his cock was! My mouth immediately went for it, as did Lou's once she'd knelt down. We took turns in sucking it, and licked it at the same time, our tongues brushing over each other. I could tell by his face all concentrated that he was close to blowing his load, so I told him not to worry and to stand up. Me and Louise kissed more for him, I remember we gave our breasts a little play and squeeze too, taking it in turns to wank him and suck him until he moaned one loud moan: he was gonna cum :) now was as good a time as ever to do a true porn move lol. We knelt side by side, excitedly kissing and caressing each other, taking it in turns to kiss and lick the head of his cock until one loud sexy moan later he shot a huge cumload over us!! I'm not usually too big a fan of getting a facial myself but this was too hot! I felt myself almost fall back a little as it spurted towards me, meaning I took some on my face (mouth and jaw) but a lot on my chest - Lou on the other hand took it like a pro lol I looked over to her, his cum all over her mouth and cheeks and even nose! After a lot of giggling, we kissed more, licking it off each other, playfully pressing our sticky chests together, we showered (not all together lol me and Lou together, then he had his own) ready to go out for food and drinks.

Let's just say he was a very happy birthday boy taking out two pornaholic sluts hehe.

More to come, literally lol

Posted by Xchloe69x 3 years ago
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8 months ago
Lucky guy x
1 year ago
What a great girlfriend you are.
2 years ago
Loved it. Wouldnt mind a birthday present like that! X
3 years ago
Brilliant story Chloe! I read it first time and got really hard, then read it again and blew a massive load xxx
3 years ago
Superb! You write so well babe! I'm so wet - I'm going to read it again and make myself cum xxx
3 years ago
mmmmmmmm thats made me cum ;)