Jade, my s****rs friend - part 1, background

Another true story :)

So, between my first experiments with Sarah, and being a good schoolgirl, I was obviously becoming more sexual. And having access to the internet in my own room definitely helped! But the time I'd consider popping my girl-girl cherry was this.

It was summer and my s****r Amy had come home from university. We have always got on well and, being her birthday, she invited me to go along with her and some friends for drinks - being the age I was (16) she was under strict instructions to not get me d***k. I'd met all these friends before, they were all her old school friends back for summer, except one. 

Jade was from the same place, and was studying in the same city as Amy, and they'd became friends at uni. Instantly I'd recognised her as a gorgeous girl, despite her being 5 years older than me. Short dark hair, big blue eyes, slim, and what you'd call 'scene' I guess - tongue and lip piercings, tattoos etc. She was cool talking to me, I guess as all the older friends spent time together, and she was interesting. What really impressed me though was how she could get any guys away from her despite her obvious attraction. Amy explained to me that Jade studied Fashion Photography, and I should ask about modelling (it's a lot of young girls dreams ok?! Lol). Jade, as it happened could need help with that - she had a project to do while on her break. "It's nothing major" she told me "just bring some spring/summer style clothes and we'll do some shoots if you like". I was grinning from ear to ear! Getting to hang out with this cool photographer girl!

We arranged to meet later that week at her parents house, where the attic was still basically her bedroom. I was surprised how professional it all looked, all the equipment she had. Despite that, she was reallycool with me, especially with my nerves. We chatted and laughed, and to be honest I guess I'd developed a crush on her.

She didn't even blink as I went through my various sets of short skirts and vests, short shorts (like hotpants), and then even surprised me: "I don't suppose you brought a bikini?" she asked. I felt a little stupid thinking about it: summer clothes, a bikini, why didn't I think of that? Jade just smiled (god what a gorgeous smile) and fetched out a little red bikini of her own. "You don't have to at all..." she said, explaining it could be a decent fit, but the sudden thought of wearing HER bikini was too much, how could I say no? I happily stripped down to my underwear (I'd made sure to wear my cutest ones: white lace bra and french knickers, with little pink bows) not even behind the screen this time, to her amusement. I grinned and let her check me out there and then, bursting into a laugh when her camera clicked a few times: this super hot girl photographing me in my underwear!

The rest of the shoot, the bikini bit included, was a breeze. With the only exception being one horny, sexually frustrated and to be honest a little moist!, model needing to play as soon as possible...

More to come!
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3 years ago
Aw you tease... whens the rest cumming? X x