My first time 'experimenting'...

Well, I know it's different for everyone, but I guess I must have been in first couple of years at senior school when I became aware I found girls 'pretty' or 'kinda hot', but wasn't really aware of having full-on sexual feelings. My friends all talked about boys a lot, and I... just wasn't too interested I guess, or at least not as interested as they were. 
After about a year, myself and my friend Sarah (I'll say now: blonde, gorgeous blue eyes, same kinda thin figure as me, boys loved her) had talked about it. It began innocently enough, talking about a few of the girls at school who were pretty and stuff. Gradually I tested the water a bit, mentioning not only how pretty they were, but what a great body they had, or how jealous of their boobs I was :) Sarah went along with it, and I could sense we were feeling maybe a little similarly about it. I waited a little longer again before telling her she had a great body, and even dropping in the word 'sexy'! We laughed and played around with the idea of checking each other out more, if you get my drift. We came up with a plan: her house, Friday night, it would be like any other sl**pover. 
Friday night came, I was nervous but excited. I mean, I'd seen girls in the showers at school, but not... you know. We headed upstairs, her mum downstairs. We talked a lot, quite a lot about the girls we found pretty and why, which celebrities, what was 'sexy' and stuff. 
"I love kissing" she told me, and I certainly knew she'd kissed quite a few boys (me only a couple!). I remember smiling and biting my lip nervously but wanting to go along with it. We kissed slowly, gently. No tongue, not yet. Electricity ran through me, and I was aching to kiss her again immediately. My head spun as we closed our eyes again and kissed, our lips opening slightly as her tongue pressed against mine.
We eventually separated, giggling. I knew I was feeling hot, my heart was racing. "Maybe it's time we..." she started, "stripped?" I interrupted, gladly. We both laughed, a little nervous but willing. "OK, but together?" she asked and I agreed. Slowly and tentatively we took off our tops down to our bras, checking each other out. She was a little earlier than me in growing her rather gorgeous boobs, something I'd told her I liked previously. Again watching each other, off came our shoes and skirts. "Ready?" she asked, her hands reaching behind her to her bra clip - I could only nod in agreement as I followed suit, unclipping my bra and slowly removing it. Now, topless, we stood and stared. I knew my nipples were erect even when taking off my shirt, I knew how sensitive they were (are!), and loved the fact I wasn't alone. My hand slowly reached out and touched Sarah's cute breasts, round and firm, then flicked playfully over her nipple. She grinned, cheeks flushed, and did the same to me. Now you can guess how incredibly turned on I was!
I looked down to her underwear, an amazingly cute pink thong, which I knew she had and was so jealous of - my mum hated the thought of me having a thong. I was in baby blue knickers - pretty standard I guess. I sat on the foot of her bed, the tips of. My thumbs on the inside of the knicker elastic at my hips. "one, two, three" I whispered, and slowly pulled them down and over my ankles. I could feel myself blushing, but seeing as though my bl**d was rushing all over me I figured my whole body was blushing. And before you ask: no I hadn't shaved, although to be fair I wasn't exactly very hairy (I had began trimming a few months beforehand). 
Sarah smiled and sat next to me, her hand reaching to my thigh and her eyes stuck between my legs. I giggled and asked "What about yours?". She laughed out loud, the situation so strange to us. But to my pleasant surprise she pulled hers off without hesitation, revealing what appeared to be a verrrry attractive pussy lol. 
"Shall we then?" she asked, and I nodded, knowing what she meant. Sarah sat at the head of her bed (on her pillows) facing me, and I turned to face her. Legs opening gingerly, letting each other get a good look. I can't begin to tell you how turned on but how nervous I was! Having someone looking at me like that for the first time...
I remember my eyes following up her stomach and breasts, up to her eyes, smiling, and she must have realised as she looked back at me. I smiled at her (God this was so hot I remember thinking), before my eyes traced back down her collarbone and impressive chest, down her stomach and small area of dark blonde pubic hair. Her hand now covering her pussy lips, I realised she was touching herself! I instantly felt the need to do the same, I knew I needed it. My fingertips lightly traced my lips, feeling immediately how wet I was. I gasped at my cool finger on my raging hot clit, and began to massage it gently, watching Sarah as she similarly began to rub herself. 
Soon we were both rubbing a little harder, or at least I was! I knew how to make myself cum, but wanted this to last longer. What really did it though was seeing my gorgeous friend push her middle finger deep inside her pussyhole, and I could see the light glisten off it it was that wet.
I couldn't help but let out a smile moan, a little yelp as my long finger pushed inside my own very tight pink pussy. My heart still racing, my nipples on fire, I began pushingit in and out, watching her an her watching me. Soon we were both finger-fucking harder, faster, and as much as I wanted to hold it back I knew I was going to orgasm, that bumpy inner wall now being pushed more and more by my fingertip! I bit my lip hard, my eyes closing, my thighs shaking slightly as I was overcome in orgasm, my fingers not even inside me now soaked as well, everything drowned out in my own little world of sex and cum. 
I opened my eyes, my breathing still heavy, to see my best friend in her own moment of ecstasy, her mouth opened but only the tiniest of squeals coming out. 
We laid there for a few minutes, unsure what to say. "Can I taste?" I finally asked, smiling. Sarah blushed and laughed. "Maybe next time, k?" she replied. 
Me and Sarah did experiment a few more times like that, and are still great friends that we can only keep some secrets about. She is, on the whole, straight until she has a few drinks anyway lol. 
True story, hope you enjoyed it
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9 months ago
What a sexy and lovely story!
1 year ago
Great story I bet its something you never forget .
1 year ago
so direct............I like it,thanks
1 year ago
Great story and very wet now
2 years ago
3 years ago
this is so incredibly adorable ^_^
3 years ago
geat story
3 years ago
very good sweet sexy
3 years ago
great story!!!
3 years ago
Bloody hell Hun! What a turn on!!
3 years ago
Perhaps we could hear about the next time?