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Three's a crowd, four is awesome

I share a house with 3 girls , Anna , Denise and Kandy. They are pleasurable girls to live with and suprisingly we all do get along well. In the house we have the toilet in the bathroom so it is a general rule to leave the door unlocked in case of emergencies. I often find that Kandy needs to access the bathroom while I'm showering so I didn't think twice when the door opened the other day. I would often daydream about rubbing her cute body all over while I slowly lather my cock with soap. Imagine my suprise when two of the girls came in giggling and casually slid the shower door open.
Anna and Kandy were naked and d***k and were keen for some male attention. Anna was an altheltic built girl and confident about herself and sexuality. Her body was sleek and her breasts were ample. My eyes dropped down to her perfectly manicured pussy. She was quickly inside the shower with a hand on my now engorging cock, wrapping it gently and rubbing it back and forth. I took a moment to peer over her shoulder and saw that Kandy had a beautiful pair of puffy nipples, partially erect which stimulated me more. Her pussy was clean shaven and the lips glistened as she also joined us in the shower. I felt hands running down my back and over my backside, pausing before they ran up again to repat the show. Only the second trip involved her nails caressing my skin.While this was happening Anna had positioned herself in front of me and was running her free hand up and down my chest. That is when things became a little bizarre.
Denise was more of a recluse and the girls hatched a plan to bring her out of her shell. They wanted to help her by showing her how good group sex could be. I was so horny from the attention I agreed to do whatever was required. With all in agreement we rinsed ourselves and proceded to Denise's room to fulfil hopes and dreams. When we arrived Denise was quite busy with a vibrator rubbing vigorsly on her clit and slowly sinking deeper into her pussy. The image alone was enough to pump more bl**d to the head of my cock , let alone the smell of th juices dripping out of her swollen lips as the dildo disappeared deeper again.
Denise was aware of us and moved aside her bed, while the other girls turned me around and lay me down , cock at full extent. Denise jumped on and I felt the juices run down my cock as Kandy positioned her pussy over my mouth. I licked and tasted her. I felt my hand being pressed into a fist with two fingers extended, and then my hand felt the damp and warm embrace of Anna's pussy ease gently onto it. Denise started to rhythmically rock back and forth, groaning with the pleasures of flesh inside. Kandy also rocked but let her pussy glide gently over my tongue, while my hand had the pleasure of touching Anna's g-spot over and over.
After about a minute Kandy said "change" and the three changed positions. Denise was now at my mouth. Anna was straddling my cock and Kandy was on the same lubed fingers sliding up and down.
I heard Denise come then tasted the nectar after licking her clit a few times. This excited Anna who sped up her action and I felt the tightening of her pussy. I knew I could not keep this up for long when I heard "change" ring out again.
I felt the warmth of the pussy slide onto my cock. I felt juices dripping onto my hand and I smelt and tasted the pussy lowering on my tongue. I could not hold on anymore and Kandy knew. She went hard for a minute and jumped off. The girls then all placed their hands and heads around my cock and masterbated me until I blew my load. It was shared by all and they all placed their mouths on the head for the following spasms. I had spent a fun time with three girls and then we all lay there together until we could do it again .

Posted by X_PAC6969 3 years ago
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