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The Baby Sitter

I have an interesting story to tell. I have a live in baby sitter who is 18 , georgeous and she is fantastic with my 12 month old.
Anyway I was fortunate enough that we had bubs visiting Gran for the day and the missus was out. I had snuck off to the pub for a quick drink and left Amy at home to do as she will. Imagine my suprise when I returned to find her naked and frigging herself on the lounge. Not to be a killjoy I decided to sneak in for a better view and that is when I caught a glimpse of heaven. Her right leg was hanging over the top of the lounge displaying a neatly trimmed set of lips, gently quivering in time with her finger, Her breasts were heaving and the way she started to pant I could tell she was about to come. I snuck in closer and I could smell her juices. This caused my cock to engorge and I had to pull my pants off to relieve the pain. She noticed me then as I made some noise and stopped playing with herself.
Toyfully she raise her finger towards me and I moved closer and licked her finger. She then let me move in to her pussy and lick, so like a man possessed I licked her mound from the bottom up over the clit. Her moanings were becoming louder with each passing and I could not handle the pressure much longer when she squirted and climaxed. I allowed her to settle for a while and then took her left breast in my hand and gently teased the nipple. She obliged and reached down to feel my cock. Her touch was magical and soft. Her hand wrapped around the rod and started slowly pumping the length of the shaft forcing more bl**d to the engorged head.
I repositioned myself so my cock was close to her mouth and I could play with her clit. First touch of her clit I felt a warm wet sensation as the head of my cock disappeared between the lushious lips of my beautiful new friend. After about a minute of this I had to feel her from inside the love tunnel. I positioned her so her legs were hanging over the end of the lounge arm and placed a cushion in the small of her back. She raised her hips slightly to assist with the entry and I swear I almost came upon entry. Her channel was moist and tight and the clench of her pussy felt like it was pulling the head into her canal.
I slowly fed the length of my cock into her and rested, temporarily to feel the full sensation of being inside this pussy when she clenched her pussy and I could feel it tightenen more. I started to saw in and out with her grunting and sighing in unision of the actions. She became louder and then she shuddered, the convulsions from her pussy started to milk my cock so I could not go on. I felt spray upon spray
enter her in pulses as she held me tight. We lay together until my cock shrunk and I slipped out of her pussy that was now dripping with my jizz down her arse.
We have done this again since this encounter but I will leave that for another time.

Posted by X_PAC6969 3 years ago
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1 month ago
First time I've posted a comment on a story - that's hot.
1 year ago
very good