Working overtime

Well, it starts one lonely Friday Night. As an 21 yr. old, I was just trying to make a little extra cash as a clown. Well, I was doing a k**s party on that Friday night. As my act finished about 7 o'clock, I walked up to the lady who hired me. She was an attractive 30 yr. old red head. She was about 5'6" with huge breasts and nice legs under a short skirt. I told her that my act was finished. As another lady came into the conversation, I felt overwhelmed by the beauty. She was a tall brown headed lady about 6'2". She was wearing pants and had average but not huge breasts. They asked me if I wanted to make some more money. I told her that I was getting out of the clown business but I would help.

She leaned and whispered in my ear, "I will give you an extra $100 for about 2 more hrs. work with us. Come inside, I will explain." I said sure and we walked inside. All three of us went into a bedroom and sat on a king size bed. One on each side of me. Me in my clown suit. They said, "We want a threesome with you." How could I say no. it was perfect. I said sure.

They both stripped naked. They were hot. Before I could do anything, they were kissing each other and started 69ing each other. I hurriedly stripped and started fucking Ms. Redhead up the butt. She screamed loudly and pulled up off of Ms. Brown. They threw me on the bed and Ms. Red started sucking me off as I ate Ms. Brown out. Next thing I knew, I was cumming is her mouth.

She got up and kissed Ms. Brown so they both tasted my cum. As I was laying there in total orgasm, another gorgeous lady came in the room. I grabbed a pillow and covered up, but she came close and ripped it away. Was I in heaven? she pulled up her skirt and pulled off her thong and mounted me. She took my long hard cock and put it in her already wet tight pussy. She laid on me and kissed me like I have never had before.

This was the most passionate and erotic kiss. She sat up and started bouncing. I just laid there as a king. The lady sexing me now started to scream and laid on me. She was orgasming. Next thing I knew, the phone rang. Ms. Brown answered and it was my mom. It was already 9:30 and I was supposed to be home. I quickly put on my clothes as the three nude ladies just looked at me. Ms. Brown handed me my pay plus the extra $100. The others handed me $20 each and they all said, "Next week?" I shook my head yes with a big grin on my face and quickly rushed home
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3 years ago
hope it was a rewarding relationship with them
4 years ago
clown fetish...
4 years ago
Cool Story...I like a little more detail in a story but over all I like it!
Thanks, Rick!
(BTW! All of My Stories are Fantasy written by Request for another xHamster Member ~ )