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I seem to have developed a fantasy of late, nothing particularly startling, but one I'd like to bring to reality.

I have been seeing my current doctor for about 3-4 years now. Although not a stunning woman, she is by no means unattractive, and possibly a little bit younger than I.

We have a good relationship in that we always talk well together, etc, and I've enjoyed my visits. My medical problems are not serious and can be diagnosed fully clothed.

On the past 2 visits, all I could think about was how nice it would be if she asked me to undress and I would be naked in front of her. Perhaps if I was really lucky, she may decide to examine my penis.

This fantasy has stayed with me since my last visit and driven me to masturbation. Can anyone suggest what stories I could invent in order to make this happen?

Posted by X_PAC6969 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Develope an itchy groin, and between your buttocks.