My first gay EXP

will it was way back when i was in grade skool3 (Im 18 now) it was tudering class which only few "people", me and my friend who was 3 ages older then me we played and fun together after school, we even had sl**p overs;) so he asked to go to the rest room, he did then minutes laters i asked to go to, the restroom. i wanted to surprise him. once he went in, i turn off the lights and once he was heading twords the switches i turned them on and scared him LOL, funny thing that he didnt zipped his shorts so i saw his lil cute "thing" wen i saw it my grew he noticed n told me "can i see it" sure then we saw our lil things stiff, he told me "what do u think dose it tate like" idk i said but my curious was big so i said ill tast it so he pulled his shorts down sat in the toilet seat i grabed him it got stiffer so was mine exept his was aili biger i be gan to strock it, he seemed to like it, and idk why i felt good that he liked it, once ipuled down is foreskin and poped his juicey lil head i went for it, i swirled my lil toung around it, i noticed he loved it he told me "what dose it taste" i ignored him kept on sucking. i liked it no lie i herd him mound and mound, made me keep on doing it went he put his hand on my head i new i was doing something good i loved how he mound, minutes later we herd the door trying to open sound of the keys we quickly tried to get dressed but they open the door (No lock) it was the janitor, he was shocked when he saw what we were doing, but n the same time he had a smerk on his face told us he wouldnt told on us if he joined us. i was ok with it so was my friend. he put a wooden wedge inthe door so it wood lock, then he un zipped his pants and we saw his cock, went i was countinuing on what i liked he started to get hard, im like wow so did my friend, so he told me if i can get nude for him, i did so did my friend, so my friend told him what dose it taste like, he smild n he put his cock to my friends lips, head try it so he did he could barly fit it in, but he dint like as much as i did, wen i was almost done blowing him he turnrd me around and he put alil soap on his cock, then bended me over i was looking my friend, the jan told me "this will hurt olny for a bit" so he slowly shoved hi worm cock in my ass i did hurt he slowly moved back and forward then i got used to it...kinda but it lovedit especially when he told me "what an amazing tight lilass" i felt good when head that and yes ofcorse i was sucking my friend toO;D after a while in my dream my friend stared to moun louder n stifen his legs i felt his lil thing twiching up n down and felt aworm fluid in my mouth, i enjoyed it the fact that my friend loved it, seconds later the jan was too mouning lowder n fucking me harder and graving ma ass, then i felt ahot worm burst inside my ass, it felt sooo nice still was doing me, went he pulled out he sai "DAMN that fukn hot" i helt my ass was dripping cum it ran down threw my legs i had sum cum in my mouth too, itwas fun, i liked it i still rememder that dat day like if it was yesterday...sigh
68% (9/4)
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1 year ago
Hope you are trying this again as that ass is too hot not to be shared.
1 year ago