Meeting Goddess Susan

I met Goddess Susan here on xhamster. She is the most gorgeus milf you would want to meet ever you can see pics with here in my profile.
She is married to David a nice hubby with juicy big cock. I remember first time i saw her she got me so hard i could brake bricks with my cock. We talked a lot on the internet exchanged e-mails and pictures.
One day we decided that we would have to fulfill our fantasies so we met in a hotel room. My heart punded very fast as i rang the door bell. Soon goddess would open the door and I would enter the hallway, I was wordless she was looking so hot in her high heels and stockings i bearly mumbled a "Hi.." then she ordered me : "Get on your knees and take off your clothes you nasty slaveboy" i quickly obeyed then she put leash on me and draged me into the hotel room. Here she introduced me to her husband David. He was siting in the bed with his cock up, blindfolded and tied to the bed. She was sitting next to him on the bed and she ordered me to come and kiss her feet. I quickly obeyed i loved my mistress feet so much i kissed and licked every toe and lick her soles. Then i started to work my way up her legs kissing and licking softly soon i would reach her jewel, her big juicy clit. Her clit tasted so good i was in extasy sucking and licking, sucking and licking. She came loudly and i swallowed every juice from her yummy pussy.
I saw her husband geting very hard then she asked me : "Have you ever sucked cock my nastyboy?" "Never my mistress but i would like you to teach me". She realesed David and blindfolded me and tied me up to the bed. She ordered me to open my mouth and soon i felt something big and juicy barging in my mouth like a loolipop. My mouth was flooding it felt so good i was licking, sucking and swallowing. Susan started to suck my cock now and playing my balls with her tongue. She puts a finger in my ass, I felt so weak and yet so good. Then david moves his big cock from my mouth to my ass and i feel Susan juicy pussy again on my lips. I was licking pussy and geting ass fucked and it felt awsome soon we all camed intensly. David in my ass, I in Susans mouth and she camed on my face..
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3 years ago
hope you got to taste cum too tara