Holiday with the girlfriend

I have recently returned from a holiday with my girlfriend and wanted to share with you a few stories of what we got up to whilst we were away… This is the first, with more to follow soon.

One evening we returned from a day spent by the pool, as soon as we entered our room my girlfriend untied her bikini top and dropped it to the floor to reveal her pert boobs. She then asked me to massage after sun lotion into her back before she showered, I immediately said yes as she lay on her front on the bed getting comfortable.

I squeezed a healthy amount of lotion onto my hands and straddled her as I began to massage the lotion starting from her neck moving down her back. As I massaged my cock was already beginning to grow inside my swim shorts. After a few minutes I applied more cream and began to massage it into the backs of her legs, I then pulled her bikini bottoms up into her bum so that it looked more like a thong and began to massage her bum. She giggled as I rubbed and her enjoyment was obvious. I took this as a cue and slowly eased her bottoms down her legs as I continued to massage her legs and bum.

Eventually I had her bikini off with little resistance, I sat back and stared at her naked ass as I moved back up to massage her back. Once again I worked on her back but I was desperately wanting to put my hands further down her body, slowly I moved down massaging her legs up and down, as I massaged the insides of her thighs I ‘accidently’ began rubbing her pussy with my thumbs. Soon I could tell that she was feeling turned on, as was I with my cock eager to come out of my swim shorts. I removed my shorts with one hand as I continued to massage. I then used both hands to spread her ass and legs to get a better view of her pussy which was now visibly wet. I straddled further up her to massage her neck, I could feel that my hard cock was pressing against the outside of her pussy. She moved onto her elbows to allow me to massage her tits, as I moved forwards to squeeze her stiff nipples my cock slipped into her wet hole, she moaned as I thrust deep inside her.

She felt tight as she lay flat on the bed with her legs together, I began to pound her from behind whilst kissing her neck, she responded through whimpers as she buried her face into the pillow. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling pleasure or pain as I banged her hard from behind, I certainly knew what I was feeling as her tight pussy was almost making me cum. However after less than one minute her body began to tighten as a lay on top of her and held her close, I felt her legs squeeze together and her hands grip the bedding as a huge orgasm shot through her body.

After she had orgasmed she moved pulling her bum up and kneeling, my dick never leaving her warm, moist fanny as she moved. I grabbed her hips and once again hammered her as she began to scream, she tried to mask the screams by burying her head into the pillow, moving her ass upwards which sent me over the edge, I orgasmed shooting a load of warm cum deep inside her as I continued to thrust deep inside her. We both collapsed, worn out and lay still, panting. She put her hand down to rub her fanny her fingers returning covered in cum which she wiped across her tits before getting up and trotting off to the shower as I lay stroking my, still throbbing cock trying to catch my breath.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Hope there is more to come, sounds like a great holiday!
2 years ago
Hope to read some more :)