Mrs Insatiable

This is a story about a woman on xhamster, she told me she doesn't have any fantasies left because she has aleady experienced all of them. Which I think is a bit of a shame. This story is dedicated to her and hopefully it'll give her something to think about.

Everyone hold on to their hats, cocks or dildos, this lady has done just about everything, so I'm going extreme!!! Ehm for this, I'll play the stunt cock. Enjoy and leave a comment please.

Mrs I is married, but her husband lets her play away from home. I've seen her pics and read her stories, so I know he isn't neglected in any way by her, lucky guy! She is in her 30's, has beautiful big tits that are perfect for bouncing around and she has a work friend that lets her suck his cock.

This is about what I'd like to do with her.

I'd arranged to meet her, from our chat I knew she was going to be hard to shock. I was driving towards where i was to pick her up and my heart was already jumping out my mouth with the anticipation of meeting such a sexy horny slut. I had made preparations for her and I was hoping like hell she was going to be into what I had planned. Mrs I knew I'd made plans and I think that was the reason she had agreed to meet, she must've been curious.

I pulled up at where we were to meet, I'd arranged to meet her in a quiet car park and her hubby was to come and drop her off. There was nobody about, we had arranged to meet at 8pm and it was already 10 mintues after. I was starting to wonder whether they would show up when a set of headlights appeared. It was them.

Her husband pulled in next to me and she got out and quickly hopped into my car. we gave her husband a wave and off we went. I could hardly take my eyes off her, the first thing I noticed were her huge tits that were flwing over the basque she was wearing, as we left the car park it was quite bouncy and the basque was struggling to control her tits as they jiggled going over the bumps. When I looked down I wasn't even sure she was wearing a skirt it was so short, she had stockings and suspenders on and as she was sitting in the car there was plenty naked flesh to see between her stockings and skirt. As we drove along I told her what a sexy slut she was and that she would have to wait to find out my surprise for her. I put my hand on her leg and opened them up, I quickly moved my hand up her leg, her flesh felt nice and soft. My cock was already bursting to get out of my trousers. As my hand reached the top of her leg, she turned towards me leaning against the door, hooked a foot behind my head and exposed her naked pussy to me. I was still driving as I sank two fingers into her already wet pussy, by the feel of it i ws sure her hubby had fucked her before he had dropped her off.

I'd booked a hotel room and her surprise was waiting for her but I had to pull over, my cock needed attention and this filthy whore was going to do as she was told. I stopped on a street, I couldn't wait to be looking for somewhere quiet. As soon as we stopped I told her to take my cock out. She had my cock out and I told her that the rules were she had to do as she was told. Funnily enough she knew what I needed first, but that didn't stop me from pulling her head down towards my cock. She sucked my cock like a good little girl, she managed to take quite a lot of it down her throat but I held her head and pushed my cock down her throat until i could feel her lips at the base of my dick. She gagged a little but got to work like a good little whore sucking me off. I'd stopped on a residential street, nice house with hedges and the street lights were shining right into the car. A couple came walking along the street towards us with their dog, Mrs I had no idea that the couple about to walk past, but I watched them approach not giving a fuck. As they drew next to us I'm sure the had already guessed what was going on but to make sure they knew just as they passed I pulled Mrs I's head to the side, pulled my rock solid cock out, slapped it on her face a couple of times and gave it to her to put back down her throat. They must've seen, they were in there 40's and as they went past I heard the woman shriek a little, they looked like they were on their way to the local library. I was now desperate to cum, I pulled her head up to the tip of my cock and I face fucked her, Mrs I was good at this, her saliva was running down my shaft as I fucked her throat. I was going to cum, and I pushed her face hard down on my cock again, I could feel me cock jump around in her throat as I came. She sat up and I told her, "don't worry that wasn't your surprise".

I set off again fast for the hotel, wondering as I drove how I was going to get her past reception without getting strange looks, she was dressed like a whore and her eyes were all red and watering after having my cock down her throat. The only way in was past the reception desk, I decided not to make too much of it and just stride past as quickly as possible with Mrs I. The girl at the desk said "good evening" as we walked by, I'm sure she'd seen it all before.

I was eager to show Mrs I what I'd arranged for her, I opened the door and led her in, my friends Stef and Karen were waiting for us, two other horny women I'd met on xhamster. What I hadn't told Mrs I was that I liked to shoot xxx films. The lights were already set up and a couple of cameras were already set up in strategic places around the bed. Stef and Karen were laying there in there sexy underwear and I think they has being playing together since I left, both there hairs seemed a bit ruffled, they were both dirty bitches. Stef was 20, thin little body, little tits but topped off with the large puffy pink nipples and Karen was a black lady, beautiful big body similar to Mrs I's. I told them all to get ready and to take Mrs I into the en-suite with them. I don't know what was going on in there but there but I heard Mrs I burst out laughing a couple of times.

The bitches made me wait ages until they came out! I vowed to myself that each of them were going to walk out of the room walking like John Wayne.

The lights were on, I picked up the camera and told them all to get on the bed together, Mrs I in the middle. She was looking great and wasn't nervous at all, infact she had her hands busy touching the other 2 with a big smile on her face. They all had their sexy underwear on, the girls had taken Mrs I's little jacket and skirt off in the toilet. Stef and Karen knew what was coming but Mrs I didn't have a clue, although she obviously knew she was about to be fucked by two horny girls. This movie was going to be all about Mrs I. I didn't have to say anything to start with, Stef and Karen were already taking turns kissing Mrs I, each of them had a hand on one of her tits as they lay each side of her. Mrs I unbuttoned her basque and released her tits. I wasn't too pleased about this as but I let it go, the cameras were on and the sight of her massive melons had my cock instantly hard again. I let them continue, both Stef and Karen looked pleased with what I'd brought them, they were touching her nipples and all three of them had a kiss together, their tongues swirling around Mrs I's. "Ok girls, suck her nipples" I zoomed the hand held camera in as they went to work, Mrs I let out a sigh as her nippls were given a treat, "suck them hard" and both girls sucked their nipple deep into their mouths. "start to touch her pussy" Mrs I was loving it, in an instant her legs had spread wide open, both girls slid a hand down to Mrs I's pussy and Stef massaged her clit whilst Karen ran her finger up and down from her clit to her bum hole. "nobody go inside her pussy until I say, Stef, spread her pussy open!" I zoomed in as she did so and I nearly fell over, the sight of Mrs I's wet pussy once it was spread open was magnificent, I zoomed in close. "ok, now each of you spread one side of the pussy each,,,spread her open as far as her pussy will go". I could see pussy juice already starting to drip from the entrance to her bright pink cunt. "Now one finger each start to finger her" Mrs I was starting to whimper and arch her body as the two girls sank their fingers in up to their knuckles. Karen and Stef were kissing eachother as they fingered Mrs I "two fingers each" I told them and started to pant, I brought the camera up to her face, she had her eyes shut and her face was flushed as she enjoyed the treatment, "show me your tits Mrs I", she opened her eyes, smiled at the camera and cupped her tits together, she said to the camera, "this is fucking great" as she jiggled her tits about. I moved the camera back down to the her pussy, the girls had her cunt drenched. "Open her up" each girl hooked their fingers inside Mrs I and as they slowly slid them out they spread her open, Mrs I started to cum, I noticed her toes curl and as I zoomed in I could see her pussy walls contracting then a second later her pussy started to drip, then all of a sudden she squirted in such a strong powerful jet she covered me and the camera. "Make her cum again" her first orgasm and barely passed and Mrs I tried to push their hands away, her pussy was still sensitive "GO" I told them and Stef sank her fist into Mrs I, whilst Karen furioulsy rubbed her clit, "get ready to lick it up this time", we all moved around so the camera could see. Mrs I was away with the fairies, she pulled up off Stef's fist and squirted again over Stef and Karens faces. She was left trembling this time as Karen and Stef licked the juice of each others face.

I asked Mrs I if she was ok and she started to laugh. "Ok, get the toys" Karen picked up a bag from the corner of the room an tipped the contents out onto the bed "Now Mrs I, I want you to put the strap-on on and fuck these two" she pulled it on and tightened the buckles " the strap-on was armed with a thick 10 inch black dildo, the girls got on the edge of the bed on all fours "Mrs I knew what to do, she got the two fingers in each of their sexy pussys and started to finger them both at the same time I asked her "now tell the camera what your about to do", she turned to the camera her tits bouncing around as she fingered the two hot pussies and said with a wicked smile on her face "I'm going to return the favour to these dirty bitches, I'm going fuck them hard with this dildo" and with that, she took her fingers out of Karens pussy and f***ed the dildo in all in one go, right up to the hilt. Karen screamed as Mrs I started to slam in and out of her, I got a close up of the dildo being fucked in and out as I did so I couldn't help but slap Mrs I's tits then I told her "come on, fuck her harder she loves it" Mrs I wasn't shy to give it hard. I focused on Karens sexy brown body, her tits were bouncing furiously as she was pounded. Stef was feeling left out and without me telling her spread her pussy in front of Karens face. Karen couldnt lick it as she was taking a serious fucking from Mrs I but she did manage to slowly insert her fist into Stefs little cunt. I stood back and took in the scene, it was amazing and it was going to make a great film. I moved back to see the dildo going in and out of Karen, she was staring to cream on the dildo. All this was getting too much for me, I pu the camera down for a second and took my trouser and boxers off. When I picked up the camera again I shot it over Mrs I's shoulder, she was playing with her tits and as she opened and closed her big cleavage it revealed the dildo with lots of creamy cum from Karen on it. I let my big cock press against Mrs I's sexy ass I did so and I reached around with my free hand and had a good feel of her tits. Karen couldn't take anymore from Mrs I and as she slid off the dildo the full extent of her battered pussy was plain to see. "Very good, now Mrs I lay on the bed, Stef you ride the dildo thid time and Karen, you let Mrs I lick the pussy juices from your pussy".

Stef got up and impaled herself onto the dildo, she squated on her feet and i got a close up of her sliding onto that monster plastic cock. It was all becoming too much for me, with my spare hand I started wanking my cock. Karen sat her pussy onto Mrs I's face and it looked like she was trying to smother Mrs I with her cunt, as Karen was having her pussy licked she started to spank Mrs I's tits, that and Stef bouncing on the dildo and Mrs I's tits were a glorious site to see as the bounced around. I needed relief,,,I guided Mrs I's hand to my cock and she started to wank me off nice and fast, after all I'd seen my cum didn't take long to rise up from my balls. "Karen, sit back and let me cum on your pussy", Mrs I was still directly underneath her pussy as I came, my cum dripping off Karens cunt onto Mrs I's face "Ok, let her clean it up" I zoomed in again to watch Mrs I's tongue dance around Karens pussy licking up my thick white cum. Just as the last drop was swallowed. Stef shouted "Watch out! watch out!!" with that she stood up off the dildo and squirted long hot streams of girl cum all over Mrs I's tits and face.

It was over, the girls were finished, they lay together for a few minuted before they could even speak. Mrs I had done herself proud, the film was going to be amazing. I started to pack everything away and the girls went to the en-suite together to have a shower, I heard more laughing, god only knows what they were getting up to.

When they came out Mrs I was dressed,,,or at least she had her skirt and little jacket back on again. The girls all said there goodbyes and I e****ted Mrs I back to the car. I had to make sure she got home safe and sound or her husband incase he decided to put a stop to this kind of fun and I had a few other movie ideas for Mrs I.

On the way back to her house I pulled over in a quiet car park, it was surrounded by trees and nobody else seemed to be around. I put her on the bonnet of the car and fucked her, she was on her back to begin with but then I turned her over and fucked her tight little ass. I came deep inside her with what spunk hadn't already been drained from me. I pulled her knickers up for her and 5 minutes later I was dropping her off at her house.

Mrs I, your a naughty girl!!! I hope you like the story xxx
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