Mrs Jones

I'd like to tell you all about an amazing stay in hotel I had a couple of weeks ago.

I was away with work up near Inverness, I had to spend the night, so I booked myself into a B&B. It was run by a couple and they were very nice. It was around 10pm when I arrived and as I went to go to my room and noticed they had a small bar. I went to the room, dropped my bags off and went back down stairs for a quick drink before bed.

The couple were in their 50's and they guy served me at the bar. His wife was sitting at one of the small tables. I was chatting to the guy and everything seemed quite normal. Then his wife got involved in our conversation, she came and sat next to me on a bar stool and we all had a bit of a laugh together. They had both been at the drink a while before I got there and she was definitely a bit tipsy. She had a little extra weight but that was balanced out by the size of her huge tits, that her top was struggling to control. Every time she spoke to me she looked straight into my eyes and, well,,, I struggled to keep my eyes of her tits. She was loving it, she was using her arms to accentuate her cleavage even more and I couldn't believe she was flirting with me so much, right in front of her husband. Anyway, I had my drink and wished them goodnight.

I was smiling to myself at the way she was so flirty with me and I thought to myself how her lucky husband was going to be able to fuck her that night. Well, I went to my room had a shower, got in bed and I must've read for about an hour, when I heard a soft knocking at my door. I got out of bed and opened the door, it was the woman again and she had a naughty smile on her face. She just walked in without saying anything. I had my t shirt n boxers on, n she was dressed the same as before, a tight blouse and short black skirt. She sat on the bed and said "naughty boy, staring at my tits like that in front of my husband" as I realised what was going on I started to smile. "yeah I've a real thing for nice tits like yours, I couldn't help myself". The she says, "well, you can help yourself, we are locked up and my husband is sl**ping already!" My cock went hard instantly.

I moved towards her, as I got close to her she slipped her hand into my boxers and got hold of my cock,,,I've quite a nice thick cock and she smiled when her fingers wrapped around my shaft. She started to wank me slowly and I opened a couple of buttons on her blouse. My hands went inside to feel the soft flesh of her massive tits. I had to have her, I wasn't going to mess about, I wanted her bouncing on my dick ASAP. I stood her up and in no time I had her blouse and skirt off, no panties! This woman was naughty, just the way I like women to be. I reached behind her and undid her bra, it dropped to the floor and another surprise, she had nipples that must've been the size of a tennis ball across, nice and dark pink colour and very pointy. My mouth clamped down on each one in turn as she used her hands to feed me each tit. She took control of me, pulled my shirt off, then my boxers and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. I did as I was told. She got down between my legs, took hold of my cock and started sucking me. She had a nice wet mouth and she knew how to suck a big dick too. She was just sucking the tip then she took it out her mouth and spat on it and wanked the spit into my cock, she went back down on me with her mouth and straight away she deep throated me, which I'd had attempted on me before, but nobody had been all the way down to my balls. As she deep throated me at times she would gag a little and it'd bring more spit up from her throat, my cock was soaking with her spit. I love it like that. She stopped and sat up, she took hold of my cock again and placed it between her tits and closed them around it. She bounced those big melons up and down on my cock so nicely. I could feel the cum rise up from my balls. I grabbed her wrists to stop her, now it was my turn to take control. I stood up n made her get on the bed on all fours, the room had a full length mirror on the wall and I made sure she was in front of it. I got behind her and touched her pussy with my fingers, she was soaked and as soon as I touched her she started to moan softly. I spread her pussy open, she had nice big pussy lips. I thought to myself, let's show this horny slut who is boss here. I sank two fingers into her pussy, then three which was a bit tight, I started to finger fuck her quite hard and her pussy juice was flowing, soaking my fingers, I eased another finger in, slowly started to fuck her again, she sounded a little like she struggled with the fourth, then I added my thumb too, her pussy was stretched wide open and I slowly sank my fist into her. It didn't take long before I felt her pussy start to contract and cum, she was creaming all over my fist, I thought she had finished her orgasm and I eased my fist out of her, just as it left her pussy, she squirted all over me and her body quivered for a good 30 seconds. I let her stop quivering and I got up behind her and sank my cock deep into her soaking cunt. I fucked her with long slow thrusts to begin with and within a minute I could feel her cumming again,,her pussy was cumming and she was gushing her juices so much that they were running of in a stream off my balls. I couldn't hold on much longer and I deep fucked her nice hand hard, I got hold of her hair and pulled her head back, it lifted her whole front up off the bed and now I could see those nice tits bounce around as I fucked her. My cum Rose up from my balls quickly, I had to pull out quick and throw her onto her back. I straddled her meaning to cum all over her tits,,,when I came I spunked so hard that most of it ended up on her face but I managed to shoot some on her tits too. I massaged the cum into her tits and she used her fingers to scoop up my cum into her mouth. I was spent lol, it was the biggest load of spunk I'd ever shot in my life.

As soon as we finished I got paranoid about the noise we had been making and I think she did too because 30 seconds later after I'd cum, she was leaving the room. Man, after a cum like that I was asl**p 2mins later (yes ladies im a typical man) and had the best sl**p ever. Got my breakfast next morning, served by her husband and I was on my merry way.

I looked on their website to find out there name,,,,but since it was in a b and b, let's just say it was mrs jones,,,,,,,or mrs smith lol.
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