My Quickest Fuck!

What is the quickest fuck you have ever had???
My quickest is 10 minutes (give or take a minute).
I arranged to meet my girlfriend at a party in a house.
She was (as usual) running a bit late.
She was coming with my mate and his girlfriend all in the same car.
I got to the party, knew nobody, grabbed a drink and squeezed onto the couch.
Within 2 minutes a horny and sexy girl (a bit older than me) squeezed in next to me.
She told me she was a rock singer in some local band.
We said very little but our eyes said it all.
I asked her if she wanted me to get her a drink.
She said OK.
I got up and wandered into the laundry where all the booze was in the big sink.
She came in after me and beckoned me into the small bathroom.
We immediately started to fuck on the floor with only a small pink rug for comfort on the cold tiles.
There was also no lock on the bathroom door...
and as I fucked her missionary style I had to have one leg further outspread against the door.
We were interrupted on about 5 occasions where my leg was not strong enough to hold the door shut.
This didn't stop our very amorous and hot sex.
It was so exciting I cum in less than 4 minutes. She was so wet.
Afterwards as I raised myself up from a very awkward and uncomfortable position
and began to pee.... with a hard on... I couldn't stop it.
It was gushing out. My big hard cock with pissing like mad
and she was squirming all over the pink rug trying to avoid it.
I apologised and eventually got it to stop.
She didn't seem to mind (to my surprise).
We kissed and went back to the party.
About 5 minutes later, my girlfriend arrived.
I have never seen or met this horny rock girl ever since
but I dream about her often.
80% (7/2)
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3 years ago
this chick asked me to fuck in the diasbled toilets at the pub the other day needless to say we got kicked out in 5 minutes but went back 2 mine for more sex good story bro
3 years ago
Once in a very slow elevator as it descended 12 floors. It was on a weekend early on a sunday at a university i attended. Just some coed I never even got her name. She entered the elevator the door closed and she turned and said please fuck me. She raised her skirt had no panties on. she unzipped my pants pulled my cock out and i was rock hard in seconds and we fucked. It was crazy as the elevator stopped on every floor and the doors would open.
4 years ago
Great story i've done that a couple of thime no great sex for me but the had a great if short time. Thanks
4 years ago
Ha! Good one. Reminds me of a few. I drilled this complete stranger at a Black Sabath concert in front of 20,000 people. Yes we were keeping it as under cover as possible but the people closest to me knew what was going on but nobody said a thing. After the show she just disappeared and my friends that were about 10 feet away didn't believe a word of it. Makes me smile till this day some 25 years later.