The Landlady: The Morning After

I slept over at Sandy's place after our little arrangement with the rent. In the morning I took a quick shower and headed into the living room wearing only a towel. My clothes remained on the floor as I was about to put them on. Sandy was already there, curled up on the couch wearing a short white silk robe. She was talking on her cell phone to one of her k**s and she also was a grandmother. Despite her being in her late sixties she was still a hot item. I stood there looking at her admiring the view. I watched as she started carressing her smooth shaven legs and I was starting to get that funny feeling down below. I approached her and gave her a big wet one on the lips. Our tongues went at it again for the moment and she was back on the phone.
"I know sweetheart", she said, "he's a good boy."
I was set to gather my clothes and leave but I decided to stay awhile and have a little fun. I sat down next to her and began massaging her bare feet.
"Hmmmmm, yes I'm listening", she said on the phone.
I took her right foot and rubbed my already hard cock with it.
"Stop it", she giggled.
I took her right foot and began kissing and licking it. She got frustrated by my distractions that she rose from the couch and headed into the kitchen. With phone in hand she was attempting to make some coffee. I followed her to continue my way with her. With her back turned I began kissing her neck and squeezing her little titties. She moaned and then waved me off to continue her phone conversation.
"Yes, sweetheart", she said, "I agree with you."
I quickly turned her around, picked her up and planted her ass on the counter like I did before. She giggled a bit.
"So strong", she said to me, "nothing dear. Not you."
I began kissing her neck again and licked it from both sides. The moaning kept going and she kept on insisting that I stop.
"Not now", she said to me.
I didn't listen. I got down on my knees and grabbed her lace underwear.
"Don't you dare", she said.
I took them off and tossed them aside. I soon began to do some tongue action on her hairy and juicy pussy. Her moaning was about to grow louder. She tried holding it in while on the phone but that didn't last. She knew how good I was with my tongue.
"Sweetheart, don't worry about it", she said, "you'll be fine. Trust me. Hmmmmmmm, please stop. No, not you. I'm just thinking out loud."
I wasn't about to stop and she knew it. I brushed aside her pubic hair and I began eating her pussy. The feeling was so great she pounded her fist on the counter and closed her mouth tight.
"Aah", she said, "oh, nothing. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. No it's nothing. I was about to sneeze that's all. Ooooooo."
Sandy was breathing heavily and she was ready to scream. First she needed to end the phone conversation right away.
"S-sweetheart, listen", she said, "everything will work out. Okay. I love you. Bye bye."
She dropped the phone and grabbed handfuls of my hair, keeping my face pinned down on her pussy while I'll I kept on eating it and sucking it and admiring it at the same time.
"Oooooh", she moaned, "ooooooh. Hmmmmmm. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. So good. Hmmmmmmmm. Oh, I love it. Oh, keep eating that pussy. Oh, yes. Hmmmmmmmm. You love my pussy? Huh? Love how it taste? Taste that pussy. Ooooooh. Oh, eat that pussy. Don't stop. Aaaaaaah. Oh, just like that. Right there. Lick that clit clean you naughty boy. Hah. Hah. Hah. Hah. Oh, yeeeessss. Oh, shit. Hmmmmmmmmm. Oh, you're so good at that. Ooooooooo. Aaaaaaah. Aaaaaaah."
Afterwards we kissed and our tongues danced with one another. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her into the bedroom. Soon my towel and her robe were on the floor and she began sucking my hard cock. She sucked hard like she was trying to drain all the juices inside. She was great at it.
"You love sucking that young cock?", I asked, but knew I wasn't going to get a straight answer.
Sandy rubbed it and sucked on it some more. All I heard was her enjoyment and those familiar sucking sounds that never go away. After that my hard cock was planted inside her pussy and her moaning would soon turn to screams. She had a hold of my buttocks nearly having her red nails dig deep into my flesh.
"Aaaaaaaah!" she screamed, "aaaaaaaah! Oooooooo. Aah. Aah. Aah. Aah. Oh, fuck me. Fuck me harder. Young dick feels good. Oh, it's so good in my pussy."
I turned her over and shoved my cock in her ass. She practically begged me to fuck in her in the ass all morning long. When she screamed I already knew she was satisfied by my double penetration.
"Come here", I said, turning her over and going to work on her pussy once again.
"Aaaaah", she said, "aaaaah. Oh, that's so good. Finish that pussy. Like that. Oh, yes like that. Aaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaah. Hmmmmmmmmm. Oooooooh. Oh, shit. Hmmmmmmmm. Right there. Oh, yes. Oooooooh."
I got on my knees and squeezed my cock pouring the cum on her hairy bush. She scooped some up and sucked it clean off her fingers with a little smile on her face. Nothing like a great fuck to start the day.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
mexaa wooow nice Story> Thank For The Posting
3 years ago
i just love my landlords big cock
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Good work,another wonderful story.Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
nice ... wonder if i can fuck my landlord like that and get rent free????
3 years ago
Keep this up and the rent should be free. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
love payin the rent
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story!