The Neighbor, Part Two

It's been four days since I moved to my new place and things were going my way. I was divorced, single, and a job as a high school teacher. The one thing still etched in my mind was the warm greeting I received from my neighbor, Cynthia. To this day I still think I overdid it hammering her that night, and since then the sex grew hotter and more erotic. We did it in the shower, on the stairs, on the roof, and even in the bushes where no one was looking. It was strictly sexual. No strings attached, no commitments, and no bullshit. Basically we were fuck buddies which was fine by me. What we didn't do was phone sex which was not her thing. But one day at the teacher's lounge she started sending me pictures through my cell phone. First a picture of her titties, and then a picture of her clean shaven pussy with her finger inside. A third one came with her sucking on her finger. The girl was a freak and knew how to get my attention. I quickly put my phone away preventing the other teachers to get a peek. The neighbors were not thrilled with the arrangements Cynthia and I made because we always made too much noise. The people next door didn't seem to mind. The happily married couple they were get a rise out of listening to other people fucking. After that the two are at like wild dogs. Nice to know my neighbors, especially those two. After work I went straight home. I got onboard the elevator heading for my apartment. When I got there the doors opened up and there was Cynthia in all her sexiness. Her hair was still braided, she wore a white tubetop, denim skirt, and those same pair of red mules showing of those nicely trimmed and polished toenails. Her golden brown flesh was still smooth as silk. She was carrying some clothes in a basket, on her way to do a little laundry. "Hey, D", she said. Always called me D instead of David. "How you doing?", I asked, "you want me to get that for you?" "Such a gentleman." She stepped onboard and we both headed straight down to the lobby, towards the laundry room where it was quiet and empty. I decided to stay awhile and keep her company, not wanting to leave her all alone with all those perverts out there. She began loading up the first machine she grabbed and took out her quarters dropping a couple on the floor. I was about to help her out until she bent down and I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. Didn't see that coming. She got my attention that I couldn't take my eyes off her and my cock was starting to swell. She put the quarters in and turned the machine on. She waited until the water filled up. While waiting she slipped off her right mule and started stroking her right foot on her left leg. I didn't know if she was teasing me or she had an itch. Either way I was getting a hardon and waited what happened next. The machine started to run. She slipped her mule back on and poured in the detergent. "See something you like?", she asked. "I'm sorry, what?", I asked. "Did you see what you liked?" I did all right and I could almost taste it. Without any help she climbed on the machine and sat on it, enjoying the vibrations from the machine. She shook her mules off and lifted up her skirt, giving me a view of that clean shaven pussy of hers. "What are you going to do about it?", she spoke seductively, "you're friend down there is going to suffocate." Referring to my cock. I already knew what I was going to do. I took off my grey blazer, my tie, and unbuttoned my shirt. I approached her and slipped off her skirt. Then it was time to make some noise once I began licking, sucking, and tasting every morsel of her pussy. It wasn't long before the screaming and moaning began to burst out of her vocal chords. "Oh, yeah", she moaned, "Oh, shit. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Aaaaaaaaaah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ooooooooooh. Oh, that feels so good. Hmmmmmmmmm, lick that pussy. Oh, you're so good at that. Keep it in. Keep it in and lick it. Lick my black pussy. Oh, lick it good. Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaah! Oh, shit. Oh, fuuuuuuuuuck. Don't stop. Don't stop. Please. Please. Please. Pleeeeeeeeease! Yes. Yes. Yesssssss! Oh, that's so good. Oh, you keep licking that pussy. Lick my fucking pussy. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck." The pleasure was so great Cynthia couldn't keep still. She tossed and turned with my tongue still in her, with a handful of my hair, keeping me pinned down. "Make me", she said, "make me. Make me. Make me. Make me cum. Make me cummmmmmmmm." She cummed all over me and the machine. She wiped some off her leg and licked it enjoying the taste. I started unbuckling my belt and then my pants. Her feet started carressing my chest and my cock. She smiled enjoying what she felt on her soles. I grabbed her feet and started kissing and licking from her toes to her heels and she enjoyed every minute of it. I planted her feet on my shoulders and slowly placed my dick inside her. "Oh, yeah", she said, "oh, that's good. Love that big dick. My pussy loves that big dick. Shove it in. Shove it in good. Oh, it's so hard. Fuck me. Fuck me good." Cynthia's tubetop was off and grabbed a handful of her luscious titties, licking her already hard nipples. She put her hands on my face getting me to stare at her eye to eye. "You like that?", she asked, "you like that, huh? You like fucking me?" "I love fucking you", I said. "Yeah? You love fucking me? You love fucking that pussy? You love how it feels?" "Yeah. Tastes good." "Yeah? You love how my pussy tastes? You love putting your hard dick in me? Huh?" "Yeah. I love fucking your brains out." "Yeah? Fuck my brains out? Go ahead and fuck me. You fuck me good and tight. Fuck me until I'm screaming for more. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeeeeeeesssss! Fuck! Fuck me until it hurts! Fucking fuck me!" She loved my dick just like she says. Who was I to argue? I removed my dick and felt all the wetness spilling out. Cynthia wasted no time getting off the machine and down on her knees sucking the life out of my hard cock. She sucked it like a pro. I didn't scream and yell like she did but I breathed heavily whenever she did the job and she did it good. Once that was done we were now completely in the nude and I was on the floor with Cynthia on top riding me like a race horse. I was now grabbing a handful of titties and squeezing her hard nipples I was anxious to sink my teeth on. I would get my chance when I pinned Cynthia's hands over her head and our fingers locked. I sucked on her neck and throat to those titties and hard nipples. I licked and took a nibble on each one with Cynthia purring like a kitten. "Hmmmmmmm", she said, "that's good. You love my titties?" "I love your titties", I politely answered. I was back putting my cock in her pussy, ending this little encounter while doing laundry. Cynthia continued with her screamfest and giggles of delight. Add fucking in the laundry room on the list of places to make noise without hearing the neighbors bitching and moaning. "Oh, yeah", Cynthia continued, "love that dick. Keep your dick in my pussy. Pleeeeeease." "You love it big?" "Keep that big dick inside me. You fucking keep that big dick inside me. Fuck me more. Oh, you fuck that pussy. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. I live that big dick. I love that big diiiiiiiick!" What was amazing was that no one walked in on us. We had the place all to ourselves. By the time we finished the laundry was done. While still naked I grabbed Cynthia's laundry and put them in the dryer. Cynthia was curled up on the wooden bench behind me wearing my grey blazer. I approached her with my cock growing hard just by looking at her. She looked hot in that blazer. She looked hot in anything I wore. Cynthia just stared at my cock like she was admiring it. She smiled and started carressing her left tittie. We locked lips and our tongues danced with one another. "Hmmmmmmmmm", she said, "still tasty." "You're not so bad yourself", I said and she laughed softly. Once more we locked lips with more tongue on the side. "Well, that was interesting." "Not so cozy, but it was worth it. What about you, tiger?" "At least no one walked in on us which is fine by me. I was worried for the moment. But like you said it was all worth it." I bent down and started stroking her left cheek. I pulled the left sleeve down of my blazer and felt her left shoulder. Cynthia moaned a bit when I stroked it. I started carressing her smooth shaven legs. One on top of the other with not one trace of hair on either. Her feet I carressed with my fingertips. A lovely pair smooth to the touch. She knew how to take care of them. Every part of her body was perfect. "So now what?", I asked, "the dryer doesn't stop for another thirteen minutes." "I have some ideas", she said seductively. "I'll bet you do." "Yeah?" "Is it hot?" "Yes." "Is it dirty?" "Yes." "Is it sexual?" "Yes." "Is it erotic?" "Yes. If you're into voyeurism." "Voyeurism?" Cynthia pointed what she meant. What I fail to notice was a security camera hanging above the doorway and Cynthia failing to warn me. I couldn't believe it. "Shit", I said, "oh shit, why didn't you tell me?" "I thought you knew?" "Me? I haven't lived in this building that long. This is great. Fucking great." "What's the problem?" "What's the problem? The security guys are going to play that tape and probably download it on the internet, with a bunch of computer nerds with mad hardons enjoying the show. Or put it on some pornsite where the whole world would be watching my dick hanging out. Those guys are probably a bunch of perverts that would sell that tape at a very high price." "Not unless we give them an encore." "Huh?" I turned around and Cynthia stood before me slipping off the grey blazer showing that incredible, sexual, irresistible body of hers that kept my cock hard as a rock. "I'm ready for my close up", she said. "Yeah?", I said, pulling her close to me, "you like that? You like making movies?" "Uh huh." "Okay. If you put it that way...intermission over." We locked lips and we went back to what we did best and liked best. Once again Cynthia surprised me. She was always full of surprises. As for me maybe I'll get lucky and try to buy off the security guys of that tape before it goes public.
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4 years ago
very very good sexy & hot
4 years ago
Wow had to drop my pants and jackoff while I read your story that was great are there more like that one thanks
4 years ago
O M G you did it again you masde me cum four times now I'm going home and rest thanks.
4 years ago
Very hot!...nice work. I love their adventures.