The Neighbor: Hot Zone

It was a hundred degrees in the city but it felt like a thousand. A whole week of heated misery was all we needed but I wasn't going to let that bother me. My fan was old and finally gave out so I went over to Cynthia's to cool down a bit. When she opened the door my eyes felt like they were going to pop right out of my head. She stood there naked as a newborn baby. Cynthia noticed the look on my face why sucking on an ice cube and rubbing it on her neck. "I", I said, unable to add any more words. "You want to come in?", she asked. "Uh, yeah. My fan is busted so I-." "You know you're invited to come here anytime. No need for any excuses." "No seriously my busted." I was looking straight at her ass when she closed the door. Turns out Cynthia prefers to be in the nude during the heatwave. One thing for certain it was really boiling up in here. I stood in front of her fan and I let the breeze blow me away. Cyn went into the kitchen fixing up a couple of lemonades. I quickly took a a sip and it felt good. I made myself comfortable on her couch while she sat on the lounge chair with one leg dangling on its left arm giving me a clear view of her pussy. I wanted to reach out and grab it so bad I took a bigger sip of the lemonade. "So", I said, "nice weather we're having." "Really? I haven't noticed. I've been home all day just cooling off. How about you, D?" "Well-." Cynthia was already doing her old teasing routine. She took an ice cube from her glass of lemonade and started rubbing it on her neck and down to her titties. Then slowly she rubbed it on her pussy nearly making me spill my drink. I felt like putting ice on my cock as it grew nice and hard. Once Cynthia noticed she came to me and started unbuckling my pants. I just sat there while she quickly got down to sucking my cock. My temperature was rising leaving me to take another big sip of my drink. I poured the rest on my head letting the coolness run down to my chest and back. When it was my turn to have fun Cyn laid on the carpeted floor waiting for me to make my move. I took one of her ice cubes and rubbed them on her titties and licked on the trails of water that felt cool to the touch. "Hmmmmmm", she said, "that's it. Suck those titties. Oh, yeah." I sucked on her hard nipples and licked any trace of water that came down. Slowly I rubbed the ice cube on her belly and licked and sucked leaving her giggling in delight. And like she did earlier on I rubbed the ice cube on her pussy. "Aaaaah", she said, "aaah huh, aaah huh. Oooooooo, shit. Oh, that's so good." She felt even better once I began digging my tounge deep in her pussy and hitting that G-spot. After that I longer needed ice. Once I started working on her I wasn't thinking about the heat anymore. It was hot enough already. "Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaah! Oh, yes. Yes, that's so good. Oh, that feels so good. Hmmmmmmmm. Lick that pussy. Lick it good. Hmmmmmmmm. Oooooooh. Shiiiiit. Aaaaaaah! Suck it. Suck that pussy. Aaaaaaaaaah! Ooooooooooo! Fuuuuuuck! Hurry up. Put it in. Put that gynormous dick inside me." I put it in and I thrusted and dug down deep until she screamed from the top of her lungs. Her nails dug deep into my back and her legs wrapped tight around my waist. I don't know how long I fucked the living shit out of her but I could have done her all day long without noticing. The rest of the week was like this with me staying at her place all that time with me in the nude everyday. I didn't put my clothes back on until the end of the week. "Oh, yes", she said, "fuck me. Fuck me with that hard dick. Fuck that pussy up. Fuck it up. Fuck that shit up! Aaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! So fucking hard! Oh, fuck! Keep that dick inside me and fuck me all day. Fuck!" During that whole week I fucked her all over her place. The living room, the kitchen, in the shower, and even by the windows where the neighbors across the street enjoyed the show. Cyn did her screaming out the window while I was fucking her in the ass and I think the entire neighborhood heard her. "Fuck my ass!", she screamed, "fuck me in the ass! Fuck my ass up you mother fucker! Tear it up! Fucking tear it up! Aaaaaaaaah! Fuck!" I carried her and planted her ass on the kitchen counter and I went back to eating her pussy. I licked, sucked, and tickled that beautiful pink piece of flesh and I did it good while listening to those familiar words coming out of Cyn's mouth. "Aaaaaaaah! Shit! Fuck! That tongue feels so fucking good. So fucking good in my pussy. Hmmmmmmmm. Holy shit. Hmmmmmmmmm. I'm gonna cum. Oh, shit I'm gonna cum." Her cum shot out all over me and she laughed in delight. "That's funny, huh?", I asked, "you think that's funny? I'll make you laugh." "What are you going to do about it? You wanna fuck me again? Huh? You gonna put that fucking dick in my pussy? Huh, mother fucker?" "You got that right. I'm gonna fuck you until there's nothing left of your ass." She laughed and we locked lips practically eating each other's faces and our tongues making contact with one another. One more time my dick was back inside her pussy and I fucked her and fucked her until I had nothing left in me. Cyn practically collapse on the floor but not before I started spraying my cum all over her face which she always got a kick out of. By the end we were soaked in sweat and sticky all over. It's a miracle we didn't suffer from dehydration the way we were at it. By the end of the week we were done. We were so tired we wanted to sl**p for days. "Okay", I said, lying on the floor with Cynthia right next to me. "That was...interesting." "Interesting? Is that all?" "My mistake. It was...wonderful. Incredible. Hot." "Damn right it was. How about it, D? Another round when the heat comes back?" "Yeah, we'll do it when it's three hundred degrees next time." Cynthia laughed at that and gave me a big wet one on the lips.
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3 years ago
was Very good.Thanks for posting and letting me know.
3 years ago
Very hot :)
3 years ago
In Heat they are for sure :-) !

Diabolo !
3 years ago
If I may steal your own words ... It was...wonderful. Incredible. Hot. It was all that and more. Thanks.