The Neighbor: The Lust Weekend

At nine in the morning with the weekend close to ending I went into the kitchen getting a bottle of ice cold water from the fridge and consuming it. I was exhausted and worn out mostly with my long sexual escapade with Cynthia. She was asl**p now but the weekend began with her wanting me to fuck her brains out. Her sexual urges were on overdrive and I was onboard for the ride. The other day we fucked three times and it was intense. Early this morning we were going at it a couple of times leaving me as I was now. All I needed was a break and I hoped Cynthia was out like a light. I wanted to go back to sl**p but I was afraid of waking her up. There's always the couch. "Morning, tiger", said Cynthia, walking in wearing one of my long sleeved shirts and a bright smile on her face. "Hi. Did I wake you?" "I was already wide awake. Come back to bed." "Maybe later." "What's the matter, D? You're not avoiding me are you?" "No." "Then come to bed. You're not done with me big boy." I turned my back on her trying to resist her charm. Anything she did turned me on. Cynthia was far from done. She climbed on the counter and crawled on it towards me. Once we were face to face she planted a big wet one on my lips and down to my cheek and neck. "Come on, D", she said seductively, "I need you. I need you right now." "Aren't you tired? Can't we sl**p on it for awhile?" "We are going to sl**p on it for awhile." I was starting to feel it down below but I practically ran out of the kitchen and into the living room. As much as I wanted to nail her I needed a break and a warm day wasn't doing wonders for me either. "Playing hard to get, D?", she said, "I like that. Makes it more fun." She laid on the counter rubbing her two shiny legs together and unbuttoning the shirt and showing a little shoulder. She also grabbed her right tit and began licking it. I stood there smiling just wanting to laugh at her little act. "Let me make it easy for you", she said. What she did was lay on the counter on her back, with her slender legs wide apart, and her hand patting her pussy. Slowly she started rubbing it and I was feeling hot and bothered. "Come on, D", she said, "take me. Take me now. Drill that massive cock in me. Shove it up my pussy...nice...and...deep." Before I said anything the phone rang. My old man was on the other line telling me he was coming over for a visit. Perfect timing. "In a couple of hours", I said, "okay. How's mom?" While the conversation continued Cynthia was right back to her little game. This time she was right behind me planting wet kisses on my back. "Hmmmmm, taste so good", she said. "Am I alone?", I said to dad, "yeah, for the moment." "Hard cock." Cynthia grabbed my cock and started rubbing it. Now I needed to end the conversation in a hurry. The chocolate brown sex kitten had finally struck a nerve. "I'll see you later, dad. Bye." Again she planted wet kisses on my lips and on my neck. Tired or not I couldn't contain myself. I guess one more time couldn't hurt before dad arrived. "I want you", said Cynthia, "I need you inside me. Fuck me. I want you to fuck me." "You want it that much?" "I want it. I need it. Fuck me. Fuck my entire body." The heavy kisses continued and our tongues started dancing. I picked her up literally sweeping her off her feet, carrying her back to the bedroom. "Hmmmm, so strong", she said. I laid her on the bed and ripped open the shirt letting the buttons fly everywhere. I was right on top of her kissing her lips and sucking her soft neck, listening to her sweet moaning and a bit of laughter. My tongue began exploring the rest of her body starting with her tits. I sucked on those hard nipples. I wanted to suck them dry. I wanted to taste them all day long. Soon my tongue went down to her beautiful pussy and Cynthia as always began her loud moaning and screaming in pure pleasure. "Aaaaaaaah", she moaned, "oooooooh. Hmmmmmmmm. Oh, that feels so good. Hmmmmmmmm. Love it with you lick my pussy. Oooooooh. Oh, keep licking. Lick that pussy good. Oooooooooo. Oh, shit. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Your tongue feels so good. So good in my pussy. Ooooooooooh. Oh, don't stop. Oh, shit don't stop. Oh, yes. Yes. Aaaaaaaaaah! Ooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Oh, suck my pussy. Oh, suck it good. Ooooooooo. Ooooooooooh. Oh, shit. Oh, shit I'm gonna cum. Make me cum. Oh, yes make me cum. I'm cumming. I'm... oooooooooh." She cummed on my sheets and a little on me. Cynthia laid there smiling and giggling knowing what was coming next. Another big wet one on her lips and neck and slowly I put my hard cock in her pussy. Cynthia quickly wrapped her legs around me real tight. Tighter than the last time. I thrusted and penetrated as hard as I did until she screamed for mercy. Suddenly, I wasn't feeling tired anymore. "Ah, yes", she cried, "yes! Oh, fuck! It's so big. So fucking big. Fuck me harder. Go deeper. Deeper. Oh, fuck. Harder. Harder! Oh, yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck that pussy up. Tear it up. That that shit up! Fucking cock so good in my pussy. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my shit up. Aaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! Oooooooooo! Feels so good. Dick is so fucking hard. Oh, shit. Feels so good in my pussy. Oh, shit. I wanna suck your dick. Suck that big dick." After that she grabbed my cock and sucked on it. She could suck it all day if she wanted to. She wanted to suck all the juices out of my cock until there was nothing left. "Oh, shit", I said, "fuck. You cocksucker. You fucking cocksucker." Once she was done she positioned her ass in front of me setting herself up for another incredible ass fuck. I slid my cock in her asshole, grabbing handfuls of her braids and rode her like a race horse. "Fuck my ass", said Cynthia, "fuck my shit up. Fuck. Tear it up. Tear me a new asshole. Fucking tear it up. Fuck. Fuck! Tear that mother up! Fucking tear it up! Oh, yes! Just like that. Just like that! Aaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! Feels so good in my ass. Dick so fucking hard in my ass. Fucking dick! Fuck! Shove it in. Shove that fucking dick deep. Deeper. Deeper! Fuck!" I turned her around, place her right leg on my shoulder, and again started fucking that sweet pussy of hers. From this position I get a kick seeeing her titties jiggling back and forth like a couple of jello molds. "Fuck that pussy", she continued, "fuck my pussy up. Shove that dick inside. Oh, yes. I love it inside me. Fucking hard. Fuck! Fuck!" One more time I went down on her pussy practically gnawing it. Cynthia screamed in delight and giggled a bit. "Oh, you're so good at that. Oh, you're fucking good. Eat that pussy. Fucking eat it. Oooooooooh. Hmmmmmmmmmm." I dropped my load on her pretty face. Even covered in cum she was still smiling and enjoying herself. If this didn't satisfy her enough I didn't know what did. She laid there catching her breath licking the cum off her fingers. I laid there feeling tired again and I was hoping she was finally done with me. "Are you done, Cyn?", I asked. "Don't worry, D, I'm so tired. Oh, shit that was incredible. You rocked my world." "Glad I could help." She giggled and got out of bed heading for the shower. Before she went in she placed her hands on my cheeks and planted another wet one on my lips with a little tongue in the mix. "I could eat you right now", she said, "how about later on after your dad leaves?" "We'll see. If you're good." One more kiss and in the shower she went and I needed to get ready for my old man coming over. Six times of fucking each other's brains out. I didn't think I'd survive the entire weekend.
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nice story
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"Drill that massive cock in me"

So exciting !

Diabolo !
3 years ago
OUT-FUCKING-STANDING, Wordman. The way you describe that woman drives me crazy. Once again, a homerun. Thanks.