The Neighbor: Surprise Gift

After another long day at work I headed straight home and looked forward to the weekend. When I got there ready to get a drink a familiar voice called out, quickly getting my attention. "Is that you, D?", she said. "Cyn? What are you doing here?" "You said I could come in anytime." I remembered telling her that. I even gave her my key. Today was the first time she came in without knocking on the door, catching me by surprise. So far she hadn't given me her key to use. Maybe I hadn't earned it yet not that I had a problem with that. "You're not mad are you?", she asked. "No, not at all", I said, heading towards my bedroom, "I don't mind seeing a pretty face after a long hard day at work. I don't mind the company you know. Maybe next time you can give me a...hoooolllllllyyyyy." It was a big surprise. Cynthia was laying on my bed naked as a newborn baby wearing a big red ribbon. A big bow covered her titties and the rest of the ribbon went all the way down covering her smooth shaven pussy. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was having a heart attack. Cynthia always knew how to get my attention with that body and bright pearly whites of hers. This was something new coming from her and she could tell I was loving every minute of it. "Wow", I said. "You like?", she asked. "I love. I'm guessing this is my birthday surprise." "You got that right. Why don't you come over your present." "Uh, yeah. I think I will." I bumped into my dresser with my eyes still glued on Cynthia. Behind me I heard her giggling. I took off my blazer, my tie, and my shirt. Before I unbuckled my belt I sat on the edge of the bed stroking her smooth legs. They were so soft and good enough to kiss them and admire them all day long. I did exactly that kissing her left knee down to her thigh. I licked them too. So smooth on the tip of my tongue. "Are you teasing me?", she asked. "I wouldn't dream of it. I'm just taking my time." "I can help you with that." She did just that stroking my cock with her left foot. My cock grew big and hard letting Cynthia know that her job was done and it was time to have some fun. I unbuckled my belt and removed my slacks, tossing them aside. I slipped out of my underwear and I was ready to make her scream and annoy the neighbors. I opened up her legs and dug my tongue into her pussy. Licking it the way she likes it and practically cheering me on to keep at it. I was kissing it and admiring the taste. Cynthia was already screaming and moaning in ecstacy and breathing heavily. "Hmmmmmmmm", she moaned, "oh, yeah. Ooooooooooh. Oh, that feels so good. Hmmmmmmmm. Suck my pussy. Suck my pussy good. Oooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaah. Oh, you're so good at that. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Eat that pussy. Eat that fucking pussy." I was eating her alive and she enjoyed it. She grabbed handfuls of my hair keeping my face pinned down while I continued eating and tasting every morsel on that pink piece of flesh. I kept on exploring with my tongue driving the poor girl crazy. She didn't want me to stop for one minute. Listening to those familiar cries of hers pretty much told the tale. "Oooooooo! Aaaaaaaaah! Oh, shit. Oh, that's so good. Hmmmmmmmmm. Oh, fuck. Aaaaaaaaaaah! Oh, my pussy. Keep sucking my pussy. Please, suck my pussy. Hmmmmmmmm. Oh, shit, I'm about to cum. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Please. Please. Please. Please. Pleeeeeeaaaase! Aaaaaaaaah! Oh, aaaaaaah. I'm gonna cum." She cummed soaking up my sheets but it was all worth it. While she was catching her breath I untied the ribbon and sucked and licked those gorgeous titties of hers. Her nipples were hard and ripe for the picking. I sucked on them nice and hard nearly biting them. Cynthia didn't mind. "You love those titties?", she asked. "Love your titties", I said. "Yeah? Love how they taste, huh?" "Love how they taste." I sucked on her neck and licking it all the way to her earlobe. Then we locked lips and our tongues danced with one another. "You're ready, baby?", I asked. "I'm ready." "You want it?" "Put it in. Put that hard cock in me. You put it in. Fuck it. Fuck that pussy good. Fuck it good." I put it in slowly and dug in deep. Back and forth up and down my hard cock hit that target good. Cynthia's eyes were closed tight and her teeth were grinding and she was practically growling at me like the hungry tigress that she was. "Oh, shit!", she screamed, "oh, you're dick is so hard. So fucking big in my pussy. Keep that dick in me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me good and hard. Fuck! Fuck it hard! Fuck me harder! Fuck that shit up! You motherfucker you! Fuck it up! Fuck me harder! Fucking tear it up! Tear that shit up! Tear that fucking shit up!" I thrusted harder and harder until Cynthia's voice was hoarse. Afterwards she pushed me down on the bed and sucked my cock. I felt some teeth but she was always careful. She practically sucked the life out of me that's how good she was. Her technique never changes. She laid on top of me and put my cock back in her pussy. Now it was her turn to fuck my brains out. Up and down she went giving it to me nice and tight. "Fuck", she said, "fuck your shit up. Fuck your shit up! Oh, fuck!" I grabbed her ass and held on to it while she rode me like a race horse. My bed started creaking thinking it was going to collapse with all the shit we've been doing for some time. Cynthia got up off me and it was time to fuck her in the ass. I shoved it in hard until she begged and screamed some more. What a screamer she was. "Love that dick in my ass", she said, "fucking love that dick in my ass. Tear it up. Tear me a new asshole. Fucking tear it up! Fuck that shit up! Fuck it good! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck that asshole good! Tear that fucker up! Fucking tear it up! Aaaaaaaaaaaa! Go harder! Faster! Fucking faster! Fuck it up you cocksucker motherfucker! Fuck it!" It was all over once I poured my cum on her pretty face leaving a huge smile on it. I collapsed on my bed sweaty and exhausted and felt a cold shower coming on but I was too worn out to move. Cynthia laid beside me holding me tight and taking her time catching her breath. "Wow", I said, "that was the best birthday gift I ever had." "It was my pleasure, D. I can't wait for mine when we celebrate." "One thing for certain I'm not wearing a ribbon." "No? That's too bad. I wouldn't mind seeing your cock wrapped nicely in a bow." "You like that?" "You know I love to get nasty." "Yeah, you do." Cynthia giggled and planted a wet one on my lips before heading for the shower. "You coming?", she asked. "In a minute." "Don't take too long. Or I'll I have to use soap and scrub my pussy...all by myself." She began rubbing that pussy giving me a heads up on what to expect in the shower. I was already feeling an erection coming on and I jumped off the bed chasing her inside while she laughed it up. Happy Birthday, David. You earned it.
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3 years ago
made me hard
4 years ago
I like the Name Cynthia a lot ....

Diabolo !
4 years ago
excellence in writing for this series in erotica
4 years ago
Another great chapter....keep em coming.
4 years ago
Great post. Thanks.