The Landlady: Dropping By

I headed home after completing my assignments at the university. It was evening by the time I reached my apartment; would have been home sooner if not for traffic. I entered the place; all pitched black and could barely see my hand in front of my face. I locked the door and turned on the lights where I noticed some clothes on the carpeted floor that didn't belong to me. I also realized I wasn't alone.

"Welcome home", she said, seductively.

Mrs. Tate or Sandy as she prefers laid on the couch wearing nothing except for my long leather jacket. Despite her age she looked pretty hot in that jacket. Her right shoulder sticking out, one smooth, shaven leg on top of the other, and a new shade of pink nail polish on her toe nails. This was one surprise I never anticipated.

"I hope you don't mind", she said, "but it got a little chilly in here."

It was actually warm outside but it was going to get hotter inside.

"What are you doing here?", I asked. "It can't be the rent because I already paid you."

"I know you did. I'm here on...personal business."

I should have known this was coming. Ever since we met she still wanted more from me. I went from being her tenant to her sex toy overnight. Not that I had a problem with that but there's so much the human body can take.

"I thought we agreed to take a break", I said.

"We did", she said, "over a month ago. It's time to catch up, and I need to feel that young cock again."

"Can't we do this another night?"

"No, you're mine tonight, you young stud you."

While she spoke she started feeling my cock with her foot. Slowly, the tightness in my pants started to swell and she enjoyed what she felt on the tip of her toes.

"Hmmm", she said, "I love to feel that hard cock. I need to see it and suck that shit hard, and I'm not leaving until I get some."

She got up on her knees on the cushions and began unbuckling my belt. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my feet. With one hand she massaged my cock and rubbed it against her cheek. She missed it so much and she was letting me know once she started giving me the biggest blowjob of my life. Oh, did it feel so good. It was so good I wanted to scream and holler to the whole world.

"You like that, huh?', she asked.

"Oh, yeah", I said. "Oh, shit."

Soon it was my turn to even things up. Sandy laid back down, opening up those legs for me. After that incredible blowjob I was going to eat that pussy until there was nothing left.

"Oh, shit", she said, closing her eyes tight and unbuttoning the jacket so she could grab one of her tits and lick that hard nipple.

I licked and sucked that shit up and she was begging for more. Sandy giggled with delight when I shook my head with my tongue still inside that pink hole. She giggled again and continued to do so as I kept shaking my head.

"Hmmmmm", she said, "you've gotten better, Mr. Brody. Oooooooh. Oooooooo. Oh, I missed that tongue. It's so good to have in my pussy again. Oooooooo. Keep it in there. Please don't stop."

She still calls me by my last name. I didn't mind. She could call me Casanova for all I care.

"Lick it", she said, "lick that clit. Hmmmmmm. Aaaaaaah. Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Oh, that feels so good. Oooooooo. Keep going. Don't fucking stop or I'll fucking kill you."

I enjoyed her begging and moaning and hopefully it was enough to satisfy her so I could get an extended vacation from her. She didn't want me to stop but she was eager to have my cock inside her. She took off the jacket, tossing it aside. I took my swollen cock and plunged it deep ibto her pussy.

"Oh, yes", she said, "yes, that'a what I want. I missed that young cock. Young cock fucking my mature pussy. Oh, give it to me, little boy. Oh, yes. Fucking give it to me. Fuck! Shit! Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Aaaaaaaah! Fuck me!"

I fucked her hard and good; still she wanted more and I was happy too obliged. I grabbed her legs, opening them wide apart. I licked the sole of her right foot and sunk my teeth into it. Sandy loved it no matter what I was doing to her. The woman adored my having my way with her.

"Get off me", she said, pushing me off. "Put that dick in my ass. Put that young dick up my ass. Like that."

Sandy turned over and my cock went in deep in her ass hole. She screamed her lungs out and I was giving it to her nice and good. I slapped her buttock leaving a red hand print.

"Just like that", she continued, "fuck that ass. Slap it I don't give a shit."

I did only harder.

"Feels good?", I asked. "You love that young dick in your ass? Huh, bitch?"

"Fucking love it."

"Love being fucked by a young cock?"

"Fucking love it. Keep that dick inside me. Fuck my ass until it hurts. Fuck me! Fuck me like one of your whores! Fuck it!"

She wanted it and gave it all I got. I turned her over and went back to eating her pussy. The best thing about it was she had it shaved and not hairy like those other nights. I guess she wanted tonight to be extra special.

"Taste that pussy", she said. "Tastes good when it's shaved, huh? Like the taste of smooth pussy?"

"Love it. You used aftershave?"

Sandy laughed at that comment. She giggled some more once I started shaking my head again.

"Oh, that tickles", she giggled, "I love it."

I was back putting my cock in her pussy and fucking her brains out; keeping those slender legs of hers wide apart.

"Fuck it", she continued. "Oh, fuck that pussy. Fuck me you dirty little boy. And I want that cum all over me. I want to taste it."

"You want it? You want that cum on your face?"

"I want that young cum on my face. You spray that shit in my mouth, you dirty little boy. Spray it good."

"It's coming."

"Oh, yes. Do it. Do it now. Give it to me."

I got into position and sprayed every batch of cum in her pretty face and mouth. She was on her knees with a bright smile and completely satisfied. I collapsed on the couch all worn out with a horny granny laying her head on my lap, giggling like some little girl.

"That was beautiful", she said. "Absolutely perfect."

"I'm glad I could help. Ready for round two?"

"Some other time, young stud."

Sandy got up and gathered her clothes. One quick kiss on my cheek and she walked out naked. Before she closed the door she said one last thing that brightened my evening.

"Mr. Brody, you're the best fuck I've ever had."

Then she was gone. I had to admit I was a good fuck.
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1 year ago
Very nice, as always well done.
2 years ago
Hot sexy story
2 years ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
Nice one!
2 years ago
Nice one!
2 years ago
Nice one!
2 years ago
Well done!
2 years ago
the beat goes on!
2 years ago
Great addition! Thank u for sharing
2 years ago
hot story. wish i had a hot land lady like her that was so horney.
2 years ago