The Neighbor Part Seven

It was a warm afternoon and for hours I stayed in my classroom grading papers with the janitor making noise with the floor buffer. It was another tiresome day and there was only one month away until summer vacation. It was hard work being a teacher and I admit it, but it was all worth it. I enjoy helping the younglings out and already I was feeling like a father figure to most of them. Later on the day got more interesting starting with a knock on the door. "Come in", I said. I heard the door open and closed not seeing who had enterred. My eyes were still glued to the many papers I'd been grading. "Am I late for class, teach?", said a familiar voice. I turned around and there was Cynthia wearing glasses with her braids tied into a pony tail. She was wearing a dark blazer, skirt, and high heels. I barely recognized her. I'd never seen her in this getup before. I've been used to the denim shorts, tubetops, and red mules for so long that's all the wardrobe I'm familiar with. "Cyn?", I said, "what are you doing here?" "I'm here for some...extra credit. Get my grades...up." "Not now. You can't be here." "Why not, D? It's just you and me...and the janitor. No one's going to hear us with that shit on." Referring to the buffer she did have a point. Even with her screaming and moaning not one living soul could hear her. Even the janitor who usually has his headphones on listening to his iPod. Cynthia slowly approached me taking off her glasses and loosening up her braids. Then she unbuttoned her blazer allowing it to slowly fall to the floor. Once again she had that look in her eye and she was ready for some action. Me, on the other hand, was worried about getting fired. "I hope you're ready for me", she said, as I rose from my chair. "You're going to get me into trouble", I said. "What are you going to do? Send me to the principal?" "Maybe." "Send me to detention?" "Definitely." "Spank me with your ruler?" "I don't have a ruler, but I could use my hand." Once the chatting stopped we began our annual ritual. I pinned her to the blackboard and we locked lips and tongues. I ripped opened her white shirt listening to the buttons land on the floor. I grabbed a handful of her titties and licked and sucked on them hard. "Hmmmmm, yes", said Cynthia, "suck those titties. Suck them good." My tongue went exploring up and down and side to side on each one. Her neck and throat were receiving the same treatment as I licked and sucked, listening to her soft moaning in my ear. "Oh, yes" she whispered, "eat my pussy. Eat my pussy now." I unzipped her skirt. She kicked off her high heels and I ripped off her silk underwear. I got on my knees, planted her legs on my shoulders and planted my tongue and licking that pink piece of flesh. Soon the screaming would begin and the floor buffer was getting closer to blocking it. "Oh, yes", she said, "oh, fuck. I love your tongue. Hmmmmmmmmm. Aaaaaaaaaah. Oh, suck my pussy. Suck it good, baby. Ooooooooo. Hmmmmmmmmm. Oooooooooh, shit. Oh, yeah. Leave that tongue in there. My pussy loves that tongue. Oh, yeeeeeeesss. Suck my juicy pussy. Ooooooooh, I love it. Make me cum. Love it when you make me cum. Oh, yeah. I'm feeling wet. Make that pussy cum, baby. Make it cum. Make it cummmmmmmm." I had a little of her cum on me while the rest spilled on the floor. Cynthia quickly got down on her knees unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants. She pulled my underwear down and began work sucking on my hard cock. She even deep throated me leaving me begging for more. I was facing my door still worried that someone was going to walk in on us. The buffer was growing louder and getting closer. Cynthia rose up and I shoved her towards my desk, planting my cock deep into her ass. "Oh, yeah", she moaned, "Oh, fuck me in the ass. Fuck my ass up. Fuck me like your bitch. Fuck me harder. Oh, yes, tear me a new asshole. Shove that big dick deep in my ass. Aaaaaaah. Oooooooh. Oh, fuck. Love that cock in my ass." I kept at it until she screamed with delight. She didn't want me to stop and I kept going for a little while longer. The buffer was just about at my door. "I want your cock in my pussy", she said, "fuck my pussy." She turned around and I laid her down on my desk. I pushed aside the papers and pens letting them fall to the floor. I planted my cock into her pussy and got to work. Her smooth shaven legs were wrapped around my waist and her nails dug deep into my back. "Oh", she said, "oh, you fucking a****l. Fuck my pussy hard." "What do you want?", I asked. "Fuck me. Fuck me harder." "Fuck you harder? You like that? You love that hard cock in your pussy?" "Fucking love it. Love that big dick in my pussy." "Yeah? You love the way it feels?" "It feels sooo hard." "Yeah? You love it hard. You love having your pussy fucked?" "I love it. Fuck me good and tight." "I'm going to make you beg for more." Cynthia giggled with delight and I continued fucking her brains out. The buffer was now at my door and her screams were blocked out. No one could hear her or me grunting. At least now I wasn't worried about anyone walking in on us but I couldn't keep fucking her here either. But I kept at it until Cynthia was out of breath. "Oh, yeah", she said, "oh, fuck. Fuck me harder. Fuck me, baby. Deeper. Go deeper. Oh, yes. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, shit. Oh, yes. Right there. Feels so good. I love it inside me. Love that hard cock in my pussy. Aaaaaaaaah. Ooooooooooh. Fuck. Keep fucking me. Don't stop. Don't fucking stop. Leave that dick inside me. Fuck me all day. Fuck me all night. Fuck me mother fucker. Fuck me like your bitch. Hard cock in my pussy. Your dick is so fine. Hmmmmmmm. My pussy loves to be fucked. Oh, keep fucking me. Love that dick." Thirty minutes later we were done and the buffer moved forward. Cynthia and I remained on the desk catching our breaths. Soon we got dressed and Cynthia needed to leave immediately. "So, teach", she said, "do I get an A?" "Oh, yeah", I said, "you earned it." "Better believe it. Maybe next time I'll get some...extra credit." "I'll keep that in mind." Cynthia giggled and planted her wet juicy lips on mine along with our tongues dancing with one another. "See you later, Tiger", she said, "we'll continue with our asssignment at my place. Don't be late." "I wouldn't dream of it." Finally she left the room and I let out a sigh of relief. I was lucky and still get to keep my job. Now I have to get the janitor to clean up this little puddle Cynthia left behind. I'll tell him I spilled some beverage and that would be the end of it.
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4 years ago
Excellent...Keep Em' Coming!
4 years ago
excellent wonderful story
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Nice nice.
4 years ago
Decent story, but sir, paragraphs are your friend.
4 years ago
great story, short and sweet