The Neighbor Part Six

I woke up early on a saturday morning, frying some bacon and eggs for myself and maybe Cynthia who was sound asl**p in my bed. In time the aroma will get her attention and she'd be wanting some or wanting me for breakfast instead. Cynthia continued to be a wild little number. I don't recall ever feeling this good with a woman before. Certainly not my ex who was no fun to begin with. The only times we did have sex was when she was angry from work or frustrated when things didn't go her way. She was the dominate one in that relationship and I couldn't keep up with her. My folks warned me about her but I wouldn't hear of it. I did the smart thing of ending it and I pity the next guy who marries her. Cynthia made me feel alive and free and taught me many things on the subject of sex. A lot more than I imagined. One thing was certain the sexual escapades have been incredible. I'm talking major orgy attacks that drove the neighbors nuts, while one couple from next door gets turned on when the hear us, and that's a good thing. It was nice to have an audience. "Good morning", said Cynthia, coming towards me wearing nothing but a blue long sleeve shirt. "What smells good besides me?" Cynthia gave me her usual wet kisses and tongue dance, along with that bright smile on her face. Speaking of ex the blue shirt was a gift from her awhile back, but I didn't think much of it. However, the blue shirt looked good on Cynthia than it did on me. "A little something to start the day", I said, returning to the frying pan, "you hungry?" "I'm always hungry", she said seductively. "I mean breakfast." "That too." Quite the tease she was. She sat down on the counter right behind me watching me do my thing. With breakfast almost done her toes were on my back while they were stretching and wiggling all the way down to my ass. "You know", I said, "after last night I thought you were all worn out. Maybe I ought to try harder next time." "Indeed you will, tiger. How about...right now?" I turned around while Cynthia wrapped her toes on both sides of my underwear and slowly slipped them off. She was far from done yet. She began massaging my cock with her barefeet. Back and forth she went and I was starting to feel it. Lucky for me her red polished toenails were neatly trimmed because my cock was held between the toes of her left foot while the other started stroking it smoothly and carefully. "Are you-?" "Wait. Just a little more. A little more. Yes, that's better." My cock was now swollen and ready for action, and all I did was stood there wondering how she does it. How she quickly gets me excited. She was good. She was very good and wasted no time when it was time to fool around once more. "Cyn", I said, "what am I going to do with you?" "Don't you mean what are you going to do to me?" She was right about that. I slowly approached her and we did our kiss and tongue number that never gets tired. "Nothing like a good fuck before breakfast", she said, "hmmmmmmmm. You got any whip cream?" "I don't know. I'll go check." "You do that." I opened the fridge and found one can of whip cream I had left. From that point on I didn't know why she needed it. But I soon learned Cynthia would give new meaning to the words good eating. She took the can and sprayed a little on her finger and sucked on it. "Hmmmmmmmm", she said, "yummy." She sprayed more on her finger and I sucked on it. Then things got more interesting when she unbuttoned her blue shirt and planted a liitle cream on left tittie. She licked the rest off her finger. I wasted no time licking and sucking on her cream filled tittie. Cynthia moaned and giggled with delight. Then laughed some more when she saw the cream filled mustache I had. She quickly licked it off. She sprayed some more on her palm and spread it on her pussy. Cynthia just sat there smiling waiting for me to make that next move. I lifted up her shirt and began licking that pink and beautiful piece of flesh that was cream filled. "Aaaaaaaaah", she said, "hmmmmmmmmm. Ooooooooh, lick that shit off my pussy. Oooooooooo. Ooooooooooh. Oh, cream and pussy taste good together. Oh, yes. Hmmmmmmmmm." She was right about that, they did taste good together. I was far from done cleaning it all off and would take all day which was fine by her. "Ooooooooh. Oooooooooo. Aaaaaaaah, lick it. Lick it all day. Lick my juicy pussy clean. Ooooooooh. Oh, fuuuuuuuck." I licked most of it off. Then I had ideas of my own on where else to use the whip cream. I sprayed a little on her feet and sucked and licked each toe starting with her left foot. Cynthia giggled a bit when I licked and sucked on her smooth sole. I began licking the cream off her right foot, one by one licking and sucking each toe that was covered. Soon I was sucking on both feet at the same time and Cynthia just loved it. Once that was over Cynthia took off the blue shirt and got down on her knees spraying the whip cream on my cock. It felt like ice when she put it on, but once she started sucking on it it felt nice and warm. Now she had a cream mustache from the amount she used. Once the sucking ended she licked whatever cream that was left on my cock until it was clean. I was now lying on the counter with Cynthia on top gyrating with my dick inside her. "Oh, yeah", she moaned, "oh, fuck. Love that big dick. Oh, I fucking love that dick. Big...hard dick. Oh, shit. It's so big." It was my turn to be on top and I drove and pumped her nice and good, hearing her cries of intense pleasure. Her legs were wide apart with still a little bit of whip cream on her pussy. I did a little gyrating of my own and she loved it reminding me to do it more often. "Oh, fuck", she said, "oh, shit. Fuck that pussy. Oh, my pussy loves that hard dick. Big dick. Oooooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaah. Ooooooooooo. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Fuck it harder. Fuck it deeper. Aaaaaaaaaaah! Fuck! Keep that hard dick in there. Go deeper. Oh, shit. Go deeper. Oh, that dick feels good in my pussy. Oh, my pussy loves that dick. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. I'm about to cum. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm...aaaaaaaaaah." The counter was covered in cum and cream and both of us. We both got down and Cynthia was set to be ass fucked. I put a little cream on her asshole and licked it clean off. My dick would end the day going deep into her ass hearing her scream at the top of her lungs. "Fuck my ass", she said, "fuck my ass. Tear it up! Tear it up mother fucker! Tear me a new one! Fucking tear it up!" It might have been thirty minutes maybe more, but we were finally done with our hearts beating like drums and our lungs gasping for air. We sat on the floor by the counter and fed each other the bacon and eggs I recently fried. "I have to admit", I said, "it's the best breakfast I ever had." Cynthia laughed and planted a wet on on the cheek. "We still have lunch...and dinner", she said, "and a midnight snack." "And dessert?" "Oh, yeah. Definitely dessert, and you the main course." "I can imagine." We finished breakfast and cuddled with Cynthia licking whatever cream that was left on my face, enjoying the taste as she always tells me after another good fucking. Feeling that tongue of hers and her nose tickling my cheek left me with goosebumps each and every time. Seeing that familiar smile of hers always brightened my day. I even things up a bit kissing her forehead then licking her cheek. I brushed her braids off her right shoulder and started kissing and licking it leaving her moaning for a bit. "Hmmmmmmmm", I said, "you still taste good after fucking." Cynthia laughed after hearing those familiar words coming out of my mouth instead of hers. Guess I've been taking lessons from her with more along the way I could imagine. Soon she would help me clean up but later during lunch the rest of the day became more appettizing.
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4 years ago
awesome superb
4 years ago
You know you make breakfast into a food orgy that was so good your are now my hero this was so good got to try honey on the pussy and maybe a little wine red thats it red merlot that will work for a afternoon apparative. thanks
4 years ago
damn i wish i had a girlfriend like that...
4 years ago
4 years ago
Another great chapter in this erotic tale.