The Neighbor Part Five

It's been over a week since Cynthia and I did our usual routine of fucking each other's brains out. Ever since I told her about us doing it until we were old and gray she has ignored me. No more buzzing of the doorbell. No phone calls or erotic pictures of any kind. Did she feel insulted when I said that? Did I hurt her feelings in any way? Cynthia had been silent since and never giving me a chance to explain. Maybe I said the wrong things. I should have kept my mouth shut. During the weekend I kept myself entertained watching the movie we made in the laundry room. The security guy who had the DVD wanted four hundred dollars but I offered three hundred and the deal was done. I still couldn't believe that I was filmed when all that happened. Every little detail and every sound of moaning and groaning was recorded from beginning to end. I get a hardon everytime I watched it. Cynthia had seen it a couple of times and thought we should have done better in our performance. She was always full of laughs. Out in the hallway I heard someone saying hello to Cynthia. I guess she was now home and I was willing to try again in explaining what I said that day. I went to her door and rang the bell. She opened the peep hole and immediately closed it. I was getting a bit fed up being ignored but I calmed down and played it cool. "Cyn" I said, "you can't ignore me forever. Listen, if I said anything that made you upset I'm sorry. I was trying to make a point and maybe I made a mistake just saying it. I am sorry and I hope we can still be friends. Just friends if that's okay. Like I said, I am sorry." I didn't know if she believed me or I was full of shit. Either way she didn't respond so I headed back to my place. But then her door opened up and she stuck out her left hand. She moved her fingers signalling me to come inside. I already had a bad feeling. So I grabbed her hand and she brought me inside. She locked the door behind me and just looked at me like she wanted to kick my ass. "Listen, Cyn", I said, "I think we-." I was quickly cut off when she pounced on me and planted her powerful smooches all over my lips. Her tongue was inside my mouth and I actually thought it was going to go down my throat. "You're too easy", she said. I was starting to think that maybe this was all a big joke and I fell right into it. She was always full of surprises but I never saw this coming. We didn't have time to talk because we were so busy ripping each other's clothes off. Shoes came off. Shirts came off. Then Cynthia pinned me by the window and I thought she was going to push me out. "You want to stop fucking me? Huh?", she asked, while ripping my belt off and unbuttoning my pants. "You want to stop fucking me and walk away? Huh, mother fucker? Is that it? I don't think so. I don't fucking think so." My pants and underwear were down to my ankles and Cynthia grabbed my cock and sucked on it like never before. If this was my punishment I welcomed it but not too much. "Holy fucking shit", I said, "oh, shit. Damn. You're...fuuuuuuck!" I thought I was going to pass out. I was breathless. Completely breathness and she just kept on for who knows how long. I wasn't about to interrupt her. I don't think she would forgive me for that. When she finished her tongue started exploring all the way to my chest and neck. I actually felt teeth digging into my skin and I thought she was going to bite down hard. "Take my fucking pants off", she said, right into my ear, "take them off and put that big cock in me. I want it in my pussy right now. Please, take my pants off." My lips latched on to hers and I held onto her, quickly pinning her to the wall. I unbuttoned the denim jeans she wore and pulled them off along with her silk panties. She wrapped her legs around me and put my hard cock in her, listening to those words I haven't heard in awhile. "Oh, yeah", she said, "oh, fuck. Love that dick. Love that hard dick in my pussy. Oooooooh, my pussy misses that dick. Ooooooh, she misses it so much. Oh, fuck it feels good to have it in me again. Oh, you tear my pussy up. Oh, tear it up. It's so hard. So fucking hard. Feels hard in my pussy. Feels so good in my pussy. Oh, yeah. Oh, fuck. It's so good." Things didn't change. She was still a dirty talker and I was loving it, and she was loving me hammering her. She breathed heavily in my ear and screamed her lungs out. I looked at her and she had that bright smile on her face that I knew all too well. "What are you smiling at?", I said, "I'm not done with you yet. You got that? Huh?" "What the fuck are you waiting for?", she said, "go ahead and finish me off. Finish fucking me off. You fuck me good." I carried her into her bedroom with my dick still in her. I threw her on the bed and dug my tongue in her ass. I was licking and eating her up and she wanted more. My cock went deep into her ass and she cried out loud like never before. She missed me all right and I was giving her everything she missed and loved so much. When it came time to eat her pussy she was ecstatic, like she'd been waiting for it for a long time. I gazed into that pink flesh of hers and was glad to see it again. Quickly I went to work eating her alive and listening to her enjoyment which was music to my ears. "Oh, yeah", she moaned, "Oh, fuck. Ooooooooh. Oh, it feels so good. I missed that beautiful tongue. Aaaaaaaah. Ooooooooh. Oh, yes. Yes...yes...yes. Aaaaaaaaah. Oh, my pussy. Oh, my pussy feels good. Fucking feels good. Oh, don't stop. Please, don't stop. Oh, shit. Oh, my pussy misses that tongue. I love that tongue in my pussy. I fucking love my pussy getting eaten. Oh, you eat it soooooo good. Ooooooooooh. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. Oh, shit. I'm about to cum. I'm cumming. I'm cumming! Yes! Yes! Yes!" And thar she blew all over me and the sheets. I gathered a little bit on my fingers and she sucked on them clean. My cock was back inside her pussy and penetrated deeper until she squealed. She sucked on my fingers again like she was sucking my cock. It felt great doing it again even after over a week. After today I don't think Cynthia was planning to wait long for the next time. "Fuck my pussy", she said, "aaaaaaaaaah. Oooooooooo. Fuck. Oh, fuck me good. Fuck me like you mean it. Harder. Harder. Oooooooh, give it to me. Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. Please don't stop. Fuck me all day. Please, don't stop. Hmmmmmmmmmm. So big. Sooooooo fucking big. Feels so tight in my pussy. Ooooooooh. Ooooooooo. Oh, that feels so good. So good in my pussy." Her nails dug in deep in my ass and I felt like screamimg myself. I paid her back by grabbing her right foot and started sucking and biting her sole and heel. She laughed with delight. No matter what I did to that body of hers she was very pleased. Nothing could go wrong. Soon we were done and we cuddled for awhile. Cynthia was still giggling after today. She sucked on my neck and left ear while she laughed. She began caressing my chest with her left hand and she started licking my neck. "Hmmmmmmmmm", was all she knew what to say. She started rubbing her nose on my cheek and licked it, while she giggled some more. I laughed a bit when I felt her left foot caressing my left leg. I felt her smooth sole and toes exploring my leg and making contact with my own toes. "Hmmmmmmmmm", she continued, once again tasting my neck and cheek. She was sniffing me and licking me like a poodle, and moaned and giggled some more. From her reaction I had to say she was deeply satisfied. "So, let me get this straight", I said, "you were playing me all along? You weren't mad at me?" "No, why should I?", she said, keeping her nose glued to my cheek. "After what I said that day I thought you felt insulted about doing this until we're old timers. It was the wrong thing to say." "Not really. What are you worried about? We're going to continue fucking until your dick shrivels up or my titties start to sag? Why worry about that and enjoy this while we're still young. We're still young lets leave it at that. I don't even want to talk about what I'm going to look like in the next thirty years. Scares the shit out of my me." She was right. Enjoy what we got going now and not worry about the future. Either way the subject of her avoiding me had finally ended and I was relieved. And as usual Cynthia would be smiling for days until our next encounter and since we were back in business I was sure she was bound to have a few more surprises for me. She continued rubbing her nose on my cheek and licking it like she enjoyed the taste of it. "Hmmmmmmmm", she continued, "you still taste so goooooood. I could just eat you. Eat you alive." "That right?" "Yeah. And I'm hungry for dessert." Cynthia went back to sucking my cock some more and she was going to do it all day if she wanted to. The sex continued to get hotter by the day. Next thing you know we might do it on the bridge. Cynthia was a babe who loved taking risks and I wouldn't be surprised if she does plan it.
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i was curious about when you drop your load too
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whoa... that is a hole lot of awesomeness
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Nice nice, so where do you cum?