A Slap Happy Affair

A Slap Happy Affair:
Pt 1. A nice, firm smack.
“Nice place, this” Sue thought to herself as she looked around the room at Mr. Gold’s residence. Meg had many years experience in the modeling business, and had once been a glamour girl – but that was many years ago. She had put on weight since then and had gone back into modeling clothes for ladies ‘with the fuller figure’.

Mr. Gold turned out to be, not the overweight and middle aged business tycoon that she was expecting him to be. Instead, he was a very young man in his early 20s who had won millions on the lottery at the age of 18, and in just 5 years had shrewdly built himself a small business empire and was well on the way to building an even bigger one.

She noticed that the people invited to this gathering were all women – women like her who already worked for Mr. Raymond Gold, founder of the Goldline enterprises group , and he wanted them all to be “part of a new and exciting project” – or so he said.

In actual fact, he wanted to market a new range of ladies clothes - everything from casual wear to smart suits, but also evening dresses and even sophisticated swimwear and lingerie. And they, the women he had gathered here and described as ‘the best looking women in his organization’ were going to be the models who wore these items in his catalogues. It also seemed that the more revealing the outfit, the more they would be paid to model it. Some of the women were indignant at this – Sue included. “It sounds to me, young man, that you just want us to show you our knickers” she told him, to murmurs of agreement from the others.

“Just because I take a woman out to lunch, it doesn’t mean that she owes me anything in return” he shrugged. “If anyone simply wants to just appear fully clothed in the catalogue, that’s fine by me, but if you are willing to wear something a bit more… exotic, I will make it worth your while”.

“I would like to put a proposition to you, Mr. Gold” Sue said. “As a wealthy man, you must be quite used to getting whatever you want. The thing is, if you can have some fun – well, why can’t we?”

There were nods and grins from the audience. “ I would be quite willing to do another photo shoot for you, Mr. Gold, but only if you are willing to take a good, hard spanking from me on your bare bottom first.” Sue told him. Ray looked quite shocked.

“I’m sorry if I have offended you, Mrs. Blake”, he replied. He knew he had to talk fast or he could see it all going up his plans going in smoke.
“Oh no” she responded, shaking her head with a laugh – “ I mean, I was a bit indignant at first, yes – but this is what you wealthy business types are like; you have your fun, and you can afford to pay for it. You obviously think I’m attractive, young man; you picked me out from dozens of other women and brought me here at great expense. No, I’m flattered, really.” Mr. Gold relaxed a little as she said this.

“But” she went on with a shrug, “it’s not because I’m angry, it’s just – well, I think lots of gentlemen would quite like to take some cute little secretary over his knee for a good spanking on her bare bottom - wouldn’t you? Now, why can’t ladies like us have a bit of fun like that? I wouldn’t mind spanking you, young man, if I’m honest about it.”

This brought some loud cat calls and whoops of agreement from the rest of the assembled women. “Can I ask” said the blonde woman wearing ‘Carol Wilkins’ on her name badge, “Were you ever spanked at school, Mr. Gold?”

“Please, call me Ray” he answered, “but to answer your question, Ms. Wilkins, yes I was. I got a good spanking on my bare bottom when I was about 5 years old for misbehaving in class. I think I deserved it and it was very painful – I was very well behaved as a result for a long time, I can tell you. It was only a few smacks – six, with teacher’s hand, but it had me in floods of tears. I’m not looking forwards to another good spanking at all, I k** you not.”

“Did you ever get a smack from something like a hairbrush?” asked Bea, another elegant woman in her mid 30s.
“When I was in my teens” , Ray answered her ,“I was caught cheating in a test and got a good whack on the back of my trousers. My bottom was still hot and throbbing for a good two hours afterwards” he explained with a shy grin.

“The thing is,” said Bev, on the end of the row “a good spanking, as far as I’m concerned, will mean leaving a nice, red mark on your bare bottom – not just gently patting it. Do you think you will be able to stand something like that, Mr. Gold?”

Ray held up his hands “Ok”, he said “ I don’t see why not. I mean, I didn’t like being spanked at school, and I’m not looking forwards to this as much as you all seem to be - but yes, it does seem fair. So, who is coming on the first trip - a two week Caribbean cruise, then?

“I think that we are all agreed that we all want a nice, unmarked bottom to play with, don’t we girls?” Carol asked them “So we will let Meg here have the first go, but we all want to watch, don’t we?” There were raucous cheers. The next week, as he stepped into the lounge on his 50 meter mega yacht, Ray really felt nervous, as there was no going back on this, it seemed. The ladies were all assembled as they set out for a Mediterranean cruise with a difference.

There were makeup artists and hair stylists and photographers coming along, but the ladies had also brought along a few items of their own that they had all placed together on the long, low coffee table. It was the evening of their first day on board, and Raymond, dressed in his shorts, looked apprehensively at the selection of straps, paddles and other implements that the ladies had assembled for use on his bare and tender bottom.

“Well, young man” said Meg, sitting on the couch as he stood in front of her “this cruise is going to last quite a while, and we’ll have plenty of time to use all those lovely toys, I’m sure. Let’s get started, shall we? Come here, young man, and put your hands on your head!”

There was no denying the authoritative tone in her voice. As he stepped forwards and obeyed, she tugged at his shorts and suddenly, he was naked from the waist down as the elastic waist band just slid over his bottom and down his legs.

There was a gasp and a burst of giggling from the women watching “Ooooh! Hasn’t his face gone red !” Carol giggled.
“It won’t be the only thing that’ll go bright red, once I’ve finished with him!” chuckled Sue.

She took his arm and guided him onto her lap. As he lay across her lap on the sofa, she took his wrist and pinned it into the small of his back. Bev stepped forwards and held his ankles down, as well as ensuring she got a ringside seat on the action.

Sue was wearing a navy blue swimsuit that really set off her pale complexion. As Raymond settled himself on her lap, she ran her hand over his bottom, patting him and caressing him, watching his pale cheeks clenching and trembling slightly in anticipation of that first awful, stinging smack that he knew was coming. “So” she said calmly, in a sweet and gentle voice “you have only had six smacks before, haven’t you? How many do you think you can take tonight?”

“No idea” he croaked. His mouth was dry and his stomach was churning at the thought of what was about to happen. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, he thought, but it was too late now.

“I have a little surprise for you, Ray” she cooed. “If you take a good spanking form me, you can come to my cabin and collect it. but what I’m going to give you first is a nice, firm smack on your bare bottom”. A raucous cheer went up from the female audience, and Raymond gritted his teeth, determined to see it through.

There was complete silence as Sue raised her palm and brought it down hard on his bare bottom – WAP!
“Yeoow!” He yelped as a clear red handprint appeared on his naked rump
Two clear and distinct red handprints were now showing on Raymond’s cheeks where Sue’s hand had made contact. Ray moaned as the sharp sting of impact dulled down to a warm and steady glow.
“Two down” smiled Sue, “and lot’s more to come. Now let’s see you take two more on each cheek, shall we?” She held his wrist firmly and brought down two firm swats in quick succession, first on one cheek, then the other.

Again Ray squirmed and yelped, clenching his bottom cheeks tightly as the sharp sting of impact made his bottom tingle.
“No tears coming yet, I see” Sue dryly observed, “but I think this is the most we have ever had, isn’t it? Well, brace yourself, young man – there is a lot more to come yet!”

She launched a ferocious salvo of three real bottom stingers onto each side of his bottom, making a total of twelve hard and stinging swats in total, and then paused as she ran her hand over his burning red bottom cheeks.

“Oh, yes” she purred with gleeful satisfaction, “that bottom of yours is well warmed now, isn’t it?” she rubbed and caressed his throbbing bottom, delighting in the warmth and colour she had brought to his cheeks.

“But that little bottom of your isn’t the only thing that’s throbbing at the moment, is it, Raymond?” she asked him teasingly, as she patted and stroked him. To his horror, Ray realised that he was having an erection, and as his cock started to swell and stiffen against Sue’s warm, bare thighs, she would be bound to notice.

Once again, Ray flushed red hot with embarrassment to know that the whole room knew that he had got a stiffy, and Sue set to again, landing a further six swats on each of his cheeks. There was no sharp sting now, even at the moment of impact, his bottom just glowed with pleasant warmth and he began to enjoy the feeling as she swatted him hard and made the heat rise on his cheeks.

All too soon, he was made to get off her lap and stand before her. His erection was sticking out like a flagpole above an embassy doorway, and was bobbing slightly in time with his pounding pulse rate.

“Come here”, said Sue, “I haven’t finished with you yet.” She took a light, short ruler from the table, a mere 8 inches in length. “I suppose you think this won’t hurt you so much” she enquired. As she spoke, she took hold of his throbbing erection between her fingers. The big, purple tip nestled in her hand like a glistening ripe plum as she tapped it gently with the tip of the thin wooden ruler.

He screwed his eyes up, shut them tight and clenched his fists. He had never been smacked there before, but it didn’t look good, from his point of view. WAP!
He howled with pain as the ruler struck, sending a sharp, searing jolt through his system.
“Keep still”, she said sternly and sharply, as she gave him another slap. The women sat on the edge of their seats as he took no less than six sharp swats from the short and stingy ruler.

Eventually, she released him, and stood up. “Now, what do you say after you have had a good spanking, young man?” She demanded. He mumbled with embarrassment. He didn’t know what to say, to be honest.

You say ‘thank you’ she prompted him. “Now, you may kiss me goodnight and go to my room. I will be along presently”. He did as he was told, kissing her proffered cheek before making his way out. Sue was beaming with delight as he left, as were all the other women.
It was going to be a lovely trip, she thought to herself. They were all going to have such fun! Except maybe Ray …

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