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01_Hamster Survival Guide

Welcome to the Hamster site. This blog is a collection of knowledge I have acquired since I became a member of Hamster.

Disclaimer: Hamster staff does not endorse or support the following information. This is not a Hamster site blog. This is my personal opinions.

Many times new members get into trouble, and/or get deleted for doing things they might not have known were wrong. I have compiled a short list of DON'T(s) and Suggestions.

Quick DON'T(s)
-DON'T upload any photos or videos that have c***dren. (Clothed or not)
-DON'T upload any a****ls, d**gs, poop, pee, v******e, snuff, or vomit
-DON'T make comments that are hateful, insulting, racial, violent
-DON'T make comments that advertise products for sale or 3rd party web sites
-DON'T report people for making non offensive comments on your site. Use the
Block feature.
-DON'T create a profile for the purpose of advertising 3rd party web sites.
-DON'T use the same phrase over and over for each comment window. Unless its a
greeting, or thank you. That is called Spamming
-DON'T create an avatar that has c***dren,a****ls, d**gs, poop,pee, v******e,
snuff, or vomit.
-DON'T create multiple accounts for the purpose of bypassing uploading limits.
-DON'T make wild sexual remarks to a member you don't know. Find out what
offends before you say wild things.
-DON'T insult the site, or the staff members.

Hamster Instant Message

Hamster instant messages is NOT like Yahoo/MSN/SKYPE. When you send in instant message, a icon is added to your friends webpage at the top. It doesn't flash, their is no Buzzer or Beeper. So if your friend is playin with her/his goodies, they might not know you sent an instant message.

On rare occasions, when I click on an instant message, I type a message, and it gets sent to an "online" user, and the user responds back quickly, I actually see the text come across fast. Its rare, but does work like other instant messagers when you can catch someone.


-Have fun!
-Be Polite
-Stay away from drama, you can tell if a user is a drama queen, or king, by
reading some of the comments left on their profile page, and read their blogs.
If the user has a blog about who to stay away from, that's a good sign to stay
away. Never know, you might end up on their Avoid list.
-Before posting comments to an entire album, it would be polite to ask the user
if its ok. Posting comments to every photo or video can cause users to get
upset, and report you. In other cases, members love it. So I find its just
nice to ask first.
-If someone upsets you, go to their profile page, and click block user. That will stop the members from writing to you.
-I found that blocking members that I found were involved with drama, helps me from accidentally adding them as friends later.
-If you accidentally clicked spam, let the staff know of the error.
-you can edit your profile, and click to allow your profile only to be seen by

Profile Viewing

Since Hamster is international, you may run into profiles that are written in a different language than yours. If you use Google Chrome Browser, you will be given the option to have the foeign language changed into your own language so you can read foeign profiles, blogs, and stories. Isan't that friggin neat!

-More to Cumm.....

Quick Over View

-If your disrespectful, you have a good chance of being deleted.
-If your kind, respectful, and contribute to the site, you have a great chance
of friendship and respect by the community.

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Quick Clicks

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In Closing

I hope the Information was Helpful
-If your NEW, Welcome to Hamster!
-If you have any Questions. please feel FREE to send me an instant messge.
-Please send me a message, if a link or art is not working.
-Please leave a comment if you like!
-See you around Hamster!
Posted by WombDweller 4 years ago
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5 months ago
okay have fun okay
8 months ago
thanks for that post
1 year ago
thanks for taking the time to write that advice...
2 years ago
Very nice!!
2 years ago
A first class guide
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Xhamster should endorse this
3 years ago
I dont agree with insulting staff members, but you can criticize the site all you want
3 years ago
This helps a lot, thanks very much. One question for you. Why do people who ask me to become their friend appear to have retired before I have the chance to make a decision?
3 years ago
thanks for sharing the info. :) newbie here
3 years ago
thanks for posting this, it's really useful
3 years ago
Great little 101 of xHamster
3 years ago
thank you so much
3 years ago
im thankful that i found this website, thanks xhamster!!
3 years ago
Great stuff learned some good practice
3 years ago
Very helpful. Thanks a lot!
3 years ago
bonne info
3 years ago
gr8 stuff
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good info
4 years ago
Thank you, more people should read this......then go fuck like rabbits.
4 years ago
Thank You for your Webpage,keep up the good work Good Info.
4 years ago
wOw..... tks!
4 years ago
Thanks for the info.
4 years ago
not a newb, but a lot of that was helpful... now, back to playing with my goodies
4 years ago
4 years ago
Thank you for the info, seriously.
4 years ago
great thanx
4 years ago
thank's baby
4 years ago
Bless your heart for helping out the newbies. I guess I'm still one, technically, even though I cum here a LOT, but I don't understand xHamster's "ranking" system, or the reason for it. I tried to access your explanation of it, but as you must know, they've deleted it, or at least I can't access it. Anyway, you give a lot of good, common sense advice and guidance, and seem to do it out of the goodness of your heart. Good for you!