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07_The Hamster Complaint

I hear all to often from members talking about how the site does not have the features they want, or even more, I hear from new members asking about the constant battle that goes on between a select few premium members that frequent the admin pages. I completely understand, being new myself!

Let me take a minute to reflect on the past, present, and future.

The Past

-I remember years of hunting all over the net to find decent porn
-I remember decent porn, but being told I had to PAY to see it.
-I remember finding "FREE" porn sites that add so much advertising, I could not
see any of the sexy scenes clearly.
-I remember all the virus and malware that got downloaded with all the videos
-I remember porn communities where no one could voice their opinions.
-I remember clicking on technical support, sending a long letter, and NO response.
-I remember porn sites selling my email address to 3rd party sites, and having
my email flooded with thousands of worthless emails.
-I remember uploading videos to sites, and have the site change the name of the
videos to what they wanted.
-I never seen a porn site updating its services. It seems once they made the
site, they left it.
-I remember not having a community of friends that shared my sexual interests.

The Present

-I don't have to hunt for porn all over the net, It's right here at Hamster!
-Hamster is FREE, get it? FREE
-I can enjoy a video without having advertisements all over the video.
-I have never had a virus from the Hamster site.
-I have the opportunity to voice my opinions.
-I can count on one hand, when I did not recieve an email or a message back
from Hamster staff.
-I never have had a 3rd party company contact my email, as a result of Hamster.
-Hamster not only lets me upload to their site, but they give me the ability to
name my videos, photos, and blogs. Moreover, I am able to change the names
after they are uploaded.
-In the short time I have been on Hamster, I have seen many changes. It is so
exciting to keep cumming back, looking for the next improvement.
-Finally, thanks to the way Hamster is designed, I can find friends with my
interests, and have wonderful friendships.

The Future

-Hamster is just at the start of something wonderful.
-This whole site has been hand crafted with the interests of the members in
-Hamster is #1 as an adult community, because it values the comments made by
-Hamster is constantly making improvements, can you imagine what Hamster will
be like in a year? 3 years?
-Hamster is an island of safety in a sea of danger. Here and in the future,
members will have a safe place to enjoy their fantasies, and desires.


It is expected that new users will come to this site, after being hurt at other sites, and bring along their baggage. They will post inappropriate material, and say inappropriate comments. That is expected, and I think Hamster is very patient with new members.

High ranking members & premium members however, have (in my opinion) a responsibility to set the tone for the community. Allowing new members to see fights back and forth between high ranking members sets a negative tone.

High ranking members need to have the maturity not to:

-Engage in group attacks against a single member
-Refrain from verbal abuse
-Uploading reposts
-Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of gaining access to blocked profiles pretending to be a new friend to someone that has blocked them.
-Using admin support profiles to war against one another.

Their are around a handful of members on this site, that appear to enjoy doing service work. However, a user can not be of service to the site, if the user helps one moment, and abuses the site the next.

It is also in my opinion wrong, that a single member, or "f****y" of a member can disrespect members, write hate blogs, and do their best to have members deleted for sport. No one user should have the power to run this site like a police state, and have people "retired" because it feels like it. Being a cyber bully is not what this site is about, no matter how high the users comment count is. Follow the Golden Rule. Treat others as you like to be treated.

It is my my deepest hope to see the free premium users setting a positive tone for the rest of the community to see. Just my opinion, but complaints between select premium members should be kept off admin profile pages.That way, unprepared users don't get caught in the crossfire.

In closing, Look into the past, and see how miserable the web was to us in our efforts to find quality adult material. Look at present and the ever changing face of Hamster, and the wonderful support it offers each of us. Be part of the team that leads Hamster into the future as the #1 ranked site. I will do my part. Will you do yours?


The Womb!

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In Closing

I hope the Information was Helpful
-If your NEW, Welcome to Hamster!
-If you have any Questions. please feel FREE to send me an instant messge.
-Please send me a message, if a link or art is not working.
-Please leave a comment if you like!
-See you around Hamster!
Posted by WombDweller 4 years ago
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3 years ago
Being a "seasoned" member myself, I still love to read through your fine and sharp analyses from time to time.
Keep up the excellent work :)
3 years ago
This is a great blog. Its easy to forget all the trouble that searching out porn used to cause.
3 years ago
very good blog, really!
4 years ago
great info page! its good 2 know there are like minded members here willing 2 help make hamster a better experience 4 all!!!
4 years ago
what a great blog here,everything you said was spot on and i support it,thank you
4 years ago
I use this site primarily as a research tool, but I have found along the way a number of very dear friends here! so it's become more what I expected when I first joined, but as far as the copyright issue one has to consider the fact that porn can not be advertised through traditional venues, the only way I can discover the content of videos I don't have is by way of posters here at xHam. I have purchased about a dozen DVD's after having the opportunity to review it's contents because of the work from posters here, so thank you all very much.
4 years ago
nice post, couldn't agree more. the one thing that bugs me is all the fake female profiles that are being constantly created. i guess there's not much they can do about it.
4 years ago
you hit the nail right on the head there
4 years ago
Very true
4 years ago
4 years ago
It may seem odd to have such a glowing tribute for a porn site, but you are absolutely right. We are all fortunte enough to be a part of something special.
4 years ago
I use this site more or less since it opened, but only recently I signed up for 'do my part'. Your words are beautiful and true. Usually, however, life shows us that 'the glass is always half empty'.
What will become of xHamster in three years? I dare not ask. Most of the material that is uploaded on this site is copyrighted. When the Mayor of Porn realize that it is impossible to curb this phenomenon, they exploits to their advantage by transforming sites like this in a distributor of pay adult contents ... iTunes of the porn ... and we will return to the p2p networks.

You want to rely on high ranking members? ^_____^
If the Capo put in place the warnings that regularly writes on his profile, many of the High Ranking Users would spend more time banned that online!
Anyway, I love this place and hope does not cost anything ... I hope with all my strength to be wrong! ^___^;
4 years ago
I think Wombdweller is right on and it is free and the only site i visit now. so if someone gets under your skin just block them. great site but just like in real life there are ass holes every where.
4 years ago
my only complaint is they deleted a video of mine because it was a repost.

now thats not really my issue....my issue is that before i posted it i searched the porn star name and the video didn't pop up......so i uploaded it.

come to find out the vid was here but it wasn't under her name.......now how am i supossed to know???

there's 923643183564935352899 vids on this website and i'm not going to search EVERY last one of them just to check and see if my vid is a REPOST........if people tag their vids PROPERLY then repost wouldn't happen so often.

and who ever originally posted the vid STILL dont have it tag right......so i can see somebody else doing the same thing!!!

other then that i like the site.