Little Piggy Series (Nascar Ole Country Style)

Warning: This story has Dom/Sub, Wife sharing, Brutal Anal, F2M Oral, male creampie cleaning, Alc., Humiliation, and Nascar. If you’re trying to quit watching cars drive in a circle, PLEASE STOP HERE.

One thing that us Southern backwoods inbred, white trash trailer rednecks are known for it Nascar. Now add some friends, Alcohol, and me, a dutiful wife, and you got yourself a good time! Cum see how I pleased my hubbies desires. Don't forget the shine.

Once Upon a time in a Southern backwoods farming and mining community, lived poor uneducated folk, I was one of those folks. My name is Tammy Sue, and I was a little 5'3 120 pound chubby girl with 38C udders that swelled to D's when pregnant & nursing. I have long brown hair, and brown eyes. I married my hubby very young, and enjoy his training. My hubby was from the North, and enjoyed my dutiful Southern charm. Doing embarrassing things for his approval was the highlights of my days on the lonely farm. He gave purpose to my life. This story is only one example of my loyalty for the man the provides me with the gift that keeps on giving, and a way of life worth preserving.

My hubby came home from the mine Friday night. I could hear the sound of the beer can muffler rattling, as he pulled into the long gravel driveway. Our dogs, General Lee, Rebel, Roscoe, Nibbler, Wormer, Stifler, and Nigger, went racing down the driveway, nipping at the tires, ready to get their mangy heads squashed like g****s, if their paws slip in one of the thousand tractor ruts. Daisy laid by the barn feeding her new litter of five pups. You could tell by the look of the pups, they were a product of a doggy sperm milkshake for sure. After all that’s every bitches desire. As my hubby got closer to our splendid 60 foot mobile home that sat halfway over the ledge of a ravine, he could tell that his wife was dressed proper. I spent hours doing my makeup extra thick. Using a ton of hair spray to give that 70’s boofy hair look that drives him wild, and sewing the summer dress that he ripped from my shoulders last week in a moment of hot, wet, stinky passion. Of course, I had my high heels on that I got from Wal-mart, and stockings that hubby got me from Christmas. They are not as stretched out now, as they were Christmas morning. (I am not sure why stores sell them stretched out?, -Anyways, Back to the story). As my hubby turned off the truck, I started to strut my stuff around the tailgate, just as the truck rolled back. I gripped the tailgate in an attempt to keep from being rolled over, and I ended up being dragged about 5 feet down the sloping drive. I was a camper, I just pulled myself up, fixed my hair, and walked around the truck. My hubby had a grin on his face, and I laughed as I knew he let the truck roll back to tease with me.LOL. Such a joker.

As I pulled the hanger, that was used as a door handle, the squeaky door opened to find my hubby drinkin his beer with the smell of perfume in the air. I leaned into the cab of the truck, and started licking his sweaty neck slowly, tasting the coal dust from the mine. For some reason, I loved dirty men.hehe. As I kissed his neck, I slowly reached down between his thighs, and felt his manhood bulging through his overalls. Gently, I tugged at the buttons of his overalls, and reached into his lap for his swollen penis and scrotum. MMMMMMmmm, I could smell his wonderful scent, as I suckled his pee hole. I could taste his sperm, and maybe other juices? I didn’t have time to think about it, I had the rabbits cooking in the oven, and squirrel on the stove. I quickly suckle his root, till he exploded in my mouth. I could tell it wasn’t his first sperming of the day, but it still tasted like a moon pie on a hot, humid August night, Just splendid. After I cleaned his root and sac of baby seed, and the mystery juice, I looked up just in time to feel him crushing his beer can on my forehead. I quickly remembered what my auntie taught me, and I tightened my neck, and pushed into the can. “Be one with the can” she would say. With a crunchy sound, the can crushed without even leaving a mark. Well the ring mark is a sexy mark my hubby said, but didn’t cut the skin like those bottle tops, oh those are brutal. I gave my hubby a kiss, and raced into the laundry room door that led to the kitchen. I rubbed the rabbits down with a little more healthy lard to make them golden brown, and took the biscuits out of the oven. Dinner was set!

After dinner, my hubby and I sat down for a relaxing movie. I made sure to have the ice bucket, and beer sitting on the Elvis collector’s tray table at the end of the couch. For tonight’s movie honey, I have a goodie but an oldie. As the movie played, my hubby started to laugh and laugh. He loved watching Porkeys, and I loved feeling his belly jiggle as I laid my head in his lap. For the entire show, I suckled his root, keeping him hard, and making sure to massage his scrotum, which had been hanging all day in that dark, dirty mine. No scrotum in my house will go without some TLC daily. I loved my hubby using my head as a beer holder as he watched his show. He would then massage my back over and over, which I very much enjoyed. As the movie ended, I leaned back to look up at hubby. He took a long gulp, and dripped some in my mouth. I giggled, as some ran into my nose. My little piggy, he said with a soft voice, I have been thinking. My ears perked up, and my heart raced. I could tell he was planning to tell me something he wanted me to do. Wife instinct I guess. Tomorrow is the big Nascar Daytona race. I smiled knowing how much I loved watching Nascar with him. Well, I was thinkin. Maybe you could cater me and three of my friends for the race? I looked at him, thinkin maybe he meant, I would not be able to watch the race with him. He could tell by my sad look, and reassured me that I could watch the race, but I would just be standing by the arm rest, or maybe bent over as he massaged my udders. I chuckled as I tugged his soft penis. You had me scared, I told him. You silly slut, you always will be my race buddy. He smacked my bottom leaving a nice red palm print. I cooed out as he pulled my head into his lap. As I suckled, I taught about what I would do to make race day extra special. I know what I would do, I would call my auntie! Just as I had that taught, my hubby unloaded another stream of man batter into my mouth. I raised my head, and stuck my tongue out to show him his white sticky goo, and then swallowed it just as good as that Kacey girl, on the big screen at Xhamster.

I called my aunt and set up a trip to the store for early in the morning. She took me to the ole general store at the end of the road, which is about six miles from the farm. I picked out all the party supplies, and told Grace, a friend of my aunt to put it on our bill. She did a double look at me, and I was not sure why. Then I figured out why, as a glob of man seed dripped onto the ticket. Grace took a nibble from her finger, and said, “It don’t taste like my man” I was so red faced, and she took my hands in hers. Its ok honey, she said, my man had me do things like that all the time for him. I can remember a time, he had me put his juice in my ma’s lemonade. I laughed, and quickly walked out the door. That lady sure can talk, I told my aunt, as she drove me to the farm supply warehouse. Did she tell you the lemonade story, my auntie asked with a giggle. We both laughed, as I checked for more baby juice in my hair, as I looked in the mirror. At the tractor supply store we picked up a steam cleaner. Now I don’t have to worry about those pesky bugs nipping at their ankles as they watch Nascar, I told my aunt with a voice of confidence. My aunt got a smile, and looked at me, “So your thinking they will not have any clothes on?”. Auntie, I never, what kind of lady do you think I am, I said to her, thinking back to my past exploits.

My auntie dropped me off at the trailer, and sped away for the backwoods fire lane, where the moon shiners are, to get some special drinks for the men. She has to be very careful not to get shot, those moon shiners can get pretty touchy thanks to those rotten government bastards. I spent the day moving the furniture, find all sorts of goodies. Like the commemorative survival knife, that has a picture of president bush on the handle, and the phrase “We desire peace” etched across the serrated blade. I know my hubby miss placed that when he was throwing it at a mouse one day. Then I found a condom, that I hid under their. I found it in my niece’s purse, and knew she had no business having one of those. To think what could have happened if she used one. Whewww.

By the afternoon, I had the trailer spotless. I brought in the bug zapper, and hung it in the corner, to keep the flies out. Ever since my hubby shot that buck through the screen door, the flies buzz right in. Then I set out a spread of goodies for the men. Moon-Pies, Pork Rinds, Cheez-its, Cheese-Wiz in a can, pigs in a blanket with extra bacon fried in healthy no trans fat lard. All of it spread out on a huge commemorative plate signed by Ralph Stanley. Inscribed around the edges was the phrase: “Hang-um, if you got-um”. Such a wonderful man, and a great musician. I even bought an extra set of Christmas lights at the general store to put around the inside of the trailer. I was thinking of taking down the Christmas lights that go around our entire trailer, but hubby would smack my head on the counter top for pulling such a dumb-shit stunt, and rightly so. As I cleaned, I played some good ole country songs from Hank Williams Jr. << I got girls that can cook, I got girls that can clean, I got girls that can do anything in between, I gotta get ready, make everything right, ‘cause all my rowdy friends are cumin' over tonight.>> I dance around the trailer, singing into the mop. I fixed the shotgun holes in the ceiling which kinda happened when I was cleaning his shotgun last weekend. I forgot to look down the barrel to make sure their was no ammo. Silly me. So everything was set for a great after noon. I headed off to the shower to make myself look stunning for the men.

As I washed my sexy swollen, hairy body, I played a little tune from Stone Roses. Massaging my breast, the psychedelic band started singing << She didn't scream, she didn't make a sound, I forgive you boy, but don't leave town. Coal black skin, naked in the rain:>> lalala, I kept exploring my ever changing form, looking for new pleasure points. << Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean. The messiah is my s****r, ain't no king man, she's my queen. I have a dream, I've seen the light. Don't put it out, say she's alright, yeah, she's my s****r>> Lalalal, by this point, I was rubbin my swollen clit, thinkin about the song, and how the s****rs daddy is mad at his son for sl**pin with his s****r. I mean WOW, what a great song about the South. After I reached orgasm, I head out to the kitchen to cook up some snacks and drink a few shots of tequila.

My hubby arrived in time with his three buddies. I stood out on the porch, dressed in my see through red teddy, and see through panties. My pubic hair, showing out both sides, since I brushed myself soft after the shower. I was so fluffy using that new conditioner with the Kangaroo on the front of the bottle. I had on my red nursing bra, which allowed my swollen, dark, nursing nipples to poke out, and looking so sexy! I held a tray with an assortment of beer, and liquor for the men. Two of the men, I knew already. Really nice men. Ron and Jeremy both worked down underground with my hubby at the mine. The other face I didn’t know, and by the look of his red face, and how he was staring at my udders, was not used to Nascar, Southern Style. How do you do mam, he said in a slow Southern draw, as he took his drink from the tray. From the looks of his wedding ring, he was newly married. He kept rolling it over his finger, and looking around nervously. My hubby slapped him on the back, and said, “It’s good to be away from that untrained wife of yours, isn’t it Tyler. Oh please, call me Steven, the young man said with a smile. Steven it is. Piggy, let’s let these men in, my hubby said with a roar. I opened the door, as the men passed, they tugged on my nipples, and I would pull back as they did, to try to squirt in their face, but never made it yet.hehe Steven just tipped his hat, and waked into the trailer. I cleaned all the light bulbs in the trailer of fly specks, and it made a real difference. The men commented how they wished their wives would put out, and clean like my hubbies wife did, and all I could do was beam and bask in the attention. I buzzed around the men, taking their hats, their empty bottles, and refilling their shot glasses. I made sure that the men had all the comforts of home. They really envied my man, and that was exactly how I wanted it.

Things started to get loud until I turned on the TV. Cleaning the fly specks off the TV made a huge difference, and the men sat down on the couches to watch the pre race excitement. I turned my attention to our new guest, and stood behind his couch, rubbing his shoulders. The other men laughed at how tense he seemed to be. As I leaned, I rubbed my udders against his neck. I could tell as he squirmed around, that he was getting hot. I then moved around the room, flirting with each of the men. Always keeping my eye on my man for his approval. If I got a glare, then I knew I went too far, but for the moment, all his eyes said, were how excited he was, and how proud he was of me. The announcer on the screen tells the audience that the race will start in ten minutes. The men race to the porch to pee. They laugh as they look over the rotted boards, and see I have pictures of their wives taped on ole toilet seats I found around the farm. Each of those men are pretty good shots with their peckers. I didn’t have one of Steven’s wife, but he really didn’t mind, that I put my face on his seat.

My hubby gave me a sign with his finger to follow him. I walked behind him down the hallway, and into the bedroom that was separated from the hallway by a bed sheet. He told me to sit down. I was really worried that I did something improper, and started to apologize for my behavior. He grinned, and said, Oh no, your doing a super job piggy, your daddy could not be happier, but I have a desire. I looked up very excited, my legs kicking back and forth at the end of the tall bed. (The bed was so high, because hubby had been buying fireworks all year for the Forth of July, which was in three days, and the room was packed. You could barely breathe in the bedroom, much less smoke after a nice long sex session. -Anyways, Back to the story). My hubby whispered the details of what he wanted. My mouth dropped, and I knew those men, and myself where in for the time of our lives.Hehe

As the race started, I stood next to my husband arm rest. My heels together, and watching the men to see if they needed anything. I of course looked at the TV to catch the show! Steven looked over at me, and had a puzzled look on his face. My hubby noticed too, and asked Steven what he was thinking. I am just surprised your wife loves Nascar. Mine hates it, he said. The room went quite, and my hubby just shook his head, and said, it’s ok Steven, we are going to fix her. Watch this Steven. My hubby lifted his arm, and I knew that was a signal, to lean over, and place one of my engorged udders between his soft fingers. He tugged on my teat, and asked me, Little Piggy, tell Steven how many races their are this year. Thirty-Two daddy. Steven look surprised, but not impressed. Hubby started to twist my nipple which sent a chill down my spine. Tell Steven how many race tracks there are. Twenty-Nine daddy. Ron looked over at Jeremy, then at me, but how many of those race tracks are used for Sprint Cup? I looked at hubby, and he nodded that I could answer. Twenty-Two I said with a smile. Oh she is good they said, and took another shot of Tequila, and cheese wiz. Steven looked a little impressed. Then Steven got this crooked smile on his face. Tell me the worst pit crew in Nascar this year. I looked at my hubby for the nod, and as he approved, I looked up, and said, that would be Jeremy Mayfield’s crew. He drives the 39 car. I know that, Steven said with a dumb founded look on his face. However I said, they were only the worst, because they did not learn to screw the lug nuts on the new extended studs, which Nascar came out with for safety concern. I went on to explain how Nascar officials are screwing up the traditions of Nascar, as my hubby smacked my bottom. You ain't got to go on like that PigSlut, my hubby said with a chuckle. Ron and Jeremy had to shake their heads, obviously impressed with my skills. Steven was also impressed, guessing by the size of his manhood poking through his shorts. Nascar stats make men and women get horny I taught. With that the race starts at Daytona. The cars wiz around the track at incredible speed. A little bumpin and rubbin, and Earnhardt about gets put into the wall. My heart races, knowing what that would mean in the trailer, and I start to feel my hairy lips getting wet. More and more road rage on the track, as the drivers cuss over the radio. Hearing men cuss makes me so hot. Then another Smack by Tony Stewart to the back end of Kyle Busch. Oh my, that was so close. I close my eyes, so wanting to reach down between my thighs, and massage my swollen clit. I kept listening to the sounds of the engines, and the crowds, and I started to feel weak in the knees.

Then all of a sudden, my gift is given to me. That bastard Tony Stewart causing Matt Kenseth to crash in the #17 car. The men in the trailer scream out their upset, and our dogs going running, thinkin they got caught for shittin on the carpet. Zigzagging out to the barn in a hope not to get shot. All I can think about is how much I love Tony Stewart for being a ruthless no good bastard on the track. My hubby nods, and I walk out into the middle of the room, as the flag goes up on the screen, and the replays happen. I walk over at Ron, and do a little girl wiggle with my legs, as I put a finger in my mouth. He gets the hint, and gives my man a thumbs up. I take him by the hand, and walk him around the couches towards the bathroom down the hall.

As we walk into the bathroom, I bend over to start the shower. I hear Ron whistle, as he looks over my bottom. That is one fine piece of fat, hairy pussy darling, he said sounding very lusty. I giggled, and took one hand to my bottom, to give him a better view. As the water turns warm, I lift my leg to the tub, and he gets a very good look at my thick lips. Oh darling, you are a true, Southern, nasty bred, PigSlut. Bet your balls I am, I said in a tease. You get in honey. As I turned, he was already undressed. His long thick penis was hanging down semil hard. I cracked his a beer as he got in, and started to undress. He lifted his arms to the shower rod, and gulped his beer. He let out a large belch, and started to sniff and scratch his hairy underarms. As I walked closer, I turned off the bathroom light, and got into the tub. The warm water on my back felt wonderful, and as I turned, I could feel the water running over my swollen udders, and down onto my swollen belly. Ron, snuggled up behind me and reached over my shoulder, gripping one of my udders, and massaging me. I felt so special receiving all this attention. Do you like the race, Ron asked softly, as I reached behind my bottom, and gripped his semi hard penis. Oh yes Ron, I love the race. Love all the attention too.hehe I know you do honey, and Ron would like some attention too. Hearing that, I turned around, and knelt down in the tub. As I sat up, my mouth found its way to his tip, and my tongue started to separate his pee hole. I kept licking over and over, as he leaned against the back wall. He placed the beer can on my head as he held the shower rod with his other hand. Then I started to nibble down his root. Slowly. Feeling his main vein swell against my lips. (We named one of our dogs nibbler after my skills, -Anyways, Back to the story). As I nibbled down his shaft, I felt his scrotum that was hanging start to close up close to his body. I so loved feeling a living organ moving between my fingers. As I licked and sucked more, he groaned more and more. You’re a fat frigging pig whore aren’t you darling, he said, breathing hard. You know it baby. Daddy said to treat you right, and that’s what you’re going to get. He took another huge gulp of beer, and threw the can over the curtain rod, which cause it to clank and clang on the bathroom floor. Would you like another beer darling, I said with my mouth full. He could have been a dentist instead of a miner, cause he knew exactly what I said. Hell no, I don’t want beer, I want you to choke on my frigging sperm you pregnant whore, and with that, he gripped my head with both hands, and started gagging me with his large manhood. I remembered what my auntie said, and just relaxed my neck muscles, and his manhood found its way down my throat. I kept my lips tightly pressed to his root, and tugged his skin as I could. OHHHHH…ohhhhhh. F…yes, I am cumming baby. You want it don’t you, you trailer trash whore. Ummm,hummmm, I said as I gripped his bottom, pulling his hips into my face to take all I could get. Then in a sudden groan, that I am sure all the men heard, he released at least a day of baby seed into my throat. I could not even show him the seed afterward because one, it was dark, and two, it was already headed to my tummy. As he shook his head, and screamed shit over and over, I cleaned his root and scrotum of my gag spit. Ron got out of the shower, and dried off, and walked out to get a cold one, and see if the race had started yet. I fixed my makeup, and redid my hair, which didn’t take long, since my hubby got me a Mega-Blow hair dryer for our anniversary. As I walked out and stood next to my hubby, Ron was bragging how much better I was than his wife to my man. I could tell my hubby was beaming with pride. Steven looked at me through the corner of his eye. As I looked at him, he would turn his face quickly back to the screen. I could tell he had a secret? Or something, but he was a mystery to me.

As the race continued, the men were really having fun, and I was most defiantly having fun. I kept thinking how Ron’s sperm was taking over my body, swimming to all corners of my soul. I was a very happy PigSlut. Then I heard the announcer yell out. That Tony Stewart is at it again. The second announcer goes on about how Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch had traded paint in the third turn, but it looks like Kyle is going to pull out a can of whoop ass. My hubby throws a pork rind out on the floor, and motions the men to watch. I kneel, and then crawl on all fours to the yummy snack. I lean my head down, slowly snatching the treat with my wet tongue. As I munch on the Snack, I look up at Steven, and he is rubbing his penis through his shorts. As he notices me looking, he stops, and looks back at the TV. Then like on cue, Ron and Jeremy start to throw snacks at me. As they laugh I crawl around eating the tasty treats. I crawl to hubbies legs, and kneel against his legs, as the race continues. My hubby pets my head, and runs his hands through my long hair.

The cameras on the track zoom in as Kyle attempts to bump Tony, but OMG, Tony hits the brakes, and did a power slide right into the side of Kyle, sending him into the wall. OVER and OVER the car tumbles. The car literally disintegrated. (That’s a big word I learned at a 4H conference for c***dren with neurological disabilities. The instructor was passing around a used DDT fertilizer can from the 40’s, and was showing us how the powder was completely harmless, and safe to use, and would disintegrate after half million years. He had us learn how to spell the word, oh and a phrase? what was that phrase. Oh yes, Hold Harmless Agreement. I forget what it meant, but we got a free toaster, if we got everyone in the f****y to sign.-Anyways, Back to the story). As the rescue crews race over to pull the body from the wreckage, Jeremy had already jumped up, and was walking towards me. I took his hand, and we walked to the back of the trailer. Ron was hooting and hollering like a mad cow, cheering Jeremy on.

As we got into the shower, Jeremy took control of me. He spun me around very f***efully, and Looked me in the eyes. PigSlut, will you allow me to do anything I desire? I felt my heart stop. Yes Jeremy, you may, unsure what I agreed to. That was all he needed, and he spun me around, and pushed my back so I was bent over at the waist. His hands spread my bottom so wide I could almost feel my skin tear as I attempted to grip anything to keep from falling. My head pressed against the tile at the front of the tub. Without warning, he plunged his rock hard cock into my bottom button. I screamed out, as the pain shot down my spin. My eyes started to swell up, and tears started to flow as Jeremy did his business. I felt the tiles break from my head. Great, time for a handy man, but that’s another story) He kept pulling his cock out, and then plunging back in. I could feel my ass getting wet, but it wasn’t the shower water or his seed. He was still racing in and out of me. I could feel my legs shake, and I had to keep breathing, to keep from passing out. As he stabbed into me for the last time, he pulled my long hair back, causing a sheer pain to run down my neck. He bucked over and over, and finally groaned. Take that you Friggin Cunt. All I could say was thank you, as I felt my legs give way. I collapsed in the tub at his feet. I was whimpering from the pain, and my eyes were mated over with goo, and my nose was running. I could hear the crack of a beer can, and heard Jeremy gulping it down. Then I started to feel warm. I could feel getting wet. I heard the sound of Jeremy peeing from the outside of the tube all over my pregnant body. As I started to open my eyes, I could focus on the drain, and see that their was red water running into the drain. I laid my head down, waiting for the pain to stop. Jeremy leaned over the tub, and massaged my back. And then my neck, telling me how good I was, and how much better I was than his wife. I gripped his arm to get up, and he helped me to sit up in the tub. As I sat up, my bottom button was throbbing. I could feel my heartbeat in my button. I think you tore me wide open honey, I said to him, trying not to cry. I hope your not mad Tammy, he said with a caring tone. Oh no Jeremy, don’t ever think that. You really surprised me is all, and I love surprises. You go on and watch the TV. I have to fix myself up. Jeremy let out a loud belch from his yummy beer, and headed back to the living room.

As I stood up, I felt my button burn. I wobbled to the closet, and took out some Anal Eze, which would numb the pain for a bit. After I blew my nose, and dried my eyes, I was back in business. I did up my hair and makeup, and off to the living room I went.

As I walked out, Steven was eyeing me even more than usual, and I was trying to get him to keep looking at me, but he kept turning away. I stood next to my hubby’s chair, and poured his drink. I then walked around to each of the men serving them snacks, and drinks as they desired. The race went on for a good while before my hero Tony Stewart started being his ole rude self. This time it was Tony Stewart vs. Jeff Gordon. Three laps to go. Jeff taught he could teach Tony a lesson, and instead got his ass handed to him. Jeff spins out of control, and his car flips over the inside wall, and into pit lane. His car crashes down the row, taking out drivers, and pit crews alike. Even a few driver’s wife’s that could not stop trying to be in the spot light got mutilated. All and all, it was a fantastic race. As I stared at the screen, I knew I would have to turn and look at Steven, and I wondered what he would do.

I turned around to Steven, and walked to the couch where he was sitting. His head was staring at the nutritional facts on the back of a moon pie wrapper, and I taught how I would get him to the back. I squatted down in front of him, (Which maybe wasn’t the best idea, cause my button let off a burping sound from Jeremy’s cum still inside me, and I could feel it bubble up.) Steven, looked up and grinned. I grinned back, and took both his hands, and walked him to the bathroom. Steven was very reserved, and I wanted him to know I was a high class lady with skills. As he leaned against the counter, I slowly massaged my udders, and pinched my nipples, till the milk ran down inside my teddy. Are you ok Steven? I said in a sweet and caring voice. I don’t git you at all he said, sounding very annoyed. I stopped what I was doing, and straightened up. How is it that you do everything my wife would never in her life do, and enjoy it. I don’t understand at all, your not acting, this is like who you are at the core. Well honey, leaning next to him at the counter. Its like Nascar. Those drivers started with playing with matchbox cars. Then building Lego cars. Then Model cars. Then driving grandpa’s truck (thinkin back to grandpa, -Anyways, Back to the story). Before you know it those driver’s have a brand new machine to race around in. My skills allow me to drive my hubby sort of speak. You know if those driver don’t respect their cars, what happens. Oh yes, he said, sounding like an expert on Nascar, which all Southern men are. Well honey, it appears to me you’re a fine machine, but your wife doesn’t have any skills, or she doesn’t want any skills. If she wants to learn, I can help her, but if she don’t, you might need a new wife. You would do that for me? You would train her to be like you? Honey, I would be honored. Keep in mind she needs to stay here on our farm for three months, but if she wants the skills, she will be a proper slut pig for you! Steven stood up, and hugged me so softly. You are a real gem Tammy. What can I do for you? I stepped back, and rubbed his penis through his shorts. Could you press that manhood deep inside my fat, hairy, womb? Without a second taught, he was undoing his shorts, as I leaned back on the counter. I lifted my thighs high into the air, and gave him full view of my womanhood. I turned bright red, knowing he was looking at my most personal spot. Even after all I have done, having a man see my vagina was deeply embarrassing, and I loved it.

Steven, slowly pressed past the hair to my opening. He kept his eyes on my hairy gash, as he gripped my thighs. Very gently, he started to push inside. I could feel his shaft going deeper inside my womb, and kept thinking how his skin was being pulled so tight on his shaft, that his pee hole was being spread wide open. As he did, he touched my cervix. I put my hands on his shoulders, and then his chest, as he picked up speed, and f***e. Before long, I could hear his balls slapping against my swollen button, and I was biting my lip to keep from screaming in excitement. As he went deeper, I could feel my tummy jiggle, and someone was knocking, like what was going on out their. I rubbed my belly, which excited Steven even more. He kept humping me over and over, till I saw him look into my eyes. Where do I sperm darling? he asked in a raspy breath. OMG, Steven, right inside me. You mustn’t waste a drop. His eyes glazed over, as he froze against my mound. I started to feel his sperm splatter against my cervix. My whole womb caught on fire. I pulled him closer, and we started to French kiss, as my hands kept trying to reach for more of his back. He hugged me tight, as his penis kept pulsating inside me. As he pulled out, I gripped his penis, and slide my fingers down his cock like a circle, collecting all his man batter. Then as he watched, I licked my fingers clean. He smiled like a little boy on Christmas morning. I slowly and seductively came down off the counter, and knelt before Steven. I took his cock and balls deep in my mouth, as I cleaned his seed, and my juices. I looked up, and said thank you sir, without taking my eyes from him. He blushed, and said, thank you mam. Then we got dressed, and I walked him out to the hallway. I asked him to have my hubby come back to the bedroom. He agreed, and went to the living room.

After only a few minutes, my hubby walked into the bedroom. I had his favorite country singer, Hank Williams Junior on the 8 track player. <<The preacher man says it's the end of time and the Mississippi River she's goin' dry>> I was spread eagle on the bed, with my thighs spread wide. My hubby walked over, and stood between my legs. Looky what we got here, he said in a proud tone. All for you baby! My hubby knelt down, as Ole Hank chimes in another great verse << We come from the West Virginia coal mines And the Rocky Mountains and the western skies>> Hubby started to kiss my treasure trail from my belly button to my gash. I took his head in my hands, and brushed my fingers through his hair, as I felt his tongue dart around my creamy soaked hair. He started slow, but he was really enjoying what he was doing, and I was so excited. I felt his tongue circle my opening, and I knew it was only…….Oh it was now. He was putting his tongue deep in my womb. OMG. I sat up a bit to look down at him, and my gash. I turn up the volume on the player, cause hubby’s favorite part is going to play. << I'd love to spit some beechnut in that dude's eyes and shoot him with my ole 45 Cause a country boy can survive, country folks can survive>> As he caught his breath, I saw he had seed all over his mouth. I started to orgasm immediately, thanks to hubby and Hank. That didn’t stop him, he licked all my wetness too. I could not stop flowing. Over and over I taught about the day, and I could not stop cumming. After a good while, my hubby sat up. We are hungry, he said with a smirk. I can get the grill started for you daddy, I said with a smile! Sounds like a plan! I walked out to the back patio door, and looked back into the living room, and down the hall. What a day. What memories. I am so lucky to have that man.

The men were out at the truck getting their shotguns and ammo for some much needed skeet shooting, and I am busy making supper. Auntie should be back soon with the shine. I can only imagine what the rest of the night holds!

My hubby & his friends were so proud of me!

I was a very good piggy!

Stay tuned for more of the Little Piggy Series Stories.

Please post your comments.

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1 year ago
very hot story thanks
4 years ago
You write very well, using alot of paper...
4 years ago

Piggy sweetie, you are one boss ol'lady. Tell Daddy to hang a couple mouse traps on yer nips, so you can stay hot and wet while you type another good story. I'd like to hear the sound of you peeling that wet cunt off the vinyl.
4 years ago
great story....and love the nascar big fan of yours and nascar !!!!
4 years ago
awesome story
4 years ago
Very amusing!
4 years ago
great story.
4 years ago
damm i going to watch the race at ur house
4 years ago
Nice, Sweet-Pig!!!!
4 years ago
Nice, Sweet-Pig!!!!
4 years ago
4 years ago
you shor are a lil'wonder darlin just way to hot for your own good