Little Piggy Series (the V.O. Segrams, RV)

Once Upon a time in a southern backwoods farming and mining community lived poor uneducated folk. My name is Tammy Sue, and I was a little 5'3 120 pound chubby girl with 38C udders that swelled to D's when I was impregnated. My hubby was from the North, and enjoyed by dutiful southern charm. He loved to give me assignments that would show my loyalty, and at the same time keep me entertained on the farm.

One night while I was stroking my husband’s penis in bed, he mentioned to me that one of his desires was to be with each of my female relatives. I laughed at first thinking of my 80 year old grandmother, and others that might not be too desirable for him, but deep down inside, I knew that when my husband said something, he had been stewing on it for awhile, planning when to share the desire with me. I guess it was just time for me to know. So not to be rude, I looked up and asked him which relative he had in mind? Honey, he said, you know I can’t understand a damn thing when you got my cock in your mouth :) So I said it again, but took out his penis for as short of a time as possible. In bed I am always like a baby on a nipple with his root. After a bit of thinking, he said, Your Mother. OMG, I felt my face go red. How in the hell was I ever going to talk that prissy bitch into anything, much less sl**p with my man. But I have a duty as a wife to do my best to fulfill my master’s wishes. It took me a week to come up with the plan, but I finally put all the pieces together for a special night for my hubby and my mother (The bitch)

It was on a Saturday, and my husband and I were at my parent’s trailer. On their farm. By the barn was a big RV that my parents morgaged the farm to buy, and due to the payments and insurance costs, they could not afford to take the RV out on the road. Their was a smart move. at 8:00pm my uncle calls their house and talks to my paw.(I had already talked to my uncle and told him we were doing a surprise, and needed him to git my paw over to his trailer for
an hour.)I heard paw mention that he would bring my ma. My heart raced, NO I taught, but then I heard my paw say, oh ok, just me then. Whewww, a break. So paw got on his John Deere cap that smelled like a skunk had pissed on it, and left in his truck. Now the time was at hand. (Suspense music playing)

Hay, why don't the three of us go out to the RV, and play some cards? My mother started to fuss, and I threw a little fit to keep her from going on, and she finally agreed. As we entered the trailer, I looked back at my ma walking from the trailer to the RV on the gravel patch in here masculine jeans, sneakers, and t-shirt, knowing that maybe in a little bit my husbands dick would be deep inside her undeserving snatch. I smiled at the taught of all the blackmail points I would earn with this plan!

As we sat down for cards, my ma mentioned we forgot our drinks, and started to get up. I jumped up, not to worry mom, I brought out some coke earlier, and it’s in the fridge. I poured the glasses with coke, and brought down a 5th of her favorite liquor, V.O. Segrams Whiskey. (She only has a sip on Christmas, 4th of July and Thanksgiving). I put two shots in each of our glasses, and put the on the table. As she took a gulp thinking it was soda, Oh my lord Tammy Sue, She said, what did you do? Cant handle it? my husband said to her. My mom got a look, and said you just watch sunny boy, and gulped her glass. My mouth dropped to the floor, I was stunned. Then 5 minutes later I took the glass back, and added 2 more shots, and presented it to my mother. She waited a bit, and then she started sipping. I could see her eyes glazing just a bit, and she was so talkative. By the end of the drink, I could tell she was buzzing, because she started telling us what good parents we were, and how my b*****r and his wife were crap.

Then my husband kind of threw a wrench in my plans, he got up, and told me to go buy groceries for my parents trailer. I was stunned, and said all I could think to say, how much do I spend? My hubby looked at my ma and said $200.00. My eyes were like saucers. WOW, yes honey, but I need the money. (I never had money, hubby took care of that) I actually was kinda of excited doing the shopping all by myself. Hubby gave me the money, and I walked out of the RV to the trailer. I really didn't want to miss him mounting my mother. So I had a quick idea. I could always tell my aunt anything, so I called her up, she only lived down the road a couple of miles, and told her what my plan was. She laughed so hard, and said I was such a good wife, and yes she would come right over. When my aunt got to the end of the drive, I gave her the money to go buy groceries, and she sped off. I walked around the electric fence, and to the back of the barn, and then snuck through the barn, and to the front of the RV. I quietly opened the driver’s side door, and crept into the seat, leaving the front door almost closed. I peeked through the curtains that separated the driving seats from the back of the RV.

My hubby was pouring two drinks of whiskey, no coke. My ma was jabbering about how fat I had gotten being pregnant, and my hubby was as I had hoped, commented how glowing I was with swollen udders. Do you suck her breast milk from her nipples, my ma ask my hubby. Then my ears went numb. Did I hear my ma right? OMG, I blushed. My husband looked up red faced, of course Kay; your daughter has perfect udders with long nips. Kay responded by saying, I wish my boobs would have grown, but they never did. (Actually her boobs never developed past 3rd grade). Oh I am sure your not that small, show me, he said. Then the imposable happened. My mother actually took off her shirt, and I was watching her unsnapping her tiny bra. Oh those are lovely Kay, come over here, and sit on my lap. I could not find words for seeing my bitch mom acting like a little girl. As she sat on his lap, I watched him reach around and rub her little A cup boobs with tiny nipples. (I taught to myself how big her nipples could have been if she would have breastfeed me and my b*****r instead of being lazy and giving us formula). Then I saw her reach her hand back, lift her bottom off of my hubby's lap and start rubbing his crotch. (I never knew my ma knew that skill)

After a minute, my hubby told her to sit down a minute, and take off her shoes, and he would fix her another drink. After he fixed the drink, I saw him take off his boots and pants in the little kitchen area, but I noticed that my ma didn’t know yet. Then my hubby walked out holding two drinks, and a huge hard-on that caused his underwear to poke straight out. My mouth was actually drooling. I had to keep swallowing

As ma looked up to get her drink, her eyes went straight to his manhood. I saw her mouth drop open. I hope I am not offending you Kay, he said, and she shook her head no. Oh no honey, I am a mom and wife, I raised a boy, you aint got nothing I haven’t seen, she said with her face blistered red. You know Kay, their has always been something I wanted to do, my hubby looked up at Kay. What is that? she said. My hubby got up, walked over, and started kissing her neck, then licking her ear. I could tell she loved it, because her toes curled, and I saw one hand went to his back, and the other rubbed at his underwear. You can pull those down if you want Kay. Not here, she said, and she took him by the hand back to the back bedroom.

I had to put my head through the curtain to see that far, and I saw my mom sitting on the edge of the bed, and my hubby standing in front of her. I could see her hands rubbing his sides, and bottom a bit, and then she laid back on the bed. (Obviously chickening out from giving him proper oral), I saw my hubby unbutton her man pants, and slide them off her tiny hips; at the same time he took her panties too. I could see her trying to hold them back, but he was too good. She took a pillow and put it over her face (I was so ashamed of her) my hubby softly caressed her thighs, and her belly, and started to move into position over her. Be gentle Roy, my ma called out. (Roy was my paw's name; she was trying to lie to herself that it was her husband, not my hubby ready to mount her....errrrr)

Then I saw my hubby lift and spread here chicken bone legs. Then only good thing I could say was she was very hairy. (but unbrushed) My hubby pressed into her, and my ma kept saying, Gods will be done. (I almost burst out laughing) before too long my ma switched notes to Oh my god. oh,oh,oh,god,god,oh. Then I saw my hubby tense up and freeze in mid motion. I knew what was occurring, and for a minute, I was so fucking jealous. I never wanted her to have his man batter. But I calmed down, and taught to myself; at least she isn’t a street whore.

Knowing how late it was, and my paw be back so, I walked up into the kitchen area. Just in time to see my hubby turn. His penis glistening and wet with baby seed and my mom’s mucus. I walked up to him, and gave him a big kiss, and whispered to him that I would like to clean him in the shower. He agreed, I told him I had to get ma cleaned up and dressed, because paw would be home soon. He took his boots and clothes and left for the trailer.

I walked into the tiny bed area at the back of the trailer, and could not stop staring at my ma. Laying back, thighs spread wide, and my husband’s seed running out of her hairy womb. I tapped her on the leg, and told her to get up. She got up slowly, disorientated, very d***k from the whiskey. I asked her if she remembered anything, but she said no. I said, well we have to get you cleaned up, so come with me, and I helped her to the bathroom in the RV. As I was getting the door open, she was leaning against the kitchen counter, and I noticed his seed running down the back of her thigh. Without thinking, I took my finger nail and caught the clump of seed and placed it on my tongue. It wasn’t until that moment; I realized I tasted my mother on my lips. I started to orgasm almost on the spot. As I put her on the toilet, she started to pee. I held her up, looking at her not so much as a mother, but as a slut my hubby could enjoy as he wished. After she finished, I put her nightgown on her. I did not wipe the pee from her hairy lips, because I knew I would be wiping his seed away, and that I would NEVER do. I sat my ma back at the table in the front of the RV, where this all started, and told her I would be back.

I went into my parent’s trailer, to find hubby watching some NASCAR thing I took him by the hand and led him into the shower. I let the water hit his back, so no water got on his cock and balls. I knelt down before him and looked up at him. Honey I said, you want to know something? He nodded. I suckled his penis hard and then looked up, I am tasting your seed...... AND my mothers juices on your cock, and I lick it! His eyes rolled back, and his root got rock hard. His tip turned purple. Oh, honey? Know what else? He looked down at me. I ate your sperm as it dripped from your new slut's hairy cunt. He gripped my head, and pulled my hair, as I felt his cock sperm in my mouth. As I cleaned his root, I licked his balls clean too, telling him how I know his scrotum had smacked my mom’s ass over and over as he mounted her. Then I told him he needed to get dressed, paw will be home.

About 5 minutes later, paw came up the drive with my b*****r in tow. I was a bit surprised, but not alarmed. My b*****r asked where ma was, and I pointed to the trailer. My paw went into the house to watch his NASCAR, and my hubby and I followed my b*****r into the trailer. My mother was sitting up with a drink in her hand.

My b*****r asked her what the hell she was doing, and she laughed and said drinking and fuckin. Everyone laughed, and I almost gasped in fear. My b*****r could not stop laughing. After he stopped, he asked her what she wanted to do now. She pointed to my husband’s crotch, and said, I want to suck his dick. Again, everyone went into hysterics, and my b*****r said, lets get you inside to bed. My hubby helped my b*****r get her into the bedroom. I tucked her in, and brushed he hair back. I leaned down to her ear and whispered. Ma? Yes Tammy she said. You’re going to do alot more than suck my husband’s dick. Count on it. Nightly Night

Stay tuned for more of the Little Piggy Series Stories.

My hubby was so proud of me!

I was a very good piggy!

Are you proud of me too?
91% (26/3)
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4 years ago
Excellent! Wish I was part of that scene!
4 years ago
I love your writing...Thanks for sharing!
4 years ago
that was a hot story.
4 years ago
Mmmmm your piggy stories really fucking turn me on
4 years ago
Nice to know that you come from good family stock..Good little piggy !!
4 years ago
Good one
4 years ago
I love your stories. I do, however, keep thinking of my own kinfolk and the hound dogs, Ol' Blue and Big Red, and how it was the sluts' duty to keep them satisfied, no matter who was visiting. After all, a hound dawg is more important than a slut!
4 years ago
nice mom