Little Piggy Series (The Plaza Motel)

Once Upon a time in a southern backwoods farming and mining community lived poor uneducated folk. My name is Tammy Sue, and I was a little 5'3 120 pound chubby girl with 38C udders that swelled to D's when I was impregnated. My hubby was from the North, and enjoyed by dutiful southern charm. He loved to take me on trips away from the farm. To see the big city!

This Friday, my hubby told me to dress up. Boofy Hair, Heavy makeup, Nails done. Then I put on my Thigh High stockings, lace panties, and lace nursing bra. Then I was to put on my slip, and chemise. Then I would put on my ankle long denim dres that buttoned down the front, that my aunt sewed the flowers around the front, that really made my clevage look wonderful. Then I would put on my jewlery, and report to my hubby for inspection. He would always tell me how wonderful I was. So off to the city we went. I was always excited cause their was no telling where he take me or what I would be asked to do.

We pulled in to the Plaza motel off the highway. It was one of those U shaped motels that are only one level, and the indian at the desk. My hubby got the key, and we drove over to the room. About 40 feet. We got out, and hubby got the tool box from the back of the truck. When I walked into the room it smelled like people had just had sex, and smelled of pot. I checked the bathroom for dead people, but it was actually very clean. Those BioHazard clean-up crews do a really go job now!

My hubby cracked open two beers, and gave me one. He was so sweet. I started to sip the brew, and he tapped his wrist as it was a watch. I looked at him puzzled? Honey, he said, you know that you have to gulp that one, so you can sip your second. I felt so stupid. I knew better. I apoligized, and started gulping, as I did, I rubbed at my udders through my dress, which gave my hubby a chuckle. He told me that I would be doing more than After I finished my second beer, my hubby told me the rules. I was stunned at first, but I nodded in agreement, that I would obey him as I agreeded the day we got hitched.

I watched from the chair, as my hubby brought out the crack pipe, and the crack, and put the parts together. Then he stood up, and took off his overalls, and foled them neatly on the luggage rack, and took off his shorts. His penis and scrotum looking so wonderful, my mouth started to drool. He cracked another beer, and put it on the table, and I took the pipe in my mouth. He lit the pipe, and I started to suck the wonderful white smoke into my mouth as I heard the all to familar crackle of the rock melting. Before I knew it, I was so horny I could hardly wait to do what he had in store for me. My hubby moved the table into the back corner, so he could see the bed and the doorway, and took the crack pipe. He sat down, took a sip of his beer, and lit the pipe for him. It was time for me to show him my skills!

I turned off the room light as he had instructed, and opened the door. The light from the bathroom lit the room enough for people that were passing to see me standing in the doorway, doing my best to look seductive in my country long denim dress and black heels. I taught it take long, but in no time, a negro man came over to me, and complimented me. I so loved compliments, and I beamed a sheepish smile. Before I knew it, his hands were massaging my udders through my dress, and he looked into the room to see my hubby stroking his cock in the corner. I taught the negro would be surprised, but he just smiled, and from his look, I guess maybe other white couples had done the same thing? After awhile, I looked in at hubby, but he was not giving me the signal (Nod), so I told the negro, just not right now, and the negro went on his way. After about 3 negros, I looked at my hubby and I saw the "Nod". MY heart went racing, and I knew it was time to go to the next level.

I took the negro by his dark skin hand, and took him into the motel room, closing the door behind me. MY hubby turned on the lamp in the room, so it was very dimm. No one said anything. I used my hands to tell the negro to stand still, and I rubbed his root through his pants until I felt his root grow. Then I turned and faced the end of the bed and lifted my dress, and slip to my hips. I slowly pulled my panties to my ankles, and got on the end of the bed, on my knees. My tummy on the bed, and my face on the bed facing my hubby, always watching him. I took my hands behind my bottom, and spread my chubby bottom cheeks open. I was so embrassed. I knew right then that the negro was looking at my private place. Then like the negro knew what to do, I hear the belt being loosend, and his pants falling down, and the snap of his underwear as he attempted to pull them down past his long negro root. As I felt his hands grip my hips, I started to tense up, and my heart was racing, as I felt the tip of his penis touch my hairy lips. I knew then there was no turing back.

Very quickly the negro slammed his root inside my vagina. I almost was pushed to the front of the bed if it wasnt he was holding my hips. I gasped as he went all the way out, and then as far as he could back inside me. It was so painfull,and at the same time so wonderful. He did not last long, and my hubby was smiling as he drank his beer and smoking his pipe. I remeber being so happy he was pleased. Then I felt the negro tense up, and groan. And sure enough, I felt the warm sticky feeling of his sperm filling my womb. I was relieved that the pain had stopped. I remeber him pulling out, and I laid on my side as hubby instructed. I watched the negro get dressed, and leave the room. Strange, noone said anything.

Hubby walked over, and gave me the pipe. I took a long slow hit, and felt my body come alive again. My hubby sat at the end of the bed in a chair, and told me to show him. I laid on my bottom, and took my panties off, and spread my thighs so wide, and hubby looked me up and down like a white devil slave master. I was always so embrassed when he look me over, but being embrassed was what is so exciting and erotic. Then my hubby shocked me as he leaned forward, and started cleaning my hairy vagina. Feeling his toungue inside me made me orgasm almost instantly. He would look up as he did it, and ask me something degrading to make me wet myself more. He ask like, What would your mom say if she was here? or do you think your aunt would approve? He always loved my answers, and he would stroke himself as he cleaned me. After he got done, he would go back to the corner, and tell me to come to him, and sit on his lap.

I would walk over seductively, and he would grope my body, as he had me suck on the glass dick, and he have me drink two more beers, as he rub my swollen belly. Then he have me return to the door to play all over again.

That night I played our game 5 times. It was one of the most humilating, degrading, embrassing things I ever did in my life. It was also one of those memories that get you through the boring parts of your life, and gives you hope it might happen again. After the motel, my hubby packed up the tool box, and put me in the truck, and we drove to the crack dealers crib.

Stay tuned for more of the little piggy series stories.

My hubby was so proud of me!

I was a very good piggy!

Are you proud of me too?
96% (23/1)
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11 months ago
very hot had my pussy wet the whole time
4 years ago
a dirty little whore. i loved the story, my cock was so hard, because of what you were doing.
4 years ago
good nasty story
4 years ago
4 years ago
Fantastic story!!
4 years ago
You are a fabulous writer; you really got my dick standing up!
4 years ago
Damn! Can't remember the last time I read an erotic story. Got my dick hard enough ta cut diamonds!
4 years ago
Didn't see that coming
4 years ago
i am so proud of you baby girl you make me ssooo hard
4 years ago
My kind of woman!! Love the story!
4 years ago
WOW.. IM SO PROUD OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
Iam so proud of you