Borrowing the rabbit

We had some friends over the other night for a dinner party; we’ve known them a long time and have gotten very close. Our three friends are also very close to one another, Clair is stunning and I have always had a bit of a thing for her and her enormous breasts, but her husband Gregg and I have been friends for a very long time and I wouldn’t want to step on his toes. Simon is Clair’s best friend and goes everywhere with them, we all get along really well but we’ve always suspected something was going on between the three of them but have never had the guts to ask them.

It started of like any other dinner party with me taking furtive glances at Clair all night as the wine flowed and the talk got naughtier I couldn’t help but stare at her ample bosom. What I wouldn’t give to get my lips around those amazing nipples I thought to myself.

Sarah my beautiful Fiancé gave me a sly wink as she caught me checking out Clair’s cleavage and nipples pocking through her thin top. “Oh Clair, I haven’t shown you my latest toy have I?” She said and with that she dashed up stairs, only to return a few moments later brandishing her pink 'Rampant Rabbit'.

“I’ve always meant to get one of those” Said Clair a gleam in her eye. “Is it as good as they say it is?”

“Why don’t you give it a try?” Replied Sarah, now at this point I could tell we were all pretty d***k because Clair took the Rabbit and headed for the bathroom.

We couldn’t believe it, shouts of, “hey come back here and use it” and “give us a show” followed her down the hallway. We sat and discussed whether she really was using it; Gregg was convinced she was, whereas Simon and I thought she was just teasing and Sarah wasn’t sure, before talk turned to Sarah’s toy cupboard. I decided to go check out whether she really was having a go with my girlfriend’s rabbit. “Anyone want another drink?” I asked before slipping out the door.

I crept slowly across the hallway conscious of every sound, the bl**d pounded in my veins as the excitement grew to fever pitch. I heard the rhythmic hum of a vibrator, she was actually using it. Cautiously I stalked closer to the bathroom door, I could just see the light creping from the edges of the door frame, I was disappointed when I realized the gap wasn’t big enough to see into the room, but then I heard a low moan escape from Clair, I edged closer and stepped on a creaky floorboard frozen I listened out for any sign that she had noticed but she was too intent on the sensations the vibrator was causing her, the buzz of the powerful motor became loader and so did her moans, Clair gasped out in pleasure as she came, I continued to listen hoping she would carry on, my ear planted firmly against the door I heard the rustling of clothing, and turned away from the door. I was just about to dash round the corner when the door burst open

“What are you doing” she said in a low harsh whisper. “Were you listening to me?” “No, no I just, um needed the toilet; wow did you actually use it? I thought you were just messing around” I managed to blurt out in response. “Bullshit” She said grabbing me and roughly pulling me into the bathroom. “Sit down” I want a word with you”. You were listening to me weren’t you little pervert, did you get off on that? Oh my god, you’ve got a hard on!” She said still speaking just above a whisper. I could tell she was annoyed, but as I was about to come up with a reply she glanced down at my groin and her eyes widened.

“Hmm I see you did get turned on listening didn’t you, you dirty little boy”

“What? No, I mean, um… Oh god. I’m sorry Clair; please don’t tell anyone, I’ll do anything.” I said, fear rising in my voice, what if she told my fiancée or her husband they were only down the hall. I could hear them laughing and joking in the living room, I guess they thought I was still making a drink.

“Well if you really want to do anything, you may as well make it worthwhile for you. Sit down and I’ll give you a real show, but after that you have to do anything I ask.” She replied.

“What?” I said not understanding, she began to unbutton her jeans and lower them to the floor, “I… what are you doing, what if Sarah catches us, we shouldn’t do this.”

“Oh really ok I’ll just go and tell Gregg what you were doing then and well see what happens.”

“No, no wait, ok I’ll do anything you want.”

“Sit down then pervert,” and she turned around and quickly took off her knickers, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy, I could see the moisture glistening on her lips. She sat on the edge of the bath and spread her legs, my eyes were fixed on her soft wet pussy, and my cock was ready to explode in my jeans, she began caressing her clit, teasing me whilst she removed her, top. All that now contained her massive jugs was her bra, slowly she picked up the dildo and turned it on inching it slowly inside her again she closed her eyes and began to sway slightly. Licking her lips as her breathing began to get shallower. She set the vibrator to max and her moaning began, by this time I couldn’t help myself I unzipped my pants and pulled out my aching cock. I‘d never been this hard before, the head was an angry dark purple and it seemed twice the size I’d ever seen it before. It jutted out from my flies like a flagpole, a glistening spot of pre-cum forming on the tip. I began to stroke myself in time with Clair’s moans, imagining myself plunging my rock hard cock deep inside the warm folds of her soaking pussy.

Clair looked at my raging manhood, and licked her lips, “come here you dirty perv, I want that cock in my mouth” I had promised to do whatever she wanted and at that moment I knew I would.

I let my jeans fall to the floor and stepped over to her offering my distended knob to her waiting mouth. Clair licked the tip slowly and shivers went through my spine, she worked her way down the shaft licking and sucking along its length while cupping my balls with one hand and furiously fingering her pussy with the other. The anticipation of feeling her warm soft lips around me was killing me and I began to moan, “Oh fuck yes Clair, lick my cock, suck it all the way down so I can cum down your throat”.

She suddenly stopped licking my shaft, and waved a finger in front of my face, “ah, ah, ah, you do as I say your fucking disgusting perv, if I say fuck my tight asshole you’ll fucking do it or I’ll go and tell Sarah and Gregg what you’ve been up to.” I knew she was only semi serious but I figured I’d play along and be the submissive for now, and see where it led us; I didn’t want to blow it.

“Now are you going to do as I say” She said grabbing my balls. “Yes” I said, wincing a little as she squeezed too hard. “Good” Said Clair just before plunging my cock straight down her throat in one go, I almost came right then, but I managed to hold on, I could not believe that, she had taken all seven inches of me straight down her throat without even warming up.

Clair slowly let my cock slide out again, whilst using her tongue to lick and caress the shaft all the while sucking until she got to the tip, where she gave one long suck before plunging straight back down to the base, then she did something I wasn’t expecting, She reached around and began to squeeze my ass before plunging her finger into my asshole. This sent me over the edge, I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face, I could hear her moaning around my girth, as pre-cum and spittle ran down her chin and onto her, chest.

Just when I felt I could take no more, I stopped, and she let my cock slip from between her lips. She stared at me with a wild look in her eyes, her face and makeup a mess, she wiped the pre-cum from her chin, “come here you bastard and fuck me”

I didn’t need to be told twice, I quickly stripped off my Jeans and boxers, and knelt between her thighs. I slowly stroked the head of my cock up and down her throbbing cunt, her juices trickling down her. I began to tease her a little, rubbing my cock head over her throbbing clit, while she moaned with delight.

She suddenly glared at me and said “stop fucking around and ram that big fat cock inside me you bastard.” At that moment I knew I had her, I slowly slid inside of the warm folds of her pussy, each inch that slipped in sent new waves of pleasure through us both.

I pulled my girth out of her "don’t take it out you bastard" she gasped.
"Turn over" I said.
She knelt on all fours sticking her as in the air and giggling "come on then, come on and fuck my sweet pussy" I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock into her in one swift motion as my balls slapped against her clit she moaned and shivered as an orgasm gripped her. I began to ram my cock into her as fast as I could; sweat forming on my chest I fucked her for all I was worth. The sound of my balls slapping against her must have been loud but we did not care anymore. Lost in the moment she thrust her hips back into mine as another orgasm crashed over her.

I could feel my balls begin to tighten and gasped "I’m gonna cum" "yes, oh fuck yes, shoot your load, I want to feel you cum inside me!” My climax washed over me, my cock jerked and I unloaded my balls deep into her; grinding my hips against her I kneaded her massive breasts as my cock slowly slipped from her sopping pussy.

"Thank you" I said as we dressed hurriedly sure that the others would have missed us by now, "It was my pleasure you big cocked bastard" said Clair She kissed me passionately before slipping out of the bathroom. I shook my head, still only just believing what had happened and followed after her.

More to come if you like it...
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