Beth's First Lesbian Experience

We live in a rural area a few miles from a state park. When I walked outside for my morning jog I didn't think anything was out of place about seeing someone hiking up our road. I did find it a bit peculiar to see a woman alone. She was tall, curvy and looked like she could take care of herself. She didn't seem to have any trouble hiking with the 90 pound backpack on her back. Besides the campsite was only about a mile down the road. I took off down the road for my 10 mile jog and returned home about an hour and a half later. When I got to the door I found it unlocked. I was almost sure I had locked it before I left. Nervously I looked around the downstairs to see if anything was missing. There wasn't anything gone or out of place so I felt better. I went upstairs to check. I got up to our bedroom and found my top dresser drawers had been gone through. I quickly turned to run, but I was grabbed from behind and immediately gagged with a pair of my panties. I didn't know who was doing this to me. Whoever it was seemed to know what they were doing. They quickly tied my panties into my mouth with a pair of my stockings. I was struggling and holding back tears, but whoever this was, was too strong for me. I was shoved onto the bed and my running shorts removed roughly. It was then I saw who was assaulting me. It was the female hiker. She was totally nude wearing a strap-on dildo. She slapped my breast and took my wrist and bound them to the headboard. I was on my stomach, helpless and bound.
She began massaging my butt cheeks and grinding herself on my thigh. I could feel both the strap-on and her hairy pussy on my thigh. She continued that until I could tell by her breathing she was well worked up. I couldn't help it but my nipples were hard pressed into the bed. She moved down and grabbed my left foot and began sucking on my toes. Nobody and ever sucked my toes. I would be lying if I said it didn't feel good. I could tell by the motion of the bed she was rubbing her pussy. After sucking my toes for a few minutes, she slowly began licking my feet and licking her way up my body. I was shamefully quivering as I anticipated her tongue on my pussy. To my surprise she began at my puckered asshole. Giving me long, slow strokes with her extended, hot tongue. Licking me more on my asshole, but from time to time would use her long, hot tongue to flick my pussy. It got unbearble. I was not able to hold back any longer. I began to raise my ass up to her tongue. Moaning into my gag.
Thrusting her tongue. She grasp my ass cheeks and pressed her tongue into my asshole and I thought I was going to explode. She held my hips down and continued to press her tongue into my ass. I was going crazy. I felt a huge orgasm building. She finally released my hips and allowed me to thrust up to her mouth. Her tongue was probing inside my asshole. I was moaning loudly into my gag when I released a huge orgasm. I soaked the sheets and her face. After I stopped thrusting and moaning. She climbed on top of me and asked me if I was going to be a good girl and not resist anymore. If I wouldn't resist she would untie me. I nodded yes. And she smiled and said very good.
She kissed me deeply and I began fondling her breast. As our kissing got more passionate one of my hands wondered down to her hairy pussy. I ask her to take the strap-on off for the time being. She unstrapped it and I began fingering her extremely wet pussy. I asked her if I could eat her pussy but told her I have never done it before. She replied sure and told me to get on my back on the bed. She got over me, straddling me, slowly lowering herself down. I could see her wet pussy and dark pubic hairs coming at me. I stuck out my tongue and as she got closer I began to lick. I had never tasted pussy before, but it was so intoxicating. I eagerly lapped at her hairy, wet pussy. It didn't take long before we were both grinding and thrusting each other's faces. As I ate her pussy a thought came to my head that there must be a reason she paid so much attention to my asshole. I was hesitant, but I adjusted a bit and began licking her asshole. She went wild. Her head came up off my pussy and she leaned back on me and was riding my tongue. It was muffled, but I could hear her moaning loudly and saying OMG! Yes eat my ass. It wasn't long before she collapsed on me and we cuddled in the bed.
After cuddling for a bit she asked me if I would like a good fucking from her strap-on? MMMM! Sure, why not. She had me stand at the end up the bed holding on. She got behind me and took me from behind. In the mirror on our closet door I could see us. I saw my titties swaying and my small tummy bulge bounce each time she thrust into me. I saw her bigger titties bouncing as the fucked me. It had been a few weeks since I'd been fucked so good. My nipples and hers were so hard. She was fucking me so good. Deep and hard. Holding my hips, thrusting me. I could tell she was nearing orgasm too. Almost as soon as I moaned out, she moaned out and we shook together. I don't know why, but after I stopped cumming, I moved up and started sucking her fake dick and pinching her nipples.
After calming and coming down she asked me if she could take a shower. She needed to make it to the campsite soon and this would be her last good shower for a week. I told her sure and asked her if she would be stopping back by? She said no, they would be moving on. She explained to me that she was sent out to case places to rob. I didn't find anyone that wasn't home or didn't have a big dog and when I saw you going out for a jog I wanted to have sex with you before we moved on. We said our goodbyes and I watched her walk up the hill and into the woods.
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6 months ago
great story!
2 years ago
Intoxicating hot. Ass hole licking and play, rim jobs and hairy pussies (especially dark hairs ones) are such an intense, head spinning turn ons.
3 years ago
That was hot please write more
3 years ago
That was great
3 years ago
yes can wait for the next part
3 years ago
Damn that was hot I want read more
3 years ago
A good read.