My Second Time With Judy

Weeks went by and I didn't hear from Judy. I was beginning to think it was just one of things, an alcohol induced encounter. One day out of the blue I got a text from her. It began as idle chit chat, then she asked me if I could get away for a bit. I told her I could and she said she would text me in about 45 minutes where to meet her. I patiently waited for her text. When I finally got her text I loaded the address into my phones gps and started to drive. It showed she was about 30 miles up the highway. I drove and about 40 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of a f****y run motel. I texted Judy and told her I was at the location. She texted back what room she was in. I parked my car and nervously walked to the room. I saw her car parked in the restaurant adjacent to the hotel. She greeted me at the door wearing a black teddy. She shut the door and we embraced in a deep, wet, passionate kiss. I could tell she was particularly turned on already. She said, "I've been thinking about this since that night." We pulled back from our kiss and she offered me a drink. We sat on the bed and had a drink, talking. I massaged her sexy feet as I slowly sipped my drink. When we finished our drink, we embraced in another long kiss. As we kissed I began to fondle her large breast. Her nipples were poking out nicely through the black teddy. I pulled her breast out and began to kiss and suck on her erect nipples. She told me to keep sucking. It felt so good. She held my head, pressing me tightly to her breast. I fondled one and sucked on the other. Judy was making a soft coo sound as I alternated sucking on her nipples. Before long she was humping my thigh. Grinding down on my thigh as I sucked her nipples. She reached down and began to rub her pussy as I continued to suck and fondle her breast. Her coos turned to moans. She was rubbing her pussy and grinding my thigh as I sucked harder on her nipples. She began to moan don't stop, don't stop. I sucked harder and fondled them more roughly. At that point Judy was really grinding my thigh hard and feverishly rubbing her pussy. I bit, sucked and roughly groped her tits. Judy moaned loudly and announced she was cumming. She moaned, convulsed and shook for a long time. Finally falling away from me and collapsing on the bed. Once she came back around, she eagerly unzipped my pants and helped me undress. We kissed passionately and continued to kiss each other's bodies until we were in a 69. Her pussy was so hot and wet. I tongue fucked her and sucked on her pussy until she exploded in orgasm again. I held off cumming. After her orgasm, I began to tease her anus with my tongue. I massaged her ass cheeks as I teased her anus with my tongue. Again, Judy began to thrust as I rimmed her ass and massaged her ass cheeks. She stopped sucking me and moaned loudly into the bed. Grabbing and clutching the sheets as she thrust her ass back on my tongue. Faster and harder she thrust back on my tongue. Her loud moans were muffled by the bed. Without notice, Judy orgasmed and drenched me with her juices. She had another, long intense orgasm and ended up seemingly u*********s laying on her side on the bed. She came around and said, "Oh my, that was so hot. It's been so long since I've cum like that." She slid off the bed and got on her knees. She began to suck my cock. She stopped and said something I have never heard my wife say, "I want you to fuck me in my ass." It didn't take much encouragement. I was more than willing to oblige. It had been so long since I'd done anal. It had been several years before meeting my wife and the ass was off limits to her completely.
Judy and I moved up on the bed into position. As I pushed in slowly, Judy said, "Yes, yes fuck my ass baby." It took some time to get all the way in and to start thrusting. Judy was panting and groaning as I pushed in. Once I was all the way in, Judy lowered her head and raised her hips up. I began to thrust slowly at first. Judy was raising her hips and pushing back with my tempo. I began to build up speed and she matched my thrust. She reached back and was rubbing her pussy as I fucked her ass. Suddenly a flood hit and Judy was cumming in waves. I couldn't hold on very long after that. I held her hips and thrust hard into her ass. Judy was cumming and growling loud, low moans into the bed. I finally shot my load deep into her ass. We both collapsed onto the bed. After a few minutes, she took me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom. We took a long hot shower, washing each other off. We got dressed. She told me to leave and she would leave after a bit.
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