On the bus

I've always rode the bus to collage. Always crowed some people touch my boob lightly so
I wouldn't noice but I did most of them where young boy or girl mostly boys. But one day it was very crowed and some boy put his hand on my boob. Before I realize my shirt was down and they were sucking my nipples.When
all this was happening to me, some one from the crowd pulled my hand and guided it to his cock which was already out of his pants.He was holding my hand on his cock and making me give strokes to his cock. I was really excited and enjoying the whole fondling of my body. Suddenly a hand from the crowd raised my saree and exposed my Panty to all the crowd surrounding me. Another hand pulled my panty down and exposed my pussy for every body to see. It was totally exposed. Now I was excited beyond my senses and didnot bother for anything. The boy whose cock I was stroking, suddenly spurted it's milk which fell on the clothes of the surrounding crowd.As soon as one cock was milked, my hand was guided to another cock and I was made to give strokes to the cock.I was very hot and wanted some sort of release. The hands groping my pussy--had become very bold and some fingures had made their entry in my pussy. The fingures were moving in and out. I didnot know as to how many hands were groping my body. But the whole thing was very very exciting.Many in the crowd were also enjoying the whole situation. I found a lady who was standing nearby put her lips on one of my boobs and started sucking my nipples. The finguring of my pussy had increased its pace and suddenly I experienced the first orgasm of my life. My whole Body was shaking in the throes of the strong orgasm and nothing mattered to me as to who is looking at me or who is doing what to me....It was the type of pleasure which I can never have words to describe....... Then someone sucking on my pussy before I knew it it felt like heaven. It was the best exspirece ever.
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2 years ago
VERY hard to believe...wishful thinking maybe
2 years ago