That which we reject...

...can be the very thing which saves us.

So I dared to have a fleeting fantasy about a sexual relationship with an u******e girl, just cause... dunno.

It quickly came to center around an intention - to help this girl who had an awkward sexual encounter with her father, who was jerking off on his bed, when she walked in and, well, he triggered...

And this girl, like is happening these days, was starting to bloom a bit earlier than in generations, hell, decades past.... Her father was so mortified by it because he realized he was sexually attracted to his daughter, but only at the purely biological level, basically, not in the way of he'd actually ever consider it.... She was just really, really beautiful, sexy, and under the parentage of adults who were sexually repressed, morally confused, and, by the end of the story, had given themselves over to Lust, while their daughter had been so empowered as to be a sexual being - ie, a woman - who was not driver by lust but who could be lustful but not overwhelmed by it, because... well, I heard her crying, she told me about how her father had been so ashamed of himself since that day, so I wound up curling my body up against her, talking to her of things I've learned in my battle with moral confusion, and resolved unto her that she would be a free, empowered, and wise woman, one who could be free with her sexuality but not used, abused, or a user and abuser -- a liberator, an empowerer of others, a leader in a moral quest to redeem feminine and masculine sexuality, cause I FUCKING HATE BEING JEALOUS AND ALL THAT FUCKING SHIT -- I LOVED THE PAST LIVES WHEN I DIDN'T CARE WHOSE SPUNK HAD GOTTEN IN MY WIVE'S CUNNY; IT WAS HER c***d AND THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL.


...cause I'm 33, never stuck my dick in a vagina without a condom, so kind of a post-modern virgin... I've never had the real thing with the THREE chicks I've slept with, despite the fact there was a window when I could have been sucked and fucked by scores of women, I k** you not. But that time has passed....

So, naturally, my masturbatorial fantasies wound up getting kinda... sick.... or at least, of the, "Dude! I don't WANT to fantasize about THAT. ...but now I learned how to use those urges for my own catharsis.

It ended when I remembered a time when there were women on the earth who could sense a man who was close to breaking and really needed someone to overwhelm them with the sense of, "You mean.... someone WANTS me??? **I** don't even want me!! and I like myself!!!"

They'd sense a need to grab such a guy and just.... take him, as if in a frenzy of passion and sensual NEED for that man inside her. And they'd do it because... back then, they knew it was what you might call... a Divine Calling unto them, so that a Good and Just Man might be saved from what he had endured but did not speak of or show outwardly....

His desperate need he was unaware of, because his sense of need he had turned off in a time when it was necessary to do so... and so, was a Hero, who suffered silently, possibly loathing himself as I have until... I realized ain't no one gonna do that for me -- let me KNOW that I'm NEEDED and WANTED in the most profound way: ACTION.
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2 years ago
Oh yeah... and then I starting bawling my eyes out until my father came into the room and I told him of things that, well.... I dare not talk about, cause they're just too "crazy."