Our Neighbor My Thoughts

I imagine coming home one evening and y’all are chit chatting in the kitchen about whatever. After my shower I decide to come down and join y’all in a conversation of the “whatever” may be going on. We talk for some time feeling all that comfort of just hanging with friends and we bring up the conversation of sex. With her being pregnant it’s not too hard to keep it going, got to love those hormones. We talk and talk and talk some more then I make a small comment about us. I say something along the lines of “In our bedroom we are a little unusual with a side of freak”. You give me the look like “are you really going there?” I imagine her thinking it over some but not saying anything for a few minutes. As we go on about our conversation she butts in and ask the question “What kind of stuff do you mean unusual and freaky?” You and I look at each other for a moment or two and you start to talk about toys we’ve bought. I can see her face in somewhat of a shock as if she didn’t know you had toys too. You and her carry on a little while exchanging stories about what toys y’all have.
Laughing and joking about sex toys we all have the thought of sex on our minds and I say something to you about pulling one out, kind of a show and tell. Being funny you bring down my purple pussy and the room is field with giggles and laughter. With my blushed face you put it right on the table next to me. With all the “whateverness” going on she wants to feel it so she goes off and pokes at it, not saying much but we sure can tell thoughts are turning. Some more talk and she wants to know more of what we have. You send me up stairs to get something and I bring down your favorite blue dildo. Walking down stairs with it between my legs flopping with every step, again the room falls into laughter and I hear you with a “you wish, baby”. We carry on about what we do with them and how we go about using them. You tell your stories, she tells hers and I say a bit about mine.
With these two toys on the table and our conversations’ things get turned up a little and someone wants to see the whole arsenal of toys. We all look at each other not knowing really what to do or say, not to mention yours and mine “thing” we do is among out toys. I say screw it and I bring down our bag of toys. Pulling a toy out one by one you can cut the “sex in the air” with a knife. Of course the first of the toys are the strap on harnesses because they live on top of the bag. Not much was said other than her asking a question that wasn’t answered, “What are those?” I continue pulling out toy after toy while you a line them up on the table showing them off so she can see.
With eyes wide open from the all toys coming out of the bag we continue with the dirty talk about what we do with our own spouses, without our spouses and wishful thinking. Knowing me and how easily I get turned on, I’m standing there and you see her looking at my cock trying to push its way out of my jeans. To my surprise you order me to pull it out because she wants to see it. She begins to say no but stops herself from doing so. Just as you ordered but with a little hesitation I do as you say. Pulling out my nicely groomed, fully erect cock from my zipper whole you come up to me with that look in your eye of seduction. Kissing me on the lips oh so passionately while she watches, she moves in the chair not knowing what to do with herself. You kiss me on the ear and say something to me, “No touching”. With everything that’s going on right in front of her she can’t help but to stand up and come over to us. You ask her to go get some dish towels from the kitchen drawers and tied me to the chair I’m now in.
With my cock hanging out tied to the chair not going anywhere the two of you walk into the living room. When you two stroll back into the kitchen where I’m at you have nothing but a thong on and she has a very cute pair of panties on. I’m stunned, shocked, and can’t believe what’s really going on and I’m dying to know what you two had to say while in the other room. As the both of you walk in nothing is said to me just the looks of lust in y’alls eyes. You two grab a harness each with the choice of dildos laid out on the table. Watching y’all put together the strap on my pour little mind is racing, cock with its own heart beat and the feeling of “Good God”. The both of you turn and stand right in front of me with your new add-on’s flopping right before my face. She sands there to watch as you take my face in your hands making me look at you. With a loving wink and a half smile you take your cock and lightly tap me on the cheek. Giving you the look back for the “OK” you proceed to tap me on either side of my face. You then tell me to open wide so you can show me what a cock in the mouth feels like. This whole time I’m sucking on your dick I get a glance of her standing watching over you as you toy with me. I saw her rubbing her clit enjoying the little show that’s going on right before her eyes.
After a short while of playing with your cock you pulled out of my mouth and asked her if she’d like a turn at some punishment giving. With all that’s going on she sure didn’t seem to hesitate to step right in and give me a little “You’re a bad boy” smack in the face with her new cock. You watch for a minute or two while she crams my mouth before you start to untie me from the chair. That look of don’t touch was all over your face and that was sure ok with me.
I’m now standing before the two of you fully ready for what’s next, so I think. I’m dying to touch some pussy and you see it all over me, you tell me to lay on my back. With you straddle standing over me you slowly lower yourself right over my face just enough that I can lick your pussy. With your cock bouncing off my forehead and the ever so sweet pussy at the tip of my tongue I feel a hand rap around my God given cock. Knowing I have a no touch rule I place my hands under my back so I can’t do the very thing I want to do. Rocking back and forth over my face I start to feel the moistness run from your pussy. Just as I start getting into it you stand up turn around and now you place your whole body on mine with your ass right in my face. As I lick your ass you watch her slowly rub my cock telling her without words to slide a finger or two down pass my balls. I jump, squirm, and wiggle as the “feel good” runs all through my body. Placing some weight on my face to get me to stop moving you get a ass full of tongue and you come up with a out loud satisfaction and she stands up with you.
With all this going on I’m just about ready to blow and you know it. So you place yourself over the kitchen counter legs wide open, “Come and show me what we need to do with our cocks.” Looking at the two of you I walk my way to you and push my rock hard, heart beat of a dick right inside of you. Without any words said I thrust myself into you over and over again, nothing but the sounds of skin slapping can be heard. But knowing I was already about to blow my top I only got a few pumps in before I pulled out and shot the biggest load right on top of your ass. Reaching from behind you, you push on my shoulders for me to get down. As soon as I look up from placing my knees on the floor your cum field ass goes right in my face and your words are, “Clean up your mess”. Cleaning up as I’m told I see you start waving her to do something. Not know what’s going on around me I feel hands placed on my hips pulling me up to my feet. She’s not much for words but she pointed me over to the table and bent me right over it. You with no objections follow and stand right behind me. A few whispering words are said between the two of you and some drops of lube on my ass and wup there goes your cock right inside. We get some giggles from her and she starts her way around to the other side of the table so she can watch me. As you push in and out you also pull me away from the table a little at a time so not to miss a beat. She walks back around over to us and had me go down on her cock.
Moments have gone by pussies are wet and all cocks are hard again, y’all both pull out of me at the same time and you have me sit in a chair. Looking at her you ask if she is ready before you even finished she was shaking her head yes with a big smile on her face. She walks over to the counter widen her legs and pushes out her ass. You have me move so that I may watch with a good view. You get behind her almost as you did me but slowly sliding your cock in her pussy. Knowing just what a woman wants you’re having her all over the place as she climbs that ladder of orgasm. With your attention on her I make my way to the two of you and as I’m laying down sliding under the both of you I get that look of “no touch” you soon seen what I was doing and as she popped all those juices ran down to my face. Looking at me from the top with an odd “whatever” look you pull out of her and all the rest of those juices fall over me.
With two of us now good you announce “My turn” and back in the chair I go. Facing me you slap on some lube from ass to front, slide on my cock and tell her to put hers’ in your ass. With the two of us pushing our cocks inside you I can’t help but grab at your breast and kiss you on the neck. And to my surprise you start going wild on us telling us faster deeper. Just as I thought I couldn’t go any longer I feel that lovely warmth flow down my shaft over my balls. Knowing you just got what you wanted she pulls out I pick you up and bring you to the counter to finish myself off pumping in and out…..Blowing my loud all over you!!
We pack up everything get showered up and make our way back to the kitchen, back to the beginning as nothing ever happen, start on dinner and life goes on.
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1 year ago
Great story hot
2 years ago
Just great. But it's not like nothing every happened- can't wait for the next chapter! Maybe bring the kids in... just saying!