Date with my girlfriend

This weekend Linda you invite me to your home. It is Saturday and I leave to visit you. I arrive and get a cab to take me to you. But first I stop to buy some flowers. I pick up some red roses for you. I know they are your favorite. My arrival is set for 2:00 in the afternoon and I walk up to your front door. But just before I could knock you opened the door. You notice it is me and give me a passionate kiss. I hand you the roses and I can see in your smile you love them. You welcome me in first and we head into the kitchen to put the roses in some water. Then you tell me your s****r is out for the weekend and that we have the house all to ourselves. You ask me if I would like a drink. Then you and I walk outside and I notice all your beautiful flowers. I can tell you love them and gardening is your hobby a lot like mine.

As we sit and talk I could not take my eyes off your breasts, well hidden but the view is great. You notice me staring and you start to smile. After a while you say that you have to go inside to get something. After 5 minutes you comeback. I am kind of wondering what you did inside but you are back and that is all what matter’s .You are sitting next to me and our arms touch. You could feel the electricity between us. We both laugh about it. But after awhile things are quiet and we just look at each other. Looking into each other’s eyes and then our faces come close. I can feel your breath getting heavier and our lips touch. Our kiss is so long and we melt like one.

With my hand on your breasts our kissing continues. At the same time I am unbuttoning the buttons on your blouse one at a time. My mouth starts to kiss them and i started licking you nipples they are so hard and thick. I hear you moaning with all of this as my hand moves down on your leg caressing the inner leg. I now know what you were doing inside. You have no panties on. My fingers tease your clit and your pussy feeling your wetness. Sliding my two fingers in you and in a few minutes you had your first orgasm. Then you asked me to join you in the hot tub

We both undress and walk to the hot tub. First you get in and as I was getting in your hands grab my suit and slide it down. Then sitting on the edge of the hot tub you start to milk my cock with your hand. With your other hand you massage my balls. You are looking into my eyes with your blue eyes and start to suck on my dick. What a nice blowjob you gave me teasing me and driving me crazy. When I told you I am about to cum you stop.

I have my dick in my hand and it squirts cum into the air up over my chest. That felt so good. Then you lick my dick clean. Then we went in the water and enjoyed the jets pulse water against us. Our conversation went on for an hour. We go into the house and we are holding each other so close bodies like one. We go into the kitchen for another drink. You guide me by the hand into your bedroom. Which I have seen before but only on our cam dates we have had. We get down on the bed and kiss, touching each other all over with our hands.

This is heaven I tell you. Then I turned you on your back and I am lying on top of you. Open your legs and slide my dick into your pussy. The head is teasing you up and down then I go in deep and harder You are screaming “fuck me Will” I want you to cum deep in me. I can tell you just had the second orgasm of the day. My balls are starting to hurt and I cum so deep in you and it is running down your legs. I whisper in your ear. This was so great and what a great loving couple we are. Linda and Will two lovers far apart but so close in heart.
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2 years ago
You know I love ya for writing this story..