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Once Black, Never Back. True?

The first time I, a white man, ever sampled brown sugar, it was not an experience I would want to re-do. The poor young girl hustling the streets of Washington, DC gave me a case of the crabs while someone took a knife to my VW convertible so they could steal my casette player. She took me to the first whore house I ever visited where people fucking were only screened by bed sheets hung from the ceiling. I stopped to watch one couple until they noticed and asked me what the fuck I was doing. I guessed that was a retorical question so I didn't answer. I remember my skinny lover had a whole lot of pubic hair which was coarser than I had felt before. She didn't smell too clean, and I found out about a week later that she had left me something to remember her by. Damn, those bastards itched! This was decades ago. The remedy then was to shave yourself and apply a lotion after you washed all bed sheets. I never gave my wife an explanation she believed, but it's long forgotten now.

I can only guess that this experience opened a door in my mind that I have visited more times than I can remember. In general, I find black women so much more relaxed and open to life, including but not limited to sex. Maybe I am a special attraction, like forbidden fruit. What I do know is that I would prefer to go to bed with a black woman considered less attractive, than a white woman considered more attractive.

Call me crazy. What do you think?
Posted by WildBill65 4 years ago
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