Pee Over My Dick - 1st Time

Unusual title? I've developed a liking for a certain fetish. Here's my first experience while in my early 30's, but certainly not my last.

I was having a drink in a waterfront bar in a Navy town. I'd been looking for a target of opportunity, with no luck, and was about to leave when this cute, slim, almost skinny, brunette walks up to my barstool to initiate conversation. Her game was simple - to raise a few bucks the quick, easy way. I was game.

I don't know how long she had been at the bar or how many beers she had, but it must have been more than a few because the first thing she wanted to do was pee, so badly, she said. As we walked into my place, I watched her narrow ass move inside tight, white jeans. Nice shape, strong; maybe look's like a runner.

Where's the bathroom?

This way, follow me. Listen, I've always wanted to try something.

What is it?

I want you to sit on my dick, taking it inside of you, then pee as strong as you can. Ever done that?

Shit, no. But right now I'm ready to piss in my pants. Let's get started. I've got to get these pants off before it's too late.

Squeeze tight and stand straight over the toilet while I face you and sit on the bare edge of the toilet. Now bend your knees and lower yourself over me as I lean back. That's it. Take me as deep as you can. Ooh, that's good!

I don't think this is going to work.

Just wait a few moments and let's see.

I think it's coming. Oh, oh here it comes!

And so it did, like a garden hose flow of 98.6 degree water running down my dick over my balls, splashing into the toilet. And she just kept going and going. Fine with me, the warmth of her pee gave me such unbelievable pleasure! I could feel her internal muscles move as she pushed out the last drops. And with her arms d****d around my neck, leaned closer and relaxed into me.

I tilted her head back and kissed her lips softly - our first kiss. She acted like she wanted to rest after finishing a race. I slowly massaged her firm, strong back, able to resist the temptation of feeling her up.

Finally, she stood up to find a wash cloth, giving me a clear view of her dark but thin pubic hair, with the careful consistency of a teenager’s. So young and so lovely. Her breasts were too small to be affected yet by gravity, sort of pre-perky. I hope she's legal!

Give me your hand. Where's the bedroom? I'll walk in front of you. I want you to tell me if my ass is too small. I think it is.

I pulled back the bed covering and lay on my back, my head on a pillow so I could see everything.

You've got a great ass, Darling. You just don't have any fat or extra flesh like a lot of girls. You're more than fine. Will you straddle me again?

Of course; now it’s my time to enjoy that dick.

And she ground her hips in a circular motion as she lifted and fell. Her pussy was dripping wet – some pee, some natural lubrication. This was fortunate for both of us because her young vagina was very tight, like a hand squeezing hard. When I could get her to slow down, I loved to watch her vaginal lining pull out as my dick began to withdraw. In short order I couldn’t hold my load back any longer.

Any chance I could make you pregnant?

Naw, I just ended my period yesterday, I think. Or maybe today. I can’t remember.

I don't think she came, but I sure did. My dick kept pumping into her like her bladder had pumped onto me. When I finally withdrew, she deposited most of my load back on my stomach, and I licked the last drops out her pussy.

Never saw her again, but she didn’t forget the twenty dollar gift I gave her. And I’ll never forget that night. I've got her picture to share if I could figure out how to attach it to this story.

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3 years ago
Nothing like a good pee story. I love the fetish.
4 years ago
That's a new one. I'll have to try that.
4 years ago
4 years ago
I've never had anyone ask me to pee on there dick while they were in me but it sounds excitting. Thanks
4 years ago
That is something I always wanted to try. Thanks
4 years ago
WildBill, let's go have a drink...and I have to pee sooooo bad!
4 years ago
very nice!
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
You've definitely got writing talent. I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories.
4 years ago
new experience and sounds like you enjoyed it
4 years ago
That was different...I liked it.