First Time Experimentation

From Bill's personal collection of true stories:
Well, I was technically a teenager. I was a new thirteen. I had my collection of sex jokes and had seen a few picture of exposed breasts, but those were pre-porn days. Basically I knew almost nothing except the feelings of my emerging hormones. Little boys are supposed to be a couple of years behind girls their age, so Maryann at 11 was a good match. Except she seemed to know more than me and had more nerve too.

Our parents were good friends and had left us alone while they went partying in the West End of Richmond. I don't think any laws were broken. We were just c***dren exploring. I've day-dreamed about that night many times and substituted an alternate more erotic ending from an adult's perspective. But the following story is absolutely true.

If not for Maryann's invitation this story would be over now...BUT she suggested playing Robin Hood. "What's that" I asked.

"Simple," she said. "We go to separate bedrooms take all our clothes off and walk back into this room. Do you want to play?"

Frankly, I'd never thought too much about Maryann. She was pretty, but a little plump for my taste. She did have little-girl tits, probably large for her age because of her weight.

"Sure," I said, and off we went.

I was a little unsure about myself and was just standing around when in walks butt naked Maryann. The first thing I noticed were her small protruding tits and her thick bush of black hair at the juncture of her legs. I had light brown hair and less of it everywhere than her. My dick quickly got hard for reasons I had yet to understand, and I felt self-conscious about it even though I still had my clothes on!

Maryann pointed to the closet door. "Go take your clothes off and come out here."

I remember standing naked in the closet trying to get my nerve up. I finally did and sat beside Maryann on the edge of my bed. My heart was pounding out of fear and excitement.

Maryann took a good long look at my hard, vertical dick, then leaned back and raised her knees. I can still picture with great detail how she took two fingers and spread her pussy open to expose that beautiful pink flesh about which I knew practically nothing. Certainly not that this was the spot for my dick to enter that place of pure pleasure. She invited me to touch her tits, which I did timidly with the tip of a finger. What a non-cocksman at 13!

Maryann knew she had to lead and took me into my parent's room where we lay across the bed beside me. Somewhere along the line we had dressed for bed. Me in my tighty whities; Maryann in a baby doll nightgown top and bottom.

As soon as we laid down, Maryann pulled her pants down to her knees and pulled her top up to her neck, exposing everything. She said, "Bill, will you please lay on top of me?"



Unbelievably (now) it took her a couple of requests, along with one refusal -"No, you must take off your pants." Finally I agreed. I remember so clearly leaning over her and letting myself down slowly onto her, too far below her face to initiate intercourse. My head was below her tits and her bush probably hit my belly button. I think I remember the tip of my dick touching her somewhere, but it was certainly not that beautiful pink spot.

I'll always wonder, what if I had moved forward about 6 inches higher on her? Assume I missed her vagina - most likely - but hit her pussy anywhere there was lubrication. Wouldn't I have squirmed around until something more happened? But it was not to be.

That's probably a good thing because if we had blundered into intercourse, I'm quite sure we would have followed the pleasure feelings all the way to ejaculation, and I'd probably have an adult c***d today. We messed around later times, feeling around in each other's pants and a lot of grinding. But we never got naked together again.

I'd love to find Maryann again and finish what we started. I hope she reads this and recognizes herself.

UPDATE: I FOUND HER on a website called Classmates that brings people together that went to school together. We've exchanged a few emails. More to come...I mean cum.
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4 years ago
i must have been really advanced as one of the girls in 2nd grade bloodied my nose for something i did a kiss do not remember now but i always knew that girls were a 1000nd times better than guys
4 years ago
Nice story...
4 years ago