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[Story] First Time Experimentation

From Bill's personal collection of true stories:
Well, I was technically a teenager. I was a new thirteen. I had my collection of sex jokes and had seen a few picture of exposed breasts, but those were pre-porn days. Basically I knew almost nothing except the feelings of my emerging hormones. Little boys are supposed to be a couple of years behind girls their age, so Maryann at 11 was a good match. Except she seemed to know more than me and had more nerve too.

Our parents were good friends and had left us alone while they went partying in the West End of Richmond. I don't think a... Continue»
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Once Black, Never Back. True?

The first time I, a white man, ever sampled brown sugar, it was not an experience I would want to re-do. The poor young girl hustling the streets of Washington, DC gave me a case of the crabs while someone took a knife to my VW convertible so they could steal my casette player. She took me to the first whore house I ever visited where people fucking were only screened by bed sheets hung from the ceiling. I stopped to watch one couple until they noticed and asked me what the fuck I was doing. I guessed that was a retorical question so I didn't answer. I remember my skinny lover had a ... Continue»
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[Story] Gay Surprise

I believe everyone's sexual orientation can be plotted on a continuum from nearly 100% hetro (I know most would claim 100%, but I doubt it) to nearly 100% LBGT (that's the current term - look it up). The point is I consider myself pretty straight - my male asshole is still a virgin - but you never know...

Here's my story as an urban grad school student in Richmond, VA. I'm driving home after classes, when I see a cute redhead girl in a short skirt hitch-hiking, looking for a ride in the opposite direction. Well I was always horny then, so I made a U-turn to pick her u... Continue»
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[Story] You embarrased me,but thank you

This has truly happened to me twice, once with a black girl in Atlanta and once with a white girl in Fayetteville, NC. First was Fayetteville in a hotel bar on Bragg Blvd. Had a few drinks and am on the floor with a cute blond for a slow dance. My partner starts to mould her body against me so that I can feel her pubic bone pressing against my dick. I get rock hard quickly as we dance and she is grinding herself against me. I remember that the floor sort of cleared off of other dancers. I guess I had an interested audience. Well, my partner is basically dry fucking me in public, but I&#... Continue»
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[Story] Seduction Delayed

My buddy and I were out with two babes from our military unit down at Fort Jackson. Put your UCMJ manual away. There were no violations concerning rank structures or command relationships. We were all company grade officers out for a few drinks and some laughs. I don't remember what off-post club we ended up in, but the DJ was spinning good songs and everyone was having a great time. The only problem I saw was how to move from 4-people to two sets of two. Both of us guys were white, but one girl was a fair-skinned blond and the other was black, actually a creamy brown complexion, pe... Continue»
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[Story] A Pussy to Avoid at All Costs

Speaking of costs, nothing is truly free in this world, but this day I was willing to pay 20 bucks to get a little pussy in the cab of my pick-up truck. I had cruised this street in SW Washington, DC many times. There were always new girls, mostly black, mostly young and the cops didn't patrol it much.

This girl, I'll call her Latoya, was strolling 12th Street running her game in a short black skirt. Nice boobs and even though she was too thick to be a model, she had a beautiful ass, round and high. We made eye contact in that way that only means yes. I pulled over and let he... Continue»
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[Story] Pee Over My Dick - 1st Time

Unusual title? I've developed a liking for a certain fetish. Here's my first experience while in my early 30's, but certainly not my last.

I was having a drink in a waterfront bar in a Navy town. I'd been looking for a target of opportunity, with no luck, and was about to leave when this cute, slim, almost skinny, brunette walks up to my barstool to initiate conversation. Her game was simple - to raise a few bucks the quick, easy way. I was game.

I don't know how long she had been at the bar or how many beers she had, but it must have been more than a few be... Continue»
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