Kim's Birthday Suprise

My wife Kim told me that she wanted to find some awesome Ecstasy to make her B-day over the top. Well I loved the idea of rollin' out at the dance club, so I called a few friends and located ten "SUPER E's" After all I love to watch her get naughty and rolling makes her ultra naughty.Once we were on the dance floor she attracted every straight black guy in the place, when she starts poppin that juicy ass brothas are all over her. I could tell she was rollin better than ever by the way she was dancing with all these black dudes and letting their hands roam all over her sexy body. I noticed this dude in the corner watching her, waiting for the right song to grab her, about six feet with jet black skin,and a shaved head,it looked like he had a tube of cookie dough in his pants. As soon as he approached her and pulled her close to dance, I knew I needed to convince this guy to follow us home as her surprise. It was easy to do seeing that their dirty dancing and her ass grinding for over four full songs turned him into a man on a mission to fuck her till one of them passed out, no matter what the cost. When I told him about my plan to have him walk right up to her in our bedroom taeroff her clothes and enjoy himself for as long as he liked then offered him the option to empty his big black balls deep inside as many times as he wanted to, he shook my hand and said " you the coolest white dude I ever met" it was on. When we got home she went over and turned on the music to dance a little more, before she got the coffee table moved she was startled by the doorbell. I opened the door and he quickly walked over slid his hand around her waist& down to her ass, he had wanted to feel all night and the other hand cupped her head as he planted the sloppiest wet kiss on her ever, she melted and was like a puppet for he to play with. As they were dancing she didn't seem to notice him undressing her as he steered them to the bedroom. Before they got to the bedroom he lifted her over his shoulder and took her to the bed, he then laid her on her back and procceded to tease her by making her think she was about to taste a giant slab of growing black pipe, then pull it away. finally he laid it across her lips and said "ok you can suck it now", as it became enormous in her mouth her pussy began to drip with excitement. Once she sucked it till it became as hard as granite and the size of a horse, he spread her legs wide and in less than two seconds made every inch disappear till his huge nut sack rested on her rim. She started moaning as her began long deep strokin her going balls deep each thrust. After almost an hour of deep, hard, pounding he said "this is what it feels like to have a nigga knock you up" she screamed "I can feel his hot cum blasting me full, MMMM! I can taste it" He never pulled out of her once in almost four hours and unloaded in her belly five times that night, before leaving her passed out with his thick white jizz leaking from her well stretched pussy. It was a perfect birthday gift.
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1 year ago
I bet you licked her clean before she woke up----
I know I would have